Apps found for “shareware


SharewarePublisher logo
Software submission tool and PAD editor.
AquaticPrime logo
Secure registration method for shareware applications.
SerGen logo
Create registration databases for your shareware.
SiteSucker logo
Automatically downloads complete Web sites.
MakeMKV logo
One-click video converter, with Blu-ray compatibility (beta).
Hardware Monitor logo
Hardware monitoring sensor app.
Calculator logo
Simple menu bar calculator.
DropCopy logo
Share files and folders between OS X machines.
iCab logo
Alternative Web browser.
AmorphousDiskMark logo
Measures storage read/write performance in MB/s and IOPS.
Bingo Caller logo
Everything you need to run a Bingo party.
AudioTest logo
Generate audio test signals.
Ocean Waves logo
Simulates ocean sounds.
CADintosh X logo
2D-CAD program for technical / architectural drawings.
Screenshot Helper logo
Gives a clean background for screenshots.
Bingo Caller Pro logo
Full-featured bingo caller for private or group use.
Compositor logo
Image editor and art creator.
Gest-L logo
Simple invoice software for Italian users.
Subliminal Message Pro logo
Replicate subliminal messaging with customized flashing text.
Sirds logo
Create 3D images that pop out when you stare at them.
Business Bingo logo
Replicates old-fashioned bingo-call equipment.
MyAccounts logo
Personal accounting application.
Folder Icon Maker logo
Combine icons and export to different formats.
Chromatic Tuner logo
12-note chromatic tuner.
Disk Recall logo
Disk cataloging utility.
Strobe Tuner logo
12-note chromatic scale tuner.
TimeLine logo
Plan food preparation and save the planning information.
RealZoom logo
Get a close-up look at whatever is on your screen.
ProLevel logo
Displays detailed info on stereo audio signals levels.
Piano Tuner logo
An ultra-precise piano tuner for your Mac.
RealZoom Quartz logo
Zoom into images.
Simple Rental logo
Track income and expenses on rental property.
ProPhase logo
Displays detailed info on phase of stereo audio signals.
Remind Me logo
Reminds you of appointments, birthdays, and anniversaries.
Image logo
Display an image periodically for various reasons.
SoundFrames logo
Sync audio tracks and animation.
Read Me a Book logo
Make audio clips from books to play in iTunes.
GyazMail logo
Alternative email client.
Flash Cards II logo
For users who want to use longer questions and answers.
KS Strobe Tuner AU logo
12-note chromatic-scale strobe tuner Audio Units plug-in.
KS Chromatic Tuner AU logo
12-note chromatic-scale tuner Audio Units plug-in.
Bingo Match logo
Bingo-like game using images.
Election Games logo
2008 USA Presidential election simulator.
Custom Bingo logo
Play Bingo with default BINGO letters or select other English letters.
iSystatus logo
Analyze your Mac's hardware.
Avon Accounts logo
Avon representative management solution.
BeerMeister logo
Organize beer recipes.
CalcIT logo
Scientific calculator.
CopyDrop logo
Finder-based drag-and-drop no-frills backup utility.
MacPAR deLuxe logo
Manage and decode .par/.par2 files from newsgroups.
Reckless Driving logo
Race and bash other cars.
Hugin logo
Panorama image tools, now compiled for OS X.
Cheap Impostor logo
Create books and booklets from PDF files.
Duke Nukem 3D logo
3D shooting game now OSX compatible.
UnCoverIt logo
Print CD, Zip, Disk, and other labels.
Rarify logo
GUI for RAR compressor.
Schedula Professional logo
FileMaker scheduling utility for businesses and organizations.
iLingual logo
Localize applications.
Bubblegym logo
Tilt-sensitive game for MacBooks.
AudioXplorer logo
Powerful sound analyzer.
Filemaker vCard Creator logo
Convert FileMaker databases to vCard format.
Pop-Up Zapper logo
Block pop-up ads and images in Web browsers.
Magic Dice logo
Dice game.
ifs logo
Fractal screensaver, simple but beautiful.
Berkeley Packet Monitor logo
Network traffic monitoring and diagnostic utility.
PHP Console logo
Helps in writing PHP scripts.
Web Search RSS X logo
Easily search words in Google, MacUpdate and many more.
CleanUp smb mess logo
Quickly clean up Windows mounted shares.
Chord Reference logo
Widget displays guitar chords visually.
Directory Content Printer logo
Browse and print directory listings.
iCalPublish logo
Publish your calendars on the web.
Ram Disk Creator logo
Create RAM disks.
OIDS.X logo
Fast-paced arcade game.
Icon Arranger logo
Arrange position of Finder icons.
Cave Dig 3 logo
Dig, shoot, and move stones on your cave journeys.
yEnc TZ logo
Decodes yEnc encoded files.
Icarus Camera Control logo
Allows users of PTP cameras to control them remotely.
Sambucus X logo
Task timer.
Satellite Image Browser logo
Display and print satellite images.
Gambit logo
Application for chess play and analysis.
Time Machine logo
Employee time management system.
CocoaBasic logo
Development environment for using the Cocoa framework.
Aerocut Pro logo
Draws every possible clipping path, then you choose the one you want.
mehTunes logo
Export iTunes M4A tracks to MP3.
OK-Writer logo
Word processor for kids.
Church Membership Keeper logo
FileMaker database to keep records of most church functions.
MarketBuddy logo
Reduce the effort required to market any product or service.
Tastiera Piano Widget logo
Use your Mac as a piano.
Floppy Disk Labeler logo
Print labels on floppy disks.
X-Builder logo
Multimedia authoring tool.
Software & Hardware Tracker logo
Organize your software serial numbers.
Destruction Zone II logo
Science fiction tank war game.
Joueur logo
Play almost any card game.
Samurai App Icon logo
Asian themed icon set.
Cereal logo
Small RSS reader.
Adanaxis logo
An action-packed space battle in spatial 4D.
MovingPhotos3D logo
Stand alone app sends screensaver-like photos flying across the screen.
Library ISBN Barcoder logo
Build a library database using ISBN numbers.
LexPad logo
Manages PAD info for developers.
SimplyProjects logo
Development management system.