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Sudoku logo
Quick and funny Sudoku game.
Sudoku logo
A challenging number-puzzle game.
Color Sudoku logo
Unique Sudoku puzzle.
Sudoku Coach logo
Automatically solves Sudoku puzzles.
Sudoku Revolution logo
Play several variations of Sudoku.
Sudoku Uno logo
Sudoku game with three difficulty levels.
Web Sudoku Deluxe logo
Desktop Sudoku game.
Sudokulet logo
Sudoku resolver.
Sudoku Susser logo
Helps solve Sudoku puzzles.
Uni Sudoku logo
Sudoku game with unlimited puzzles.
Sudoku Companion logo
Japanese brainteaser game (was Sudoku Board).
Sudoku Widget logo
Play Sudoku in your Dashboard.
MacSudoku logo
Generate Sudoku puzzles, solve them.
SudokuAdept logo
Sudoku game.
Sudoku Fun logo
Widget allows playing Sudoku on Dashboard.
mariosudoku logo
Sudoku game.
SudokuX logo
Sudoku generator/solver.
Ancient SuDoKu logo
Sudoku puzzle game.
SudokuDan logo
Sudoku generator and solver.
Kitty Spangles Sudoku logo
Sudoku with animated themes.
Crystal Sudoku logo
Version of sudoku with no numbers.
Sudoku Generator Lite logo
Generate Sudoku puzzles in InDesign.
Sudoku Master logo
Automatically solve sudokus.
zonSudoku logo
Sudoku game with different board sizes.
Easy Sudoku logo
Pleasant way to learn the puzzle game of Sudoku.
MySudokuGuru logo
Sudoku game with unique puzzle-solving options.
Halloween Sudoku logo
Hauntingly fun rendition of the popular Sudoku game.
Sudoku for InDesign logo
Generate sudoku puzzels in InDesign documents.
Super Tile Sudoku logo
25,000 Sudoku tile games.
Sudoku Epic logo
Famous Japanese brain teaser game.
Sudoku Pagoda logo
Amazing puzzle game.
Sudoku Deluxe logo
Brain game with solution assistance.
Sudoku OneTouch logo
Logic puzzle game.
sudokumat logo
Java app helps solve Soduku puzzles.
Mystical Sudoku logo
A visually stunning version of chinese puzzle game.
Mister Sudoku logo
Numbers puzzle game with worldwide scoreboard.
Sudoku - Latin Squares logo
New twist on a classic game.
Su Doku Live logo
Sudoku game with network play options.
Dot by Dot logo
Puzzling cross between jigsaw and sudoku.
Amigos Number Puzzles logo
Create Sudoku, Kakuro, Futoshiki, and HexKakuro puzzles.
Kakuro Epic logo
Logic puzzle game in same genre as Sudoku.
3Doku logo
Brings the traditional Sudoku game to the third dimension.
Kakuro logo
Widget puzzle similar to Sudoku or a traditional crossword game.
Big Bang Brain Games logo
Six classic games designed to stimulate the cerebellum.
Hoyle Puzzle & Board Games 2009 logo
Twenty-one classic and new challenging favorites.
Swoop Solitaire logo
46 solitaire games with refinement and style.
Puzzler World logo
Take your brain on a trip.
MacKakuro logo
Generate and solve Kakuro puzzles.
Puzzle Island logo
Discover the mystery and escape from exile.
Full Deck Poker Solitaire logo
A poker twist on classic solitaire.
Domino Solitaire logo
Hidden object puzzle game.