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Updates on March 19, 2018

Break reminder tool with micro-breaks.
Easy-to-use, powerful text editor.
FTP/S-SFTP-WebDAV/S client for speedy, trouble-free file transfers (was Yummy FTP).
Anonymize Web browsing and more.
Customize multi-touch trackpad gestures.
Versatile screenshot utility with easy sharing features.

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Updates on March 19, 2018

Easily hide your personal files.
Instant access to the OS X color wheel.
Highly customizable audio DAW.
Prototyping tool for testing interactivity.
Manage your scuba-diving logbook.
Remove unwanted files when uninstalling apps.
Streamlined email service.
Expand keystrokes into frequently-used text and pictures.
Expand keystrokes into frequently-used text and pictures.
Recover data from a USB flash drive.
Browser for Instagram.
Fast way to view your images.
Automated FTP/S + SFTP + WebDAV/S client.
Brings back grid-style Spaces and more.
Loan calculator.
Add metadata to your video files.
Configure Mac OS X TFTP server.
Full-featured invoicing app.
Download, play, and sync your podcasts.
File archiver.
Mind-mapping application.
Identify space-consuming files on your hard disk.
Mount web servers as local disks.
Ancient game of stones and dice.
Maintain content in web browser in a personal library.
Creating vector-based raster patterns from bitmap images.
Metaverse viewer project based.
Greatly simplifies the development and deployment of Ruby on Rails applications.
Easy deployment of WordPress.
Deploy Joomla! in just a few clicks.
Install and configure the Phabricator collection.
Quick setup for ownCloud.
Easy deployment of MediaWiki.
Easy-to-install distribution of the Magento application.
Automated photo enhancement.
Create and manage HTML documents.
Save your deleted files.
Basic version of the highly acclaimed Yummy FTP app.
Retrieve lost data from your hard drive.
Drag-and-drop FTP for your Desktop.
Hide, encrypt, and password-protect your data.
Anti-virus tool.
Easy elimination of duplicate files.
Browse and import photos.
Network data-transfer rate.
Versatile clipboard manager.
Filter your images.
Easy deployment of Moodle.
Easy-to-install distribution of the database-driven survey creation tool.
Simplified deployment of the high-level Python Web framework.
Quick and easy Jenkins installer.
Easy-to-install environment to develop and deploy Java applications.
Quickly configure a NodeJS installation.
Develop and deploy Java applications.
Easy deployment of DocuWiki.
Easy deployment of Alfresco.
Easily deploy phpBB.
Easily deploy the JasperServer Community Edition.
Distribution of the Redmine project management software (was BitNami Redmine Stack).
Easily deploy a Drupal Content Management System.
Upload weather data to Weather Underground or Weathercloud.net.
Secure Open-Source networking.
Browse and expand compression archives.
Fight the evil sorcerer, regain control of the forest.
Lightweight Facebook chat.
Anonymous, secure VPN proxy.
Merge, resize, extract, and convert PDF and TIFF documents.
Extract and save PDF pages in various image formats.
Real-media paint app.
Display calibration and characterization.
HomeKit alternative.
Customize your dock.
GUI for PNG and JPEG optimization.
Reminders/to-do/task manager.

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