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8oo8 commented on 24 Oct 2007
This seems to be a very basic, bare-bones implementation of the game xiang qi. It's you against the computer; however, there's no difficulty level setting and how well this game is programmed remains to be seen.
There's absolutely no information included. iXiangQi's website is totally devoid of info as well.
But Googling "xiang qi" brought up a good selection of sources for useful information including detailed rules/instructions.
There's http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xiangqi and
http://www.clubxiangqi.com/, for example.
[Version 1.0]

8oo8 commented on 23 Oct 2007
Hmm, I've received several emails from Smith Micro over the past couple of months offering to to sell me Stuffit Deluxe at the special price of $30.
That's $50(!) off their retail price.
That tells me that they're getting very few buyers for their bloated piece of fecal matter, heh, heh. Doesn't surprise me, though.
I just won't buy it at any price.
[Version 12.0]

8oo8 commented on 19 Oct 2007
I'd say that the only area in which Firefox, now, really excels is its add-ons; it's got a wide selection of interesting, useful extensions and attractive themes.
Otherwise, as others have mentioned, it's gotten progressively more sluggish.....in fact it's rather constipated these days. And, as I've found, add several extensions and it slows things down even more.
Yeah, as others have found, Netscape Navigator is quite sprightly....it's my browser of choice at the moment, while Opera is quite good, too, although its rather peculiar UI does irk me.
But it's a shame that Firefox has lost its beans; if it ever regains them, it would be my first choice, once again, in a heartbeat.


8oo8 reviewed on 15 Oct 2007
TCC is one of the truly stellar performers amongst system maintenance apps; it, along with the superb TinkerTool System and Onyx comprise the powerful triumverate of my Mac's system maintenance team. Each one has unique and valuable features. I use them all to keep my Mac's OS humming along beautifully.
Tiger Cache Cleaner and TinkerTool System are very reasonably priced, and Onyx is free as the air we breathe.
The developer's of all three really know what they're doing; I have the utmost respect for them all.
[Version 3.2.16]

8oo8 commented on 15 Oct 2007
After finally getting a working download back to v1.1.1....don't feel the lackluster upgrade to v2.0 is worth paying the upgrade fee (SRS Labs was totally unresponsive on this issue 'till someone rattled their cage), I now get the "Maximium Activation Exceeded" message when attempting to re-register v1.1.1 but SRS Labs, once again, is totally unresponsive to my two emails to them about this issue.
I repeat what I and many others have said, "SRS LABS customer support TOTALLY SUCKS!!!"
[Version 2.0]

8oo8 commented on 13 Oct 2007
I've got v1.1.1 on a CD which came with my Logitech keyboard; it's about 4 years old and works just fine.
This version, 2.3.1, simply doesn't cut it at all. None of the function keys can be configured to work with it installed. So I trashed it, went back to v1.1.1 and no problems at all once again. Go figure.
My OS is 10.4.9
[Version 2.3.1]

8oo8 commented on 09 Oct 2007
Well, tried v5.02 and was informed that that it can't be run on my computer because it lacks required graphics hardware.
Apparently, Whitecap now needs greater resources than the latest version of G-Force, which runs just fine on my 17" Powerbook.
Ah well, sometimes life's a bitch, ya know? Sigh......
[Version 5.0.2]

8oo8 commented on 28 Sep 2007
Well, thanks to Easer's post, below, I was able to reinstall v1.10, BUT, now when I enter my serial number, I get "maximum number of activations exceeded". And I activated it only ONCE at the time I first installed it! So I can't even reregister my paid for copy of version 1 again.
And it's pointless to contact SRS support since, as we all now know, they just don't reply.
Yes, SRS support STINKS!.....like an outhouse on a hot day!
So, it's back to square one......sigh......
[Version 2.0]

8oo8 tipped on 27 Sep 2007
It seems that total lack of customer support (no response to emailed queries) is "business as usual" with SRS Labs. It's completely irresponsible.
Here is the contact info for SRS Labs:

SRS USA - Head Quarters
2909 Daimler Street
Santa Ana, CA 92705
Phone: 949.442.1070
Toll Free: 800.243.2733

Maybe they need to be inundated with phone calls and letters from irate customers who have gotten no replies to emailed issues (and there appear to be quite a few).
[Version 2.0]

8oo8 commented on 27 Sep 2007
@ Gurubez

Yeah, no response or help from SRS Labs really stinks. Be persistant, though,
Meanwhile, you should be able to have the charge for at least one of your purchases credited back to you;
let your credit card company know.
[Version 2.0]

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8oo8 replied on 27 Sep 2007
Oops, didn't mean to post it here. I intended it to be a reply to a Garubez post, below. Sorry.
8oo8 had trouble on 28 Sep 2007
The version 1 installation, for those who want to reinstall their v1 iWOW (http://www.srslabs.com/srsproduct/iwow1.1.asp) still does NOT work.
After downloading it and attempting to install it, a message appears on one's desktop stating, after clicking on the "install" tab, "You cannot continue. There is nothing to install". It's, no doubt, a
malfunction, but SRS Labs has yet to correct it.
[Version 2.0]

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