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Sherlock Menu X logo
Add Sherlock menu to Finder.
Review Sherlock logo
App Store and Mac App Store analysis.
Loppy Letter Sherlock Plug-in logo
Search Chris Lopata
The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes logo
Lavish mystery adventure game featuring 16 unique cases.
Sherlock Holmes logo
Puzzle adventure game.
The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes 2 logo
Solve 16 mysterious crimes in Victorian England.
URL Manager Pro logo
Bookmark manager.
Macintosh Explorer logo
Alternative file browser for the Finder, aqua version available.
Authoxy logo
Proxy authentication app.
Snard logo
Application launcher, creates worksets.
Imagine Poker logo
Light hearted poker tournament against famous characters.
Thinking Home logo
X-10 home automation software.
Big Bang Brain Games logo
Six classic games designed to stimulate the cerebellum.
PicturePopCM logo
Contextual menu can view images.
Sinbad logo
Fast and targeted Web searches from your desktop.
Toshiba SD-R2312 Driver Plug-in X logo
DVD/CDRW combo drive driver.
wStock logo
Scrolling stock ticker in your menubar.
Magellan X logo
Multilingual email client.
File Freak logo
Find and move files using keywords.