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2ktz commented on 31 May 2011
Does anyone know what sort of warning message you get if your mac get infected with a virus while using Iron??

I got a message saying something along those lines last night from something i was searching for using BING search engine i panicked i didn't click on the scan mac message that was in middle of screen as it said something about scanning my pc..so forced quit iron and scanned everything on my mac using up to date ClamX and Sophos home edition nothing was found but i am still on edge about the warning i got i wish i had taken a screen shot of it..all i remember was the URL started with 174. and that my home folder page was open in background with this message box in foreground

My apologies if some of this doesn't make sense ( this is the first ever virus message i have seen so am still shaken)..the link i clicked on from bing list was NOT to any porn site it was for cat clubs in area where i live

I am gonna try this new update as i like using iron a lot, but i would love to know if anyone else has had similar message about suspect/infected files or virus warnings or something along those lines telling you you have a virus

can anyone help/advise please

I may try and say same thing on irons forum if i can work out how to..

if anyone wants more info about this i will try my best to answer your questions
[Version 9.0.600.2]


2ktz reviewed on 04 Dec 2010
when using in full screen mode it disables the dock,,,which is a real shame...i

also when i move cursor over text on pages it scrambles text...anyone else having this?

i really like how it hides menu bar in full screen mode..anyone know how to overcome the issue of it disabling dock access in this mode..if that can be worked out it would be ideal !!

or is there a extension that does this already?

as i would love full screen access with menu bar hidden with dock access...
[Version 1.0b27]

2ktz commented on 14 Sep 2010
thanks for the info on this

i tried as best as i can to follow your steps and it didn't work it asks for admin password after finding it using find any file and shows me the file and where it is located but that's it
i cannot delete it or move it or open it or show in finder it is a plain text 66kb

anything else to try as it is really annoying to have it there and not be able to get rid of it

thanks for the help in trying to help me in this
[Version 1.4.2]

2ktz commented on 24 Jul 2010
as of today sat. 24th july i can't watch any youtube vid's in full screen with clicktoflash no H264 option coming up on screen..have youtube done something to not allow this anymore?? last night it was ok but today noting
[Version 1.6b9]

2ktz commented on 18 Jul 2010
forgot to add that i am using 3.6.6 firefox....

also i am finding it really annoying having to use the keyboard shortcut to make text larger on pages...at least with other browsers the text stays that size once you set it, you don't have to keep adjusting it when you open a new tab or window..

any tips on how to overcome this ??..am i missing something in preferences...
[Version 4.0b1]

2ktz commented on 17 Jul 2010
having just been using this for a day or two..when i use the display screen in full mode it disables viewing the dock...and when i am in new yahoo i cannot see table of emotions or table of font colour etc....

anyone else have this problem on there ? especially about the dock being disabled when in full screen mode
[Version 4.0b1]

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2ktz replied on 20 Jul 2010
when updates say..fixed security issues does this mean that 3.6.6 was not safe to use? this worries me somewhat..was my ID safe giving this a try out?

still no issue to fix full screen mode disabling the dock
2ktz commented on 06 Jul 2010
Have been trying this for a little while now and it is great !!....

i used it to remove intego ..now i have a problem ( NOT with find any file ) i used the "root" or "find all" part of this app and it shows a "intego.plist in the root folder and i cannot simply drag and drop that in trash..
MY HD-private-var-root-library-preferences-com.intego.menu.plist

can anyone adise on how i get rid of this last part of intego....will i have to re-install intego/net gear and use something like clean app/itrash to get rid of it?

please help
[Version 1.4.2]

2ktz commented on 15 Jun 2010
do you have to un-install the old version before updating?
[Version 2.2.3]

2ktz commented on 14 Jun 2010
having installed and upgraded to this new version i am now getting a load of messages in network monitor saying it is all uptodate where as before i did i was getting a bunch of messages saying it was out of date...did anyone else or is anyone else getting these messages in newtork monitor...

should i have un-installed the older version before installing this new one?

how do i stop getting these messages in network monitor popping up everyday?

should i un-install this new version and start all over again?
after i installed it i restarted my imac, yet would just like to know how to stop network monitor telling me everything is up to date have i missed something in preferences?

any advice will be a huge help

[Version 2.0.6]


2ktz reviewed on 10 Mar 2010
it can't handle layout of new yahoo mail,
what is it with many browsers that come up with the warning tell you that your browser isn't supported or been tested with new yahoo mail when i tried it all i got was all the info squeezed up along the left handside of screen !!...how come these browsers can't handle yahoo mail??
so looks like i'm gonna have to stick with safari
firefox is too clunky, chrome -forget it wouldn't trust google with my details or privacy or tracking my searches
camino can't handle yahoo mail
may give omni web a go
so far seamonkey is only one that can handle yahoo mail


shame i liiked options in opera but someone should get onto this problem with yahoo mail

i was using latest stable version of opera 10.10 not the beta
[Version 10.50.8271]

2ktz had trouble on 09 Nov 2010
how come wheni try to sign out it says it cant sign me out due to my browser blocking cookies...same with the hotmail account i opened...and i cant even cancel accounts

i can assure you all windows were shut cache emptied and i have up to date safari software

seems i am not the only one with this problem..i just want it off and out of my mac....

anyone have any suggestions PLEASE

i would seriously advise people NEVER to use this...

i only tried this to see how bad/good the video chat was as more people i know do not have a mac..guess i will have to use skype
[Version 8.0.0]

2ktz had trouble on 18 Jul 2010
ok i still cannot get icab to stay on top of page in ebay no matter what i do having spent weeks playing with filter manager i am still not able to get it to stay at top of page to see item location and current price etc it jumps straight to description in full screeen and no option to scroll up....so having to use safari to view ebay...

any advice? anyone help me with this as it is just so annoying to have to do this
[Version 4.8]

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2ktz replied on 18 Jul 2010
to david1 and "which button..."

thanks for the advice...having read the info on the FAQ page i think i will just keep using safari to view ebay as after reading advice of what it says there about http etc think i would feel better if i didn't mess around with HTTP settings...

2ktz replied on 19 Jul 2010
i have spent weeks trying to understand the filter manager and still not sure how it works or how to use it, as i said i have messed around with this for weeks and the system ID to no avail....so i think i will when i use e-bay use safari or just stop using icab altogether....
2ktz had trouble on 17 Jul 2010
i am having trouble getting this to scan my hd...had no probs until today...have just tried scanning for the 5th time today

every time it quits unexpectedly after a few mins into scanning

anyone else had this prob?

can anyone advise please
[Version 2.0.6]

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2ktz commented on 18 Aug 2010
i can't find anything to explain why when i scan my hard drive it quits unexpectedly with options on screen to relaunch etc, i have looked through developers site and forum and can't find some sort of explanation....has any one else had this problem i can't work out why it has suddenly started to do this ONLY to scans involving my HD everything else works fine...

anyone advise please
2ktz had trouble on 20 Mar 2010
suddenly i cannpt no longer watch any youtube videos...
all i get is " go upgrade " yet if i switch to safari alls well....

anyone else have this issue?

i know youtube seem to have changed there layout has this anything to do with it?...it's really strange
[Version 4.7]

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2ktz replied on 23 Mar 2010
i have not touched any of the filters yet as i am not sure how to use them
it may have had something to do with me changing the browser ID

though i have noticed it not allowing some flash stuff not to work that safari does...

willhave to have a slow read through the filter manager and see how to use it..is it like click to flash?? as i have that on the latest safari

2ktz replied on 25 Mar 2010
well seemed it was click to flash that caused the " go upgrade" problem having downloaded the new stable version of that it's fine.

though it seems icab really does not like layout of things on e-bay..once you click for info on something you can't see location of product etc so i am having to pop into safari to do this i have played with preferences in icab see if i can over come this but to no joy...

anyone have any suggestions about this?
2ktz had trouble on 04 Mar 2010
having tried this latest version of camino and have been really impressed with it, especially blocking flash ads and the like and being a lot faster than safari


once i am in my yahoo account the IM in new yahoo mail does not work, it either hangs showing no contacts or sometimes shows who is online but cannot open chat window with them ( i think this is fault (4277742 ) on the bugzilla page for camino a few other people have reported this, i tried sea monkey and the IM in new yahoo mail works fine.

It's a real shame but for me this is a deal breaker so i may have to stick with safari for now as much as i liked sea monkey it had feel of pc about it ( but that is just my feeling about it ) may give it another try,

so looks like i have to wait for this to be worked out ( like i said a real shame )
[Version 2.0.2]

2ktz had trouble on 01 Jan 2010
why is it on leopard it always opens itunes?....been crashing a number of times...just getting spinning beachball..as it freezes QT7

i tried the beta version but after installing it twice i cannot find it
[Version 1.6b6]

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2ktz replied on 01 Jan 2010
ok i uninstalled the NON beta version then tried the beta...but couldn't find that anywhere after installing it..so tried the NON beta again and it told me that a newer version already is on my HD...??

so i replaced it with the NON beta version and it's mot in drop down menu anywhere !!!

how to i find it looking though all the folders in finder ??..i am getting really annoyed at this now..and cannot understand why you have to have a account simply to tell the devs ...i have not come across that with many other apps...
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