Apps found for “status


Status logo
Take breaks from work.
Delivery Status logo
Check delivery status of packages.
Ethernet Status logo
Menu-bar icon indicates connection status.
Ethernet Status logo
See LAN/Ethernet status in your menu bar.
Internet Status logo
Internet/network connection status in the menu bar.
iCloudStatus logo
Real-time status for iCloud Drive in your menu bar.
MiniBatteryStatus logo
Widget displays battery status.
Subtle Status logo
iTunes floating palette status.
AFPStatus logo
Menu item displays the status of File Sharing.
WoW Server Status Widget logo
World of Warcraft server status widget.
Status Symbol logo
Manage your iChat AV status.
Status Magic logo
Clean up status bars in iOS screenshots.
Realm Status logo
Menubar item to determine status of your World of Warcraft server.
SiteStatus logo
Menubar item displays status of a website of your choice.
Funny Status Updates logo
Post humorous status updates directly to your Facebook profile.
YStatus logo
Set Yahoo! Messenger status of current iTunes song.
Wired Server Status Daemon logo
Checks status of specified Wired server.
Buddy Status logo
iChat status buddy widget.
SpeedTouch 510 Status logo
Widget displays the SpeedTouch DSL line status.
Status Clock logo
Show additional clocks in your menu bar.
Status Barred logo
Crop iOS screenshots to remove stats bar.
Net Drive Status logo
Visually reports the presence of a specified network drive location.
iSystatus logo
Analyze your Mac's hardware.
TypeStatus logo
Display iMessage notifications in your menu bar (beta).
SNMP Status logo
Menu item displays SNMP traffic transfers.
gfxCardStatus logo
Keeps track of which graphics card your MacBook Pro is using.
GmailStatus logo
Menubar item displays number of unread Gmail.
Status Screen Saver logo
Notifies you of changes to your apps.
Battery Status logo
Menu bar utility that reports battery health of connected wireless devices.
Server Status Monitor logo
Cross-platform server monitoring.
Music Status Blackspot logo
Patch for iChat in 10.4
MSN/aMSN Status for Salling Clicker logo
Control MSN/aMSN Messenger w/Salling Clicker.
[MA] BF1942 Server Status logo
Widget shows BF1942 players on different servers.
Status Face logo
Facial expressions show computer usage.
ServerStatus logo
Sysop helper to monitor servers.
DrasticInputSourceStatus logo
Change the color of the menubar.
BatteryStatus Widget logo
Battery charge monitoring widget.
WebsiteStatus X logo
Monitor a list of websites.
Net Radar logo
Monitor the status of your VPN connection.
Battery Tracker logo
Displays battery status of Apple peripherals.
stts logo
Monitor the status of cloud services.
Simple Battery Monitor logo
Monitor time remaining, charge percentage, and battery status.
iTracking logo
Know at any moment the status of your shipments.
CCMenu logo
Menubar item displays CruiseControl servers status.
NetstatPlus logo
View the status of TCP network connections.
WiFi Wireless Signal Strength Explorer logo
See wireless signal strength in the menu bar (was WiFi Signal Strength Status).
SynoTool logo
Monitor status of Synology devices.
CalendarPop logo
Time and date in your status bar.
Murus Menulet logo
Display PF firewall status in menu bar.
VNC Connect logo
A glance view of the network status of your remote computers.
MuteMyMic logo
Control input volume from your status bar.
BattMan logo
Monitor the status of your battery and power.
HardwareGrowler logo
Notification for hardware status changes.
MightyMonitor logo
Displays battery status for Apple Wireless Keyboard/Mighty Mouse.
Airplane Mode logo
Status bar control.
DVD Info X 3 logo
Displays RPC status for any connected DVD drives (beta).
InkLevel logo
Utility for checking ink levels and printer status.
aMuleInfos Widget logo
Monitor your aMule connection status.
Homeland Alert logo
Displays Homeland Security Advisory status in menubar.
Observation Post logo
Observes system status, posts notifications.
Twidget logo
Update your Twitter status from the Dashboard.
Juice logo
Widget to check your battery status.
iModz logo
Auto change iChat status messages.
Mail Checker logo
Gmail/Yahoo mail account status widget.
LinkUp logo
Displays main ethernet link status.
CheetahWatch logo
Signal/status monitor for Huawei E220 HSDPA USB modem.
RAID Alert logo
Informs you about any RAID systems status changes.
Second Life Notifier logo
Check online/offline status of Second Life players.
Who Is Connected? logo
Monitor status of Apple File Sharing.
eMode logo
Set your iChat status to your current mood (was iMood).
Roadbook logo
Displays bookmark collection in browser status bar.
Twitterlex logo
Widget checks Twitter friends\' status.
Friendly for Facebook logo
Facebook status info on the desktop.
Arrivals & Departures logo
Monitor airline flight status.
WoW Watcher logo
Track status of multiple World of Warcraft realms.
Telescope Basecamp Widget logo
View status of Basecamp projects.
Dashboard Gauges Widgets logo
Automobile gauges display the status of your computer.
iChatState logo
Customize iChat status message.
UpdateBar logo
Update your status on Facebook, Twitter and more.
World Ticker logo
World clocks in your OS X status bar.
Shh logo
Status bar executes BSD terminal commands.
tms logo
Time Machine command line tool for basic cvs read/status operations.
Disktivity logo
Displays the current status of your hard drive.
Jenkins Menu logo
Menu bar item that shows the status of a Jenkins CI server.
iChat Monitor logo
Small window to monitor buddy status.
VoIP Tracker logo
Monitor your VoIP device status, let it interact with your Mac.
In-Out Board logo
Personal away status network app.
PPP/PPPoE Color Menu logo
Changes colors to reflect status of your connection.
Satstat logo
Menu extra shows status of Direcway satellite connection.
Shellbar logo
Progress bar/status viewer for shell scripts.
Jolt logo
Quick access to toggle Energy Saver active status.
TwitQwik logo
Update your Twitter status without reading tweets.
Screenshot Maker logo
Crops iPhone/iPod touch screenshots to delete the status bar.
ChatTunes logo
Allows Jaguar/Panther users to have current track viewed as iChat status.
Mi-Fi Monitor logo
Monitor the status of your Novatel Mi-Fi.
SleepyTimer logo
Automate your Mac's status using timers.
I'm Away logo
Change all your IM statuses with one click.
8Passwords logo
Access all passwords anytime from the status menu.
iChatSuite logo
Prefpane for iChat and Adium status items and more.
Week Event logo
Display iCal events in the System status bar.