Apps found for “spotlight


Ziplight Spotlight Plugin logo
Use Spotlight to find files within .zip archives.
WordPerfect Spotlight Plug-in logo
Search your WP files using Spotlight.
SpotlightIndexer logo
Your Mac's Spotlight, improved and optimized.
SpotlightColorChange logo
Change the color of the Spotlight Icon and Retrieval bar.
SpotlightMetadata logo
See the metadata that Spotlight is collecting on your files.
Photoshop Spotlight Plugin logo
Enables Spotlight filter and searching of PhotoShop Images.
Flashlight for Spotlight logo
Supercharges OS X's built-in search.
Mellel Spotlight plugin logo
Plugin makes Mellel documents searchable.
Quicksilver Actions: Spotlight Port logo
Substitution for the Quicksilver Actions.
Batch Apply Spotlight Keywords logo
Assign keywords to personal files.
ChemSpotlight logo
Index chemistry metadata files.
Spotlight Screen Saver logo
Screensaver makes your desktop dark with a light moving around.
SpotFiles logo
Find files without Spotlight.
SmartBackup logo
Daily backups with Spotlight integration.
Mouseposé logo
Spotlight your mouse movement for presentations and training.
Spotless logo
Enable/disable Spotlight auto-indexing.
SpotInside logo
Preview spotlight keywords in text documents.
DisableTigerFeatures logo
Disable Spotlight and Dashboard.
NotLight logo
Simple Spotlight front-end substitute.
DataLore logo
Uses Spotlight & Bonjour to search/share files on your network.
Laserlight logo
Shortcut app to typing in Spotlight search queries.
SpotMeta logo
Spotlight-searchable file and folder labeling system.
Google Importer logo
Enhances Spotlight searches with Google results.
SpotLook logo
GUI for Leopard Spotlight.
Snippet Mind logo
Journal app with iPod integration, Spotlight search, weblog, .Mac support.
CloudPlay logo
Spotlight for your music.
Branding Iron logo
Mark your files with Spotlight search keywords.
Charlotte logo
Web Spotlight search.
iMango logo
Spotlight supplement.
Tarimporter logo
Spotlight plugin for unix archive file search.
CloneEject logo
Prevent Spotlight from indexing a drive when mounted.
X3F Utilities logo
Spotlight and QuickLook plugin support for X3F RAW image format.
Python Metadata Importer logo
Import and index Python script source code through Spotlight.
Mac Light logo
Toggles Spotlight search and removes Spotlight menubar icon.
Finder Activator logo
Easily activate the Finder via Spotlight.
Precipitate logo
Search for, launch your cloud data from Spotlight or Google Desktop.
appHop logo
Wrapper around Spotlight, limits searches to applications.
NeoLight logo
Allows Spotlight to index NeoOffice and OpenOffice docs.
Folders2Tags logo
Create Spotlight comments for files.
ClearTags logo
Clears all the spotlight comments in your documents folder.
UnofficialEyeTV.mdimporter logo
Spotlight plugin for EyeTV recordings.
Default Folder X logo
Enhances Open and Save dialogs (beta).
NeoFinder logo
Catalog your external media and disks (was CDFinder).
Apple iOS logo
The latest version of Apple's mobile OS.
HoudahSpot logo
Advanced file-search tool.
Maintenance logo
System maintenance utility.
OnyX logo
Maintenance and optimization tool.
Apple Remote Desktop Client logo
Client component for Apple Remote Desktop.
Sierra Cache Cleaner logo
Clear caches, access hidden OS X settings, and more.
ForkLift logo
Powerful file manager: FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, S3, and more.
Hazel logo
Create rules for organizing and cleaning folders.
Deeper logo
Enable hidden features in macOS.
CleanApp logo
Application deinstaller and archiver.
DiskMaker X logo
Make a bootable OS X installer disk (release candidate).
Postbox logo
Powerful and flexible email client.
Cyberduck logo
FTP and SFTP browser.
CleanMyDrive 2: Manage and Clean External Drives logo
Clean and eject external drives.
iTrash logo
Comprehensive uninstaller (beta).
Hider logo
Hide, encrypt, and password-protect your data.
MailRaider Pro logo
Read Outlook .MSG files on your Mac.
EagleFiler logo
Archive and search documents of various formats.
ExactScan Pro logo
Powerful, fast document scanning.
iFileX logo
Sophisticated file searching utility.
PDFScanner logo
Scan and archive documents.
DEVONagent Express logo
Web search from the menu bar.
Shortcat logo
Control your applications with a few short keystrokes (beta).
DEVONagent Lite logo
Add search to your Mac.
FoxTrot Professional Search logo
Networkable search for legal, media, mobile professionals.
Quiver logo
The programmer's notebook.
Scherlokk logo
Find and compare files.
Apple Remote Desktop logo
Remotely control Macs; admin component.
Espionage logo
Simple, state-of-the-art encryption and plausible deniability for your data.
Leap logo
Comprehensive file management application.
Prizmo logo
Scan and OCR documents with your digital camera or scanner.
DEVONsphere Express logo
Finds connections between seemingly unrelated files.
MainMenu Pro logo
Accelerate and improve your Mac's performance.
RipIt logo
Gets your movies off DVD and onto your Mac.
Gamepedia logo
Catalog video and computer games.
Tembo logo
Quick and effective file search tool.
Final Cut Library Manager logo
Housekeeping for your Final Cut Pro libraries.
Dramatic Black & White logo
Adjust and improve black-and-white photos.
FontNuke logo
Removes font cache files.
Bevy logo
Application launcher shows you all apps in one window.
Claquette logo
Capture your screen, attached cameras, and microphones.
NeO logo
Information outlining and organizing tool.
Feeds logo
Monitor Dribbble, Basecamp, and other Web services.
StitchBuddy logo
Read and write with embroidery designs.
Phantom Cine Toolkit logo
QuickTime codec for Vision Research Cameras.
Aether logo
Log ham radio transmissions.
USBclean logo
Keep your thumb drives free from annoying junk files.
Crunch logo
Extract content files from iOS applications to make icons.
MySafe logo
Securely hide and protect files and folders (beta).
Yojimbo logo
Data information organizer.
Webbla logo
A visual bookmark manager.
OptimUSB logo
Remove temporary files from flash drives and memory cards.
Outlook Email Archive X logo
Archive Outlook 2011 emails.
GPX Reader logo
Powerful GPX file reader.
Find Any File logo
Search your disks for files using various criteria.
Gigometer logo
Widget lists upcoming gigs and events either by location or artist.
Blue Crab Lite logo
Stripped down version of Blue Crab website downloader.