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Widget CineTV logo
Widget for French TV listings.
PEMDAS Widget logo
Scientific calculator widget.
Sticky Notes + Widget logo
Simple sticky notes app and Today widget.
BBC Radio Widget logo
Widget for BBC radio feeds.
NL Radio Widget logo
Dutch radio widget.
TVwidgets logo
Widget to view various TV channels.
Las Vegas Travel Widget logo
Widget displays travel deals: Las Vegas, Reno, Lake Tahoe.
Swift Note Notes Widget logo
Note widget for Yosemite's Notification center.
Wikipedia Widget logo
Widget-based Wikipedia browser.
Yahoo! Widget Engine logo
Create desktop widgets (was Konfabulator).
Widget Code logo
Application for developing Dashboard widgets.
Send SMS Widget logo
Dashboard widget sends SMS text messages.
Widget Television logo
Television widget for broadband users.
WidgetTerm logo
Terminal widget.
eBay Widget logo
eBay search widget.
Skype Widget logo
Widget for Skype Internet telephony.
iClip Lite Widget logo
Widget version of iClip.
TeaTimer Widget logo
Helpful timer widget for creating reminders.
BART Widget logo
BART train system widget.
Scoreboard Widget logo
Widget displays current Major League baseball scores.
Widget Maker X logo
Create and manage widgets.
BatteryStatus Widget logo
Battery charge monitoring widget.
Egg Timer Widget logo
Simple timer widget.
Asteroids Widget logo
Asteriods arcade game widget.
Mars Explorer Widget logo
Dashboard widget where you race friends on the net around Mars.
k-notes Widget logo
Stickies widget.
Click411 White Pages and Yellow Pages Widget logo
Widget searches USA white & yellow pages.
Fidelity Market Monitor Widget logo
Stock market monitoring widget.
Ta-da Lists Widget logo
Todo tasks widget.
Craigslist Widget logo
Widget displays recent posts at Craigslist website.
Wiktionary Widget logo
Wikipedia dashboard widget.
iiNet Usage Widget logo
Widget monitors iiNet usage.
WoW Server Status Widget logo
World of Warcraft server status widget.
BBC Radio 4 Widget logo
Widget streams BBC Radio 4.
Password Generator widget logo
Widget creates random passwords.
Mac Man Widget logo
Popular arcade game widget.
FOX News Widget logo
Dashboard widget for the cable news channel.
Bitrate Pro Widget logo
Media calculator widget for audio-visual professionals.
Widget Update logo
Check for updates to your third-party widgets.
Metronome Widget logo
A simple metronome widget.
Widget, The World Watcher logo
Keep Safari auto opening enabled, avoid installing evil widgets.
Widget Creator logo
Helps create beginner Dashboard widgets.
DockDoctor Widget logo
Widget to switch between 3D and 2D styles in Leopard.
Ultimate Travel Widget logo
Widget can book air and travel plans.
Dashboard Widget Xcode Template logo
Develop Dashboard widgets.
Answers Widget logo
Widget searches
Tips Widget logo tips feeding widget.
SecuritySpy Widget logo
Widget displays SecuritySpy live images.
Apple Keynote Countdown Widget logo
Apple Keynote Countdown Widget.
Prefix WhoIs Widget logo
Widget to query the Prefix WhoIs project.
Widget Mail logo
Widget messaging system.
TV-Guide Widget logo
Norwegian TV-Guide widget.
Time Out Chicago Widget logo
Widget displays fun events in Chicago.
Couleur3 Widget logo
Widget to listen to Swiss radio.
Radiohead Widget logo
Widget for Radiohead band news.
Peep Attack Widget logo
Widget clutters co-workers` Dashboard with Peeps.
BARTsmart BART Widget logo
Widget shows BART train schedules.
Christian News Widget logo
Discussion topic Christian news widget.
Widgets Preference Pane logo
Control Dashboard and Widgets.
Influence All News Widget logo
Dashboard news widget for Influence All fans.
Sempre Informati Widget logo
Widget displays news from Italian news agencies.
HD Radio Widget logo
HD radio search widget.
Griffin radioSHARK Widget logo
Widget controls Griffin radioSHARK hardware.
CallWave Text Messaging Widget Yahoo logo
Widget for sending text messages to cellphones.
WorldTime Widget logo
Widget shows earth map and the time anywhere on the planet.
D.I.Y Widget logo
Do-it-yourself home repair widget.
DesktopWidget logo
Widget simulation utility.
WidgetRunner logo
Run Dashboard Widgets on your desktop.
WidgetGiraffe logo
Ragdoll widget toy.
Apple-Group Widget logo
RSS Widget for
Widget Tamer logo
Manage your Widgets.
Smart Widget Installer logo
Update widgets without closing any copies you have open.
WidgetOrganizer logo
Utility to inspect, modify, and remove Widgets.
LiveMath Vector Calculus Widget logo
LiveMath calc widget.
Slideshow Widget logo
Photo slideshow widget.
eyeControl widget logo
EyeTV remote access widget.
AnalyticsWidget logo
Dashboard widget displays Google Analytics data.
Advanced Snake Widget logo
Snake game widget.
Zodiac Widget logo
Dashboard widget for your daily horoscope.
Now Spreading Good News Widget logo Christian community widget. RSS Widget logo
Widget displays headlines from
Cluck the Chicken Widget logo
Widget to ask Cluck the Chicken a queston.
Dating Widget logo
Widget displays dating profiles.
InterfaceLIFT Widget logo
Widget displays desktop pictures for download.
Captain FTP Widget logo
Widget for FTP uploading via Captain FTP.
Microwave Recipes Widget logo
Discover microwave recipes from a Dashboard widget.
Geocaching! Widget logo
Konfabulator widget finds geocaches near a given location.
Internet Bookshop Italia widget logo
A widget for searching a high-profile Italian e-commerce site.
Interest Widget logo
Widget displays today`s mortgage interest rates.
Pizza Recipes Widget logo
Discover great pizza recipes with this Dashboard widget.
NYT Widget logo
Widget for New York Times readers.
iPalmMemo Widget logo
Widget displays iPalmMemo notes.
Entrez Widget logo
NCBI database search widget
Daily Guitar Jam Widget logo
Widget displays a new guitar riff every new day.
Gran Turismo 5 Countdown Widget logo
Countdown to the release of Gran Turismo 5 with this widget.
HockeyWidgets logo
Widget for identifying other hockey-related widgets.
MailUnreadWidget logo
Widget displays latest unread email subject.
WidgetBuddies logo
Dashboard widget for social networking without a website.
PS3 Fanboy widget logo blog widget.
Net Carb Calculator Widget logo
Carb-counting widget.