Apps found for “win


Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty logo
Real-time science fiction strategy game.
Wine logo
Run Windows applications (formerly Darwine) (beta).
WineBottler logo
Bottle Windows apps as Mac application bundles (beta).
WinOnX Pro logo
Run Windows applications on OS X.
Window Tidy logo
Manage windows with ease.
Better Window Manager logo
Move and position your windows where you want.
WindowSplitter logo
Xojo and Real Studio plug-in for window customization.
WindowMizer logo
Roll-up windows like a windowshade.
Windownaut logo
Lightweight window manager.
WindowSwitcher logo
Easily switch between active windows.
Duplicate Windows logo
Mirror individual windows on your display.
Winmail Reader logo
Read winmail.dat files.
HFS+ for Windows logo
Full access to Mac HFS+ File System under Windows.
Winmail DAT Explorer logo
Clean and intuitive viewing tool for Winmail.dat files.
Wineskin Winery logo
Make Wine wrappers to run Windows software on Mac OS X.
WindowFlow logo
Easily find your application windows.
Windows Phone logo
Sync with your Windows Phone mobile device.
Wine XT logo
Manage your wine cellar.
Wineskin Winery logo
Create Wineskin 2.0 wrappers.
Window Magician logo
Automatic window re-sizer and re-positioner.
Finder Window Manager logo
Create Window Sets to remember window size, placement, view options.
Simple WindowSets logo
Manage groups of Finder windows.
WindowDragon logo
Expand your window-dragging options.
WinShortcutter logo
File management for Windows dominated networks.
WinTel logo
Pentium x86 emulator for running Windows on a Mac.
WindowFinder logo
Menu item for selecting open windows.
WineBook X logo
Cellar management program for wine enthusiasts.
Window Wrangler logo
Move and resize your windows with your keyboard.
Wines logo
For wine lovers, collectors and enthusiasts.
FinderWindow logo
Addition to the Finder window toolbar.
Winter Holiday Icons logo
7 winter holiday icons.
WindowIconSizeMBI logo
Set the icon size of Finder window.
Wine Chronicle X logo
Keep track of your wine collection.
Winter Train 3D Screensaver logo
Steam locomotive traveling through the mountains in winter.
Windows Migration Assistant logo
Migrate data from a Windows PC to a Mac.
Cadent wineCellar logo
Keep track of your wine collection.
myLionWindowAnimation logo
Disable window animation in OS X 10.7.
WindGuru logo
Weather info widget for surfers/windsurfers.
WindowCommander logo
Fast and intuitive window switcher.
Window Keys logo
Move & reszie windows using keyboard shortcuts.
WinZip logo
Mac edition of established compression utility.
Winclone logo
Clone your Boot Camp partition.
Slot Win Casino Master logo
Las Vegas club and casinos games on your Mac.
WindowClipMBI logo
Menu-based screenshot-capture utility.
Winter Wonders logo
iTunes visualizer adds magic and merriment to your holidays.
Winbox logo
Mikrotik configurator.
WinMail DAT Viewer Pro logo
Open Microsoft Outlook .dat files.
Winamp logo
Classic media player (beta).
WinSwitch logo
Access fast user switching via slim menubar item.
Sticky Windows logo
Extends the tab browsing experience to the Desktop.
WingNuts logo
Aircraft carrier arcade action game.
Darwinia logo
Fractal art landscape arcade game.
Wings 3D logo
Polygon mesh modeler.
WinFSCleanser logo
Clean up resource fork files.
FlyingWindows logo
Enables single application mode.
Darwin logo
Open-source core kernel for Mac OS X.
Windows Live Mesh logo
Keep your files in sync between your computers, whether Mac or PC.
Darwin Streaming Server logo
Apple open source streaming video server.
ClipTwin logo
Instant copy and paste between iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Macs.
Window Cleaner logo
Hides applications which are open but you are not using.
WinZip Mac Optimizer logo
Remove unused and unnecessary files from your Mac.
Windbuoy logo
Widget displays weather info from NOAA buoys.
DarwinPsk logo
Ham radio operator app.
Winc logo
Create and share note cards.
Flowing Pennies logo
Track your family finances.
FabFilter Twin logo
Aliasing-free oscillators/multimode filters for AU/VST/Pro Tools.
Cookie Stumbler (Mac and Windows License) logo
Scan for ad and tracking cookies.
Magnet logo
Snap windows into various sizes and positions.
Auction Sniper logo
Automatically win eBay auctions.
Tank Buster logo
Fight against other Tanks and Turrets, capture the enemy base and win the Battle.
IGT Slots Paradise Garden logo
Win your way to high roller status in this simulation game.
Hold`em Hand Comparator logo
Calculates odds to win a given poker hand.