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26cab40 commented on 19 Oct 2010
Download link STILL non-functional.

[Version 2.4.2]

26cab40 commented on 13 Oct 2010
8.2.1 Release Notes

Improvements and feature changes

* Improvements to Amp presets including better folder organization, additional guitar and bass amp presets and various other changes.
* Improvements to sound quality in Drum Machines.
* Performance optimizations on many Rack presets.
* Many delay devices now use the "Fade" Delay Transition mode, to avoid clicks.
* All Latin Percussion sounds are additionally available as chromatically tuned Simpler presets.


* Amp is now available in the trial version of Ableton Suite.
* Removed duplicate Amp presets.
* Fixed Hot-Swap behavior for a number of Session Drums and Drum Machines presets.
* Fixed a bug that prevented the use of soundcards with only one input on OS X.
* Fixed a crash that occurred when using a ReWire slave such as Reason and manipulating devices in the slave that were referred to by clips in Live.
[Version 8.2.1]

26cab40 commented on 30 Sep 2010
8.2 Release Notes

Improvements and feature changes

* Support for The Bridge, our collaborative project with Serato. The Bridge is free for users of Live/Suite 8. More info about The Bridge
* Amp, an audio effect that models guitar amps and cabinets. Amp is free for Suite users. More info about Amp
* Some changes were made to the Help Pages regarding how to report a crash and how to contact support. When restarting Live after a crash, Live produces a file named "Ableton Crash Report... .alp", whereas choosing "Get Support.." in Live's Help menu produces a file named "Ableton Status Report... .alp".


* Improved compatibility for Antares Harmony VST. Now the plugin works in Stereo mode only when inserted in a track, while previously its 5 channels were active in such a case.
* Fixed a bug that could prevent Live from deleting temporary Projects.
* Fixed a rare crash that could occur with a combination of control surface selected in the Preferences, Ableton devices moved from track to track, and then tracks moved to different positions.
* Fixed a crash that could occur after undoing the move of a track containing a clip into a group track, which occurred with a specific state of the Live Set.
* Fixed a crash that could occur when entering mapping mode while a Max for Live device was in the clipboard.
* Fixed a crash that occurred after triggering a 'stop slot' and recording outside the punch region.
* Fixed a crash happening after pressing Del (return to default) after editing the volume of at least two Rack chains at once.
* Fixed a crash that would happen while Live is slaved, and opening a Live Set containing a MIDI clip ready to Overdub, which would try to be triggered when loading the Set, before the undo history is ready.
* Fixed a bug that would create corrupt documents if the user uses 'Save a Copy' but overwrites the original Live Set, then tries to restore that Set after a crash. Now, overwriting the current Set using 'Save a Copy' does the same thing as 'Save'.
* Fixed a crash that occurred while remotely changing scenes while editing some clip property.
* Core Audio driver is now listening for external sample rate changes, on the Mac.
* Fixed a crash that could occur after undoing the pasting of an Instrument into an empty MIDI track. The crash could happen in other ways too, but that's the easiest to describe.
* In some cases Live could crash when loading a document that overcomes limitation (like a Live set containing Operator on a computer where Operator is not unlocked).
* Fixed a crash caused by a rounding error, causing some memory corruption
* It was previously not possible to map a track group slot when the group track was unfolded, because the selection spreads over the whole local scene. Now the selection changes upon entering map mode, or when existing it, allowing to map the slot, and restoring the correct selection when done.
* Fixed a crash that happened when moving a Max for Live device containing a "getpath" object to another track.
* Live could hang changing clip parameters while jumping in the song while recording.
* On some systems, Live is able to create Live packs that exceed 2 Gb, but could not read them. This is fixed by upgrading our packing Libraries.
* Fixed a crash that happened in rare cases (revealed by using The Bridge, but it is not directly related to it) when trying to insert a first warp marker in an audio recording.
* Fixed a crash happening when some MIDI targets where not available anymore but called. For example, it happened when having 2 MIDI clip selected in Session view, in a track containing at least a device, and then flattening the track.
* Fixed a crash happening when rebuilding the set from the Undo history, related to 3rd devices.
* Fixed a crash that occurred when trying to open a certain kind of corrupt document
* Disabled editing the value of a VST plug-in parameter via the computer keyboard (only in the Ableton view of the plugin, not in the plugin's own interface). The VST specification doesn't allow Live to set the value correctly.
* Fixed a crash that happened on a Mac whenever the number of channels for the opened audio interface would change. For example, changing the sample rate for some devices would implicitly change the number of inputs and/or outputs.
* Fixed the drawing of notes while recording a MIDI clip in the Arrangement view.
* Fixed many issues that caused memory corruption when using Complex Pro. A bug that made 192Khz files sound distorted when stretched with Complex Pro has also been corrected.
* Fixed the display of looped MIDI clips in the Arrangement, which was a regression due to a fix that made MIDI notes draw correctly while recording (viewtopic.php?f=25&t=149012)
* Fixed a crash that could occur when uninstalling a Live Pack and making the Library unavailable, by unplugging the external drive it is on, for example.
* Fixed a crash that happened when using "dead keys" in message boxes, like pressing "z" when the "Do you want to save this Live set" dialog box was displayed.
* Fixed a crash which was triggered by moving a fader or knob on a MIDI controller while in MIDI learn mode, and quitting Live at the same time.
* Fixed a crash happening when having an incoming MIDI mapped message that would reach Live while loading a document. This had to do with the Undo history not yet being created, while the incoming message needed to access it.
* Fixed Japanese text input. It was not possible to rename tracks with Japanese characters, for example.
[Version 8.2]

26cab40 commented on 05 Sep 2010
Handbrake is free.
What is the U.S.P. of this software ?
[Version 1.2]

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26cab40 replied on 08 Sep 2010
Handbrake does everything this software can and MORE besides.
All the same preset ability, the ability to create your own etc etc.
Why would I pay $20 when Handbrake is FREE ?

If your software could create BD5/9 discs from any source or create full DVD structure from any source, something PC users can do with RipBot264 and ConvertXtoDVD, then maybe I would pay $20.

But Handbrake does everything your software does but FOR FREE.

You have to have a unique feature before you start charging people money Yuriy.


26cab40 reviewed on 30 Aug 2010
Odd that this browser has much 'privacy' functionality, yet Google still harvest the data and spy on the activities of it's users, yet there is no easy way to stop this.

Until this issue is resolved I'll stick to Safari.
[Version 6.0.472.51]

26cab40 commented on 18 Aug 2010
Live 8.1.5


- Unwarped clips could be placed incorrectly after opening a Live Set, if the Set was saved after changing the global tempo without first confirming the change with the Enter key or by clicking somewhere else in the interface.

- Fixed a visual bug that made MIDI clips entirely black while recording, but before the first note was input.

- Fixed a crash when observing 'has_stop_button' of a Group Track Slot via M4L GroupTrackSlot.

- Fixed a crash that occurred when loading a Group preset containing an AU plug-in that is missing.

- Fixed a crash that could occur with clips warped in Beats mode, Transients and back-and-forth envelope settings, when the loop extends outside the sample data.

- Fixed a bug where typing a tempo in the BPM field of a warped clip would give a slightly wrong number (i.e. you type "100" and "100.0001" gets entered," which led to some neutrality problems.

- 3rd party plug-in windows now always get the focus when clicked.

- Blocked certain keys when a 3rd party plug-in window has the focus, such as the "Delete" and "Backspace" keys, which fixes the bug that would delete a plug-in or a track when pressing Delete/Backspace while editing a 3rd party plug-in in its own GUI.

- Fixed a bug that would make a group slot lose its MIDI/Key mapping when moving the corresponding scene (viewtopic.php?f=25&t=140895)

- Fixed a bug that prevented adding or removing the stop button of a group track slot while the group track is folded (viewtopic.php?f=25&t=140895)

- Fixed a visual bug where a green overlay could be left orphaned in a 3rd party Ableton GUI

- The Min or Max parameters in the mapping Browser, for mapped 3rd party plug-in parameters, could lose the focus as soon as they were touched. This made it impossible to edit them via the computer keyboard arrow keys.

- The Ableton GUI of an AU plug-in would be empty after loading a native AU preset, for plug-ins having fewer than 32 parameters. In such a case, the GUI should be automatically populated.

- Fixed a bug that prevented removing a parameter from the Ableton GUI of a 3rd party plu-gin while Configure mode is ON, if it was Macro-mapped.

- Dragging a first warped clip in a non-empty Arrangement would sometimes set the tempo of the Live Set. The correct condition is that this should only happen if the Arrangement contains no clip at all.

- It was not possible to click inside a multi-selection while in Key or MIDI map mode in order to change the selection and select only one of its constituents. This is now fixed.

- Fixed another key handling problem for some plug-ins using a Cocoa view.

- Fixed a bug where MIDI notes could hang if an AU plug-in was deactivated and then reactivated.

- If the last note within the Loop brace, in a MIDI clip, overlapped the Loop end, selecting the loop brace and choosing "Duplicate" would duplicate the looped material's offset. Now duplication correctly duplicates the Loop length, at the correct position.

- When an External Instrument was routed to a multi-timbral MIDI instrument, and that instrument or the containing track was moved, the routing would be reset to the default output. Now routings are correctly remembered.

- Improved audio streaming performance for specific Live Sets with many audio files.

- Corrected a bug that would make computer keyboard selection behave incorrectly after selecting a clip via remote control.

- Fixed crash when mouse was pressed in the detail view before sample analysis finished.

- Fixed crash when dragging MIDI from XLN's Addictive Drums.

- Fixed a crash that occurred when zooming into a large waveform with an extreme zoom factor.

- Fixed a bug that made Collision silent after deleting it and undoing.

- Various other stability improvements
[Version 8.1.5]


26cab40 reviewed on 18 Aug 2010
I tried the latest iteration of Norton on a few known problematic files.
Small PC files loaded with Trojans/exploits etc.

I normally use a dedicated PC with NOD32 to run all files through, especially those that might be passed to friends or colleagues.

I also use Bitdefender Online for second pass and finally ClamXAV just to be complete.

In a VMWare sandbox I have 10 files, all infected, that I keep as a test set, the oldest Trojan variant in there is 4 YEARS OLD !!!

The most recent was sent to me last week.

NOD32 picks up 9 out of ten but warns about the remaining file.
Bitdefender Online picks up 8 out of the ten.
Clam XAV also picks up 8 (surprising us all).

Norton picks up 1.
The 4 year old exploit.

Norton also shows the highest CPU drain and consumes twice the memory of Bitdefender Online.
In Bitdefenders defense it's already running in a rather bloated browser.

It's awful, bloated, slow and has a bigger imprint than Sasquatch.

Avoid this at all costs.
[Version 08/18/2010]

26cab40 commented on 11 Aug 2010
After Googles activities with Verizon this week, the very idea of using a product that harvests my personal and valuable (to Google) data is something I'm not willing to do.

Wasn't the motto 'Don't Be Evil' ?
[Version 5.0.375.126]


26cab40 reviewed on 02 Aug 2010
Still no Sigma support.
[Version 3.3]

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26cab40 replied on 03 Aug 2010
Don't you mean, why don't Apple support a professional RAW format that it's competitors support ?
The fact they do not support Sigma is a failing, not a success.
Do you see ?
26cab40 commented on 24 Jul 2010
It's a nice idea, saves having to use a couple of utilities to do the same job.


It's not $50 nice, just too much fellas, $20 would make it a must-have.
[Version 2.1]

26cab40 had trouble on 26 Jan 2010
Installed 7za and Ez7z.
Started app, dropped 56mb folder, set to 7z maximum compression.
Got dialogue box about progress bar.
Then nothing, no progress bar.
App does not hang but remains stuck and unable to progress to next step.

7za command line works fine, similar apps like GUI Tar are also fine.
[Version 1.49]

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