Apps found for “statistics


Statistics Pro logo
Statistics tool for high school and college students.
Project Statistics for Xcode logo
Get statistics regarding Xcode projects.
Diagnostic Utility Statistics logo
Calculates diagnostic efficiency statistics.
IBM SPSS Statistics logo
Comprehensive statistical data analysis (formerly SPSS).
Basketball Statistics logo
AppleWorks 5 database to keep track of your basketball team stats.
EasyStat Web Statistics logo
Real-time Web stats app.
Golf Statistics logo
Golf scorecard and game analysis.
X-Statistics logo
Syslog system log analyzer.
Bitcoin Expert logo
Exchange rates and statistics (was Bitcoin info).
Statsey logo
App-usage statistics.
iStat Server logo
Communicate vital OS X statistics to iOS.
StatsCenter logo
Monitor system statistics.
Word Counter Pro logo
View writing statistics.
Kitty Spangles Solitaire logo
Animated Solitaire with auto-saving and statistics.
Stattoo logo
Digital statistics on your desktop.
iTunes Statistician logo
View statistics about your iTunes listening habits.
GCStatistic logo
Generate geocaching statistics.
CoachStat Baseball logo
Statistics for baseball teams.
Urchin logo
Web log statistics generator.
Dockside logo
System monitoring & statistics tool.
AdSense Client logo
Cocoa UI for viewing Google AdSense revenue statistics.
Scorecard logo
Track your golf statistics.
CombiStatX logo
Statistics app.
iCompta logo
Manage personal finances.
iDefrag logo
Disk defragmentation and optimization tool.
VOX logo
Music player that supports many filetypes.
CrossOver logo
Run Windows apps on your Mac.
Vitamin-R logo
Personal productivity tool.
Wizard Pro logo
Tool for data analysis and exploration.
Wokabulary logo
Learn vocabulary using flash-card learning techniques.
Wizard logo
Tool for data analysis and exploration.
Rumpus logo
High-performance FTP server.
Viscosity logo
Graphical user interface for OpenVPN.
BackupLoupe logo
Analyze, browse, and restore Time Machine backups.
Poker Copilot logo
Poker HUD and hand history analysis.
Magic Number Machine logo
25-digit scientific calculator.
MacJournal logo
Create, maintain, and blog a personal journal.
Bean logo
Fast and uncluttered word processor.
PhotoDesk logo
Instagram client for photo sharing.
Lodgit Desk logo
Booking software for small to medium-sized hotels.
Filmotech logo
Catalog your movies.
AcaStat logo
Statistical software with data analysis.
Backgammon Masters logo
Backgammon in medieval style.
Tab Launcher logo
Clean up and organize the Dock.
Reunion logo
Create a sophisticated record of your family tree.
F-Stop logo
Simple and clean Flickr client (was Flicker1).
Disk Xray logo
Disk optimiser and duplicates detector.
MailMate logo
Mail client designed exclusively for IMAP.
OutlineEdit logo
Keep your ideas structured and collected every day.
Hearts Card Game logo
Simple-yet-fun game of Hearts.
Adze logo
View and edit GPX files from your GPS device.
Sawmill logo
Hierarchical Web server log analyzer.
InterMapper RemoteAccess logo
Network monitoring, mapping, and alerting tool.
Wiz Solitaire logo
Collection of several solitaire card games.
Margarita logo
Menu item for monitoring your unRAID server.
STAR Device Monitor logo
Continuously monitor server and network devices.
Pretty Good Solitaire logo
Collection of 600 solitaire games.
Cerebro logo
Project management tool.
Command Center logo
Minimalist multi-utility app.
Monity logo
System-monitoring widget.
Disk Analyzer Pro logo
Easy way to free up disk space.
WeatherCat logo
Weather station software.
Magic Number logo
A better calculator.
BVS Solitaire Collection logo
Collection of solitaire games.
Full Deck Solitaire logo
22 solitaire games.
iMindQ logo
Premier mind-mapping solution.
Cookie Stumbler logo
Scan for ad and tracking cookies.
Vectorial Map logo
View Mapsforge offline vector maps.
book'n'keep logo
Simple and powerful bookkeeper for small companies.
Coverage logo
Ink usage and cost calculator for printing.
NotesFinder logo
Find the notes on any string instrument and in any notation.
Watcher logo
Limit the time a user can be on the Mac each day.
SNMP Test Utility logo
Monitor network and router functionality.
Write logo
Simple, lightweight word processor.
NetUse Traffic Monitor logo
Monitor your network traffic.
Solar Eclipse Maestro logo
Controls up to 4 USB or Firewire cameras during an eclipse.
Tyme logo
Track your time with ease.
Listening Singing Teacher logo
Helps you to sing on tune and on rhythm.
Free logo
Clean and clutter-free text editor.
ExpressionsinBar logo
Powerful computer algebra system in your menu bar.
New Notes - Scales logo
Improve piano technique through scales practice.
Nova Golf logo
3D golf game with realistic ball physics.
TCleaner Pro logo
Quickly remove formatting from text (was Text Cleaner Pro).
Quick Word logo
Quick and easy word processing.
Driving Theory Test logo
DSA highway code testing app.
Disc Golf 3D logo
Realistic disc golf game.
Space Falcon Reloaded logo
Classic arcade action game.
TypeDrill logo
Practice typing to improve speed and accuracy.
David's Backgammon logo
Engaging backgammon game.
Listening Music Teacher logo
Sound analysis for music students.
Time Logger logo
Advanced time logging and project management.
SpamAssassin logo
Server side spam email blocker.
yCal logo
Yearly calendar application.
Data analysis and statistical solution for Microsoft Excel.
RUMlog logo
HAM radio logging tool.
JIRA logo
Project and bug-tracking management system.
Cookie Stumbler (5 Macs) logo
Scan for ad and tracking cookies.
SmartDown logo
A MultiMarkdown editor with outliner capabilities.
RUMPed logo
Contest logging tool for short wave radio.
iCal Time-Recording logo
AppleScript app for time recording in iCal.