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MacNessus logo
Client for the security scanner Nessus.
SuspendNow! logo
Use suspend mode without turning off normal sleep.
Suspicious Package logo
Preview contents of installer packages. logo
Store all of your online accounts and documents in the cloud.
Colossus logo
Advanced system monitor.
Sudoku Susser logo
Helps solve Sudoku puzzles.
iSet SUS logo
Sets the Software Update Server.
Sensus BPM Modeler logo
Structure, manage, control, and share processes on your intranet.
MacSudoku logo
Generate Sudoku puzzles, solve them.
ChordPhobia logo
Learn to identify chords by ear.
Su Doku Live logo
Sudoku game with network play options.
InversionPhobia logo
Learn to recognize inversions by ear.
Sudo logo
Run programs with security privileges of another user.