Apps found for “snippets


Snippets logo
Code snippets manager (beta).
SnippetsLab logo
Easy-to-use snippets management tool.
Deutsche Akronyme Snippets logo
Snippets for use with TextExpander.
mySnippets logo
Quick snippet manager.
Unicode Snippets logo
Snippet groups to be used with TextExpander.
CM Text Cabinet logo
Store text snippets in one place (was CM Text Snippets).
Paste logo
Smart cloud clipboard and snippets manager.
PhraseExpress logo
Text-expansion, snippets, and macro functionality.
Code Collector Pro logo
Store code snippets with ease.
ScriptFlow logo
Keep your code snippets on iCloud.
Print Selection logo
Easily print snippets from the web, email, and documents.
Snippery logo
Edit and manage text snippets.
CocoaBox logo
All your snippets and source files on all your Macs.
SourceDrop logo
Easily share code snippets.
jCodeCollector logo
Manage your code snippets.
Code Collector logo
Store code snippets with ease.
SideWriter logo
Quickly jot down small snippets of text.
Snippet Edit logo
Override Xcode standard snippets.
Pasteomatic logo
Paste snippets easily.
Personal Serial Database logo
Store accumulated text snippets.
PHP Evaluator logo
Evaluate snippets of PHP code.
Phöpher logo
Run small PHP snippets.
QSnipps logo
Store and organize your favorite program snippets.
PowerSnip logo
Store, search, and print text snippets.
SnippetComposer logo
Quickly compose HTML snippets.
Snip2Code Plugin for Eclipse logo
Web platform to manage code snippets directly in Eclipse.
CodeVue logo
Manage snippets for a variety of programming languages.
QuikPazte logo
Collect and paste text snippets.
SnipCode logo
Quickly tag, save, and access your snippets.
Dash logo
Instant search and offline access to any API documentation.
Espresso logo
Powerful HTML, XML, CSS, and JavaScript development tool.
Smultron logo
Easy-to-use, powerful text editor.
Typinator logo
Speedy and reliable text expansion solution.
EagleFiler logo
Archive and search documents of various formats.
Sublime Text logo
Sophisticated text editor for code, markup, and prose.
Quiver logo
The programmer's notebook.
aText logo
Automatically replaces abbreviations with frequently used phrases.
Growly Notes logo
Free-form note-taking application.
TeXnicle logo
LaTeX editor and project organizer.
RubyMine logo
Full-fledged IDE for Ruby on Rails.
Annotation Transcriber logo
Tag and transcribe audio and video files.
Scrapbook Pro logo
Copy and store multiple clips.
Copyem Paste logo
Powerful clipboard menulet for copy and paste.
HTML Egg logo
Drag-and-drop website editor.
TextMate logo
Code/markup editor with many features (release candidate).
Butler logo
Hot key, menu, and keyword launcher.
Easy Markdown logo
Create Web pages using markdown.
Note-C logo
Versatile word processor with document-organization.
Fluid Blocks logo
Design fluid web sites.
Dropzone logo
Open, transfer, and install files by drag-and-drop.
skEdit logo
HTML/PHP/ASP/ CSS ColdFusion editor (was skHTML).
Favorite Text logo
Snippet, clipboard, password, and secret note manager.
iClip logo
Advanced clipboard for copying and pasting.
Base logo
Create, design, edit, and browse SQLite 3 database files.
Nuggit logo
Quick, powerful and efficient text editor.
ReadKit logo
Read-later and RSS client.
Product Manager logo
Manage, market your company products.
TextExpander logo
Expand keystrokes into frequently-used text and pictures.
TaskCard logo
Sticky note outliner and to-do's.
Procoding logo
Create HTML5 canvas sketches.
ShutterBug logo
WYSIWYG website creation tool.
Source logo
System-wide code-snippet manager.
SimpleEdit logo
Clean, easy, and customizable text editor.
ClipAssist logo
Easily access your frequently used text clips.
HTML Mailer Pro logo
Newsletter and marketing email designer.
Clippings logo
Store, print, and export your text clippings.
CM Note Keeper logo
Organize all your notes.
Peppermint logo
The CoffeeScript-able Swiss Army knife for coding (beta).
Code Snippet logo
Code-snippet organizer.
WebCode logo
Drawing app which generates HTML5 code.
Eggpage Web Design Document Viewer logo
Eggpage document viewer.
CodeBox logo
Full-featured code snippet manager.
XMenu logo
Menubar item lists/launches apps, and more.
Typinator Family Pack (5 licenses) logo
Speedy and reliable text expansion tool.
DesktopShelves logo
Display folders as desktop shelves.
iSnip logo
Manage and edit a collection of text clippings.
Fraise logo
Easy to use and powerful text editor based on Smultron.
Kousek logo
Save and search developing codes (was Snippet).
Delivery logo
Code compressor for scripts and stylesheets.
Snard logo
Application launcher, creates worksets.
CallitADay logo
Create an elegant diary for home or work.
Snippet Mind logo
Journal app with iPod integration, Spotlight search, weblog, .Mac support.
BarbaBatch logo
Audio file format and sample rate batch converter.
MadRuby logo
On-the-fly keyboard macro recorder.
Tumult HyperEdit logo
HTML editor with webpage preview as you type.
Snippet Saver logo
Save fragments of code for development.
Snippet Monkey logo
Create shortcuts for phrases you frequently type.
iClip Lite Widget logo
Widget version of iClip.
SEEdit logo
iXiu logo
Copy/paste everything on pasteboards of glass.
ShelfMenu logo
Menubar item stores all sorts of info.
Make Notes logo
Enhanced sticky note app (was Gramotki).
InstaCode logo
Quick and efficient code-snippet testing.
Jreepad logo
Info manager/database.
CodeGofer logo
Snippet collection search tool.
DashExpander logo
Time-saving text expansion tool.
ClipMasterCM logo
Organize text, pictures, movies & sound.
ScriptLibrary logo
AppleScript snippet organizer.
Time Tagger logo
Track your time just by clicking tags on and off.
Tincta Pro logo
Fast and intuitive text editor.