Apps found for “shell


Shellsilver logo
Execute UNIX shell scripts from the Finder.
Shellbar logo
Progress bar/status viewer for shell scripts.
Shell Life logo
A front-end for shell commands.
Backup Shell Script logo
Shell script copies directory contents to destination.
SSH Shell logo
Secure one-click log-in.
Go2Shell logo
Opens a terminal window to the current directory in Finder.
Shell Whirl logo
Beach-themed matching game.
SycureShell logo
Configurator and launcher for ssh.
ShellBar logo
Run UNIX commands straight from your Mac
ShellTo logo
Opens a terminal window to the current Finder directory.
MySecureShell logo
SFTP server with GUI setup.
MacTerm logo
Terminal emulator for both local and remote shells (beta).
Robomongo logo
Shell-centric Mongo management (beta).
fish logo
User-friendly command-line shell.
CocoaDialog logo
Create GUI frontends for shell, Perl scripts.
NerdTool logo
Display shell outputs directly on your background.
Pipe logo
Write, test, and debug shell scripts.
Tactile Interrogator logo
Graphical command shell designed for power users.
GNU Core Utilities logo
GNU basic file, shell, and text manipulation utilities.
Alias to Symlink logo
Shell script to convert aliases to Symlinks.
Commander logo
Run UNIX shell commands.
CommandCenter logo
Tool manages shell-based scripts with capability to remotely run them.
ScriptExport logo
Use shell scripts to process iPhoto images.
Kickstarter logo
Launch sets of apps and run shell scripts.
Yasu logo
System maintenance app.
ZOC Terminal logo
Telnet/SSH/SSH2 client and terminal emulator.
aText logo
Automatically replaces abbreviations with frequently used phrases.
MediaInfo logo
Supplies technical and tag information about a video or audio file.
Sync Folders Free logo
Folder synchronization for beginners and the most exacting professionals.
EditRocket logo
Text editor for programmers with support for over 20 languages.
eClicker Presenter logo
Determine audience comprehension.
Eddie logo
Powerful, lightweight editor for programmers.
MacSpice logo
Electronic circuit simulator.
TextMate logo
Code/markup editor with many features (release candidate).
CodeRunner logo
Easy way to write and run code.
Entangler logo
Launch Automator actions and script on your Mac from your iPhone (was Otto's Antenna).
Digital Sentry logo
Monitor your system to avoid unauthorized access and theft.
FastScripts logo
Menu item for quickly running AppleScripts.
Platypus logo
Create application wrappers for scripts.
RCode logo
Lightweight, powerful coding application.
GeekTool logo
Display log files, UNIX command output, and more.
Aquamacs logo
Emacs editor.
RBrowser logo
FTP/SFTP/SSH file transfer program.
Launcher logo
Fast and light app launcher.
XMLSpear logo
XML editor built in Java.
EventScripts logo
Trigger AppleScripts based on specific activities.
Man Reader logo
Utility for reading OS X’s man pages.
OnMyCommand logo
Execute command line via contextual menu.
SyncTERM logo
ANSI-BBS terminal.
Go4Launch logo
Easily add startup tasks to OS X using launchd services.
Shotgun FunFun HD logo
Side-scrolling zombie-themed shooter game.
Apple OS X bash Update logo
Fix for security flaw in bash OS X 10.9.
pgAdmin3 logo
Administration and development for PostgreSQL database.
cd to logo
Opens Terminal window set to the current path.
AppleOff logo
Delete .DS_Store files.
PageSpinner logo
HTML/XHTML Web page editor.
DesInstaller logo
Removes & archives files.
MyMoney logo
Personal finance software.
WidgetTerm logo
Terminal widget.
SnapWeb logo
Creates complete screenshots of Web pages.
RCEnvironment logo
Pref pane for editing the environment.plist file.
iHook logo
Graphical frontend for any commandline executable.
Beeb downloader logo
BBC iPlayer downloader alternative.
OSXPM logo
Create/install/delete OS X packages.
QTCoffee logo
Manipulate QuickTime media via command line.
bgscreensaver logo
Use screensaver as desktop picture.
WidgDock logo
Free customizable dock.
SSH Helper logo
Easily configure OpenSSH on your server.
Webmailer logo
Preference pane for setting mailto: parameters in OS X.
Laughing Man logo
Monitors webpages for changes.
Sun ONE Studio 4 logo
Unofficial Sun ONE Studio installer.
Doktor Kleanor logo
Maintenance script.
Tapir logo
Developer tool for Mac OS X.
iList Data logo
Single-user database software.
Cockpit logo
Multi-app controller and automation center.
Shortcuts logo
Create keyboard shortcuts for routine activities.
Tincta Pro logo
Fast and intuitive text editor.
VirusBarrier Plus logo
Protect your Mac from Trojans, malware and viruses.
Safe Terminal logo
Minimizes Terminal utility script executions (for recent security issue).
ScriptLight logo
Search and manage your AppleScripts and source code files.
ShowLionLibrary logo
Reveals the Library folder in OS X 10.7 Lion.
cliclick logo
Automate tasks by emulating mouse clicks.
SoundNote logo
Create sounds for system events.
Shh logo
Status bar executes BSD terminal commands.
SSHFun logo
AppleScript Studio app opens secure SSH connections.
Nimbus logo
Asset management tool.
24U Appearance OSAX logo
AppleScript scripting addition.
Gooey Gadgets logo
Add missing dialog functions in AppleScript and more.
LinCastor logo
Create and use your own URL scheme for scripting.
Sudo logo
Run programs with security privileges of another user.
iShelter logo
Backup and synchornization utility via SSH.
Presto-Chango logo
Recover Word v.X documents after a crash.
LinkABoo logo
Create hyperlinks that point to e-mail messages in
DesktopWidget logo
Widget simulation utility.
appswitch logo
Command-line interface to the process manager.
FreeHotKeys logo
Switch between front applications & launch commands.
Sparseimage Compactor logo
AppleScript to compress sparse disk images.
LED Panel logo
Widget is programmable array of LEDs.
360Works ScriptMaster logo
Manipulate files and more.
rtf2txt logo
Convert Microsoft Word to text documents.