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Sync logo
Sync app for secure cloud storage; 5GB free to start.
Box Sync logo
Online synchronization tool for; free 10 GB account.
SyncTwoFolders logo
Syncs two user-specified folders.
BitTorrent Sync logo
Sync files securely without the cloud.
Backup and Sync logo
File backup and sharing tool; 15 GB free (was Google Drive).
SyncMate Expert logo
Sync your Mac with Android, iOS, other Macs and more.
Sync Folders Pro logo
Automatically sync any number of folders.
Sync Folders Free logo
Folder synchronization for beginners and the most exacting professionals.
Syncovery logo
Back-up and synchronize your Mac.
HTC Sync Manager logo
Sync your Mac and HTC phone.
Sync-N-Link X logo
Batch sync dual-system sound using timecode.
Compare & Sync Folders logo
File and folder comparison and synchronization.
FreeFileSync logo
Backup software with cross-platform file synchronization.
Sync Checker logo
Utility to verify synchronization between two folders.
ChronoSync logo
Reliable backups, drive clones, and folder synchronizations.
Contacts Sync for Google Gmail logo
Allows you to sync your Gmail and Mac contacts.
Insync logo
Sync Google Docs to a folder on your Mac.
Folder Sync logo
Keep multiple pairs of folders in sync.
SuperSync logo
Synchronize your media library for on-the-go access.
GoodSync logo
Backup and file synchronization software.
Synchronize! X Plus logo
Personal file synchronization and backup tool.
SyncBuddy logo
Easy backup sync available for your Mac.
Polaris Office Sync logo
Desktop synchronization program for efficient document management.
QuickSync logo
Synchronize contacts with your Gigaset handset.
Sync'N'Replace Bad Audio logo
Helps sync audio and video for DSLR footage.
Spanning Sync logo
Sync iCal and Google Calendar.
Crypt Sync Files logo
Syncs, encrypts, and decrypts files between local folders and USB drives.
ContactsSyncer logo
Download and sync contacts with Address book.
Universal Sync logo
Set up mulitple synchronizations.
ProSync logo
Sync files between folders.
DAEMON Sync logo
Synchronize media files between various mobile devices and desktop.
Syncovery Family Pack logo
Back-up and synchronize your Mac.
Syncovery Five-Pack Business logo
Back-up and synchronize your Mac.
Hidden FoldersSynchronizer logo
Background backup and sync for FileSynchronizer.
Acrosync logo
File synchronization with rsync.
QT Sync logo
Audio/video sync correction and more.
Missing Sync for Palm OS logo
Sync your Palm OS device with your Mac.
Missing Sync for BlackBerry logo
Sync your Blackberry with your Mac.
Apple iSync logo
Sync your Address Book/iCal between Macs and digital devices.
Sync Entourage-Address Book logo
Sync Address Book with Entourage.
BusySync logo
Keep iCal calendars in sync on a network.
address-o-sync logo
Sync/share Address Books via Rendezvous.
Sync Entourage-iCal logo
Sync Entourage & iCal data.
e2Sync logo
Use iSync to sync Entourage contacts, tasks & calendars.
gSync logo
Sync iCal data with Google Calendar.
AASync logo
File-backup and folder-sync utility.
Synchronize Folders logo
Sync contents of two folders.
NewtSync logo
Sync a Newton with Jaguar apps.
Sync'Em logo
Sync Exchange, Google, and Apple contact and calendar info.
MobileSync logo
Sync Entourage with mobile devices.
FoneSync for Samsung phones logo
Sync your Samsung phone with your Mac.
Salling Media Sync logo
Synchronizes iTunes playlists, music, podcasts to some mobile devices.
Sync Now logo
Modifies Tiger's iSync to imitate the style of Jaguar.
Sync-Hole logo
Syncs QuickTime video and audio after framerate change.
CloudMe Sync logo
Sync your CloudMe account with your Mac; free 3 GB account.
File Synchronization logo
Synchronize multiple pairs of folders or files.
arRsync logo
GUI for rsync utility.
ProximitySync logo
Sync PDA & phone with your Mac via Bluetooth.
FileSync logo
File synchronization utility.
SyncTogether logo
Mac-to-Mac syncing capabilities.
ZMacSync logo
Sync your Zaurus with iCal, AddressBook, more.
OnSync logo
Contacts synchronizer.
calSync X logo
Sync your iCal calendars via FTP.
iPhone Sync logo
Automator script syncs your iPhone to your Mac in one click.
SyncDifferent logo
Intuitive data synchronization software.
QuickSync logo
Synchronize folders between two locations.
Wi-Fi Sync logo
Wireless syncing for iOS devices.
Missing Sync for Palm Pre logo
Sync your Palm Pre with your Mac.
Strongsync logo
Sync and backup using only SFTP or Amazon S3.
iSynCal logo
Synchronize iCal calendars between different Macs.
EventSync logo
Sync your Facebook Events with iCal.
JournalSync logo
Sync tool for NewtSync.
Movie Sync logo
Synchronize audio and video in QuickTime movies and more.
iSync plugins logo
Adds support for 200+ phones to iSync.
Appigo Sync logo
Synchronize tasks from Appigo Todo with your iOS device.
Syncopation logo
Synchronize iTunes collection across multiple Macs.
Basis Sync logo
Sync to a Basis fitness wristband.
Tonido Sync  logo
Sync your files to a central Tonido server.
StickiesSync logo
Instantaneous synchronization of your sticky notes.
simple sync logo
AppleScript Studio app wrapper for rsync.
DevonSync logo
Synchronize DEVONThink Pro databases over a network.
Sony Ericsson P1i iSync Phone Plugin logo
Enables iSync support for your Sony Ericsson phone.
iSyncIt logo
AppleScript enables Bluetooth before running iSync.
syncOtunes logo
Synchronize iTunes libraries.
SQLiteSync logo
Compare, merge and keep in sync two sqlite databases.
OneSync for Salesforce logo
The only sync tool compatible with Salesforce.
PadSync logo
Browse, manage, and synchronize shared iOS files.
SyncBar logo
Activate iSync and synchronize your devices at a set interval.
Syncman logo
Synchronizes your Address Book with your Gmail contacts.
Mac Neo Sync logo
Synchronizes speech to your Neo mp3 Car Audio Player.
The Missing Sync for Symbian logo
Syncs your Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola Symbian phones to your Mac.
SyncIt logo
File synchronization tool.
GigaSync logo
Synchronize Siemens Gigaset handset with Mac OS X.
Syncmp3 logo
Sync iTunes with memory based MP3 players.
FoneSync for LG phones logo
Synchronize your LG phone with your Mac.
Sync2It's BookmarkSync logo
Real-time automatic synchronization service.
iSynchronize logo
Simple solution for syncing application data.
iSyncButton logo
Widget to synch devices configured on iSync in one click.
PhotoSync logo
Drag-and-drop photos and videos to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
SugarSync logo
Feature-rich online storage resource.