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1•18•20 tipped on 10 May 2005
Norton System Works 3.0 will NOT be updated for Tiger compatibility, so if you require this software or own it, you're gonna have to go without it if you make the update to Tiger.

The best solution, so far, it seems is to wait for Norton Antivirus 10 (Tiger compatible) and use DiskWarrior 3.0.3 in place of Norton Utils.
[Version 10.4]

1•18•20 commented on 16 Sep 2003
Damn good. Fire is a piece of caRp.
The features are very good, very elegant, so easy and makes every other standalone app redundant, except for iChat AV if you're using an iSight... but i'm not, so HA!
A little unstable though, but that can be fixed.
[Version 3.0.1]

1•18•20 commented on 16 May 2003
Well here is an opinion on the game...
I would have liked to have more than 1 map to choose from in the Bombing Run mode. That game, by the way, is becoming my favorite other than Team DM. Capture the flag always bores me, but Bombing Run kicks arse! I think it'll be best playing with multiple real players... Bots just aren't that fun as team members.

Something that an indie group made for UT was a King of The Hill mod... I'd love to see something equiv on UT2003.
[Version 2003]

1•18•20 commented on 13 May 2003
I agree totally. I think the developers are incredibly slack for the most part, but I question if Apple is too.

And yes, Apple is an innovations company that gets ripped off constatnly. Microsoft wouldn't be anywhere if it hadn;t realized that Apple had it right all along with the 'native GUI', rather than command line as default.

All I ask for, is more games, quicker chip advancement, and a 3 button mouse.
[Version 2003]

1•18•20 commented on 11 May 2003
It is a shame. Mac Gamers do get the short end of the stick all the time. I think a lot of it has to do with the current state of the G4 chip. From all accounts, the g4's handle graphics and video and sound creation incredibly, but games are mHz crunchers. PC's are up to 3gHz or more in clock speed, and we're still using single chips at 1.42gHz, although available in dual processor configs. For the price we all pay, the top end should be dual 3gHz! I think if Apple hardware moved as quickly as Wintel, we'd be better off in that respect from the eyes of the developers.

As far as UT2003 goes, I expect the final release to be a ot more intensive than this demo on my dual 450.

All the games that come out, it makes me tempted to build a PC from scratch and sit it next to the TV. For $1600 Australian dollars ($1,038.44 US) I could get something absolutely kickass, and not wait for games to finally arrive to Mac. But then, giving up doesn't help the platform does it?
[Version 2003]

1•18•20 commented on 11 May 2003

You're an utter and complete... whats the word? Well without getting into it too hard, take your hand off of it mate, cuz I downloaded it, ran it, and it's SMOOTH AS HELL! I reccommend increasing mouse sensitivity, but other than that... S M O O T H: SMOOTH! I agree however that it wouldn't do too well on the iBooks, but man you sound like you've got a superiority complex or something, and just HAD to let off about your 'monster' mac. So, good for you. You're not raining on my parade, because as has been claimed... SMOOOOOOOOOTH LIKE A BABY'S ARSE!
[Version 2003]

1•18•20 commented on 10 May 2003
Okay, I am about to see if binaryjunkie's comments were correct. About to test this out on my dual 450 g4, 1.25GB RAM, Radeon 9000 Pro (64mb)... I so hope it works. It'll probably be the last game I get to buy, cuz I am sure when Halo finally comes out it'll be incredibly hungry indeed.. THANKS MICROSOFT!
[Version 2003]

1•18•20 commented on 04 Mar 2003
Tacky. The Van Gogh image is just so useless... Don't bother.
[Version 2.2.2]

1•18•20 commented on 03 Mar 2003
Couldn't even USE this file as there is an error with the TAR file. Can't even decode it, let alone use it!
[Version 1.3]

1•18•20 had trouble on 13 Nov 2003
I can't even get past 'searching the hard drive'... what a pieceofpoo
[Version 9]

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