Apps found for “stats


StatsBar logo
Monitor system processes from the menu bar.
Battery Time & Stats logo
Shows you the remaining battery time and stats.
BatteryStatsX logo
View laptop battery stats.
iTuneStats logo
AppleScript gives you additional iTunes stats.
Heroes Of Newerth DashStats logo
Bring all your Heroes Of Newerth Stats to your Dashboard.
Golf By Stats logo
Analyze your golf performance.
MenuBar Stats logo
Advanced system monitoring.
mTrafficStats logo
Network traffic monitor that keeps an eye on your bandwidth usage.
iTMS Stats logo
Widget displays top iTMS songs, albums, etc (was iTMS RSS, was myTunes).
ComStats logo
Chart your usage of, iChat, or Fire.
Metrics for Instagram logo
See your Instagram stats.
Eagle logo
Keep track of golf handicaps, scoring, and stats.
Battery Health logo
Monitor Battery Stats and Usage.
Network Stat logo
Widget for some network stats.
FitDay logo
Check your Fitbit daily stats from the menu bar.
iNETMeter logo
Internet stats in your menu bar.
ApproachGolf logo
Keep track of your golf stats.
Status Barred logo
Crop iOS screenshots to remove stats bar.
Statbook logo
Track sports stats.
Universal Boxing Manager logo
Boxing stats manager.
Calculator+ logo
Trig, stats, algebraic, RPN calculator.
qMEM logo
Widget displays memory stats history graph.
qCPU logo
Widget displays CPU stats history graph.
StatCounter logo
Widget to view your stats.
Basketball Statistics logo
AppleWorks 5 database to keep track of your basketball team stats.
EasyStat Web Statistics logo
Real-time Web stats app.
LinkLite! logo
Display your website stats on your desktop.
UnitInfo logo
Widget displays your Folding@Home stats.
Matrex logo
Vectorial spreadsheet tool for mathematical models, stats, more.
Analog Helper logo
Provides a graphical interface for configuring stats program Analog.
H3NDO logo
Utility for getting your basic Halo 3 stats.
GitStatX logo
Open-source GUI for gitstats.
Pagico logo
Manage all your tasks, notes, files, projects, and contacts.
PokerCruncher logo
Poker odds calculator.
Sawmill logo
Hierarchical Web server log analyzer.
Barsoom logo
Keep your menu bar in order.
Quadose logo
Game of falling pieces (was Tribbi).
Goldfish Professional logo
Web design for all devices in a few easy steps.
Absolute Backgammon logo
Backgammon board game.
Owly logo
Menu bar app to keep your Mac from sleeping.
Texas Poker logo
Poker for your Mac.
NetAdmin logo
Network monitoring tool.
New Notes - Basic Reading logo
Learn to read and play music on piano.
Absolute Acey Deucey logo
Backgammon game.
Scrabble logo
Classic crossword puzzle game.
Metropolis logo
Flexible WordPress client.
KaleidaGraph logo
Graphing and data analysis app.
AirStumbler logo
Discovery wireless networks using your Mac.
miniStat2 logo
System monitoring widget.
AquaMon logo
Transparent system monitoring tool.
Studycard Studio Lite logo
Create, study, and memorize multimedia flashcards.
AirMoose logo
Wireless network stumbling application.
Marble Arena 2 logo
Physics-based 3D marble game. .
Kelly Slater Pro Surfer 4 logo
Adrenaline rush surfing game.
CoachStat Baseball logo
Statistics for baseball teams.
WeaverPix logo
Create slideshows in Rapidweaver.
Mahjong Palace logo
Multi-layer tile game.
Word Wits logo
Word game similar to scrabble.
Asteroid logo
Bitcoin and Litecoin cryptocurrency miner (beta).
Player Manager 2003 logo
Soccer team management game.
Dark Horizons: Lore logo
Action FPS style mecha game.
Numismatist's Notebook logo
Keep track of your coin collection.
The Goalkeeper logo
Create and play your own goalkeeper.
Gallery Monger logo
Turns folders of images into Web gallery.
Solebon Solitaire logo
42 games for refined solitaire players.
Mahjong Towers Eternity logo
Game with more than 40,000 layouts.
BaseballX logo
Baseball manager/coach software.
AdSense Client logo
Cocoa UI for viewing Google AdSense revenue statistics.
Sudoku Deluxe logo
Brain game with solution assistance.
DarX logo
Simple darts scorer with a variety of features.
Cubemen logo
Tower defense game.
Kitty Spangles Sudoku logo
Sudoku with animated themes.
Eschalon: Book II logo
Second installlment of the role-playing game series.
SurveyGizmo Widget logo
Run online surveys, polls, and other forms, from the Dashboard.
System to capture and display your golf game.
Detox Safari Extension logo
Automatically expand shortened links.
Child Growth Charts logo
Track your child's growth.
Mathemagics logo
Learn to do arithmetic quickly and easily.
MacPips Jigsaw logo
Create jigsaw puzzles from your own pictures, and more.
Strife logo
Action-packed first-person shooter with RPG elements.
Screen Vault logo
Innovative way to lock and unlock your Mac.
Brain Challenge logo
Fun daily brain exercises.
W3Perl logo
Logfile analyzer.