Apps found for “setup


PrinterSetup logo
Open-Source CUPS printing setup for system administrators.
Mail Setup logo
.Mac, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, AIM, Verizon, MSN/Hotmail setup assistant.
Palm Encoding Setup logo
Sets Palm encoding for all the popular conduits.
VPN Tracker logo
Professional-level VPN client with easy setup.
ArangoDB logo
Easy NoSQL database setup.
Simple Git Server logo
Setup your own Git Server.
Desktop Video logo
Setup your Blackmagic hardware.
Simple Hg Server logo
Setup and run your own Hg / Mercurial service.
Synology Assistant logo
Simplified setup of Synology DiskStation.
Medusa logo
Emulation setup for Basilisk II and SheepShaver (beta).
SecondBar logo
Add a second menubar to a dual-monitor setup.
Minecraft Server logo
Setup a multiplayer Minecraft server.
Tenon iTools logo
Simplifies setup of Apache Web server.
BitNami ownCloud Stack logo
Quick setup for ownCloud.
RemoterFusion logo
Simplify your Remoter setup.
SSH Tunnlr logo
Easily setup SSH tunnels.
CVS Set-Up Assistant logo
Help configure CVS server setup.
PostgreSQLX logo
Setup a PostgreSQL server.
MySecureShell logo
SFTP server with GUI setup.
MayaRender Droplets logo
Drag-and-drop setup of Maya command-line rendering.
ClarusX2005 logo
Replace Page Setup icons with the Dogcow.
Apple Xserve RAID Admin Tools logo
Setup and monitor Xserve RAID volumes.
Enigma logo
Program, store and load setups for USB MIDI controllers.
AirPort Utility logo
Set up and manage your Wi-Fi network and AirPort base stations.
DisplayCAL logo
Display calibration and characterization.
Vezér logo
Timeline and control software for audiovisual artists.
Procoding logo
Create HTML5 canvas sketches.
Celtx Shots logo
Cinematography pre-visualization tool.
Screencast Maker logo
Quick and easy screen casting.
Master Key logo
Comprehensive network typing tutor program.
MenuAndDockless logo
Choose whether or not Cocoa apps show dock or menu bar (alpha).
iDeskCal logo
Allows quick access to your iCal calendar events.
Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath logo
Adventure game set in the Oddworld world.
Guitar Rig logo
Emulates classic/modern amplifiers, microphones, and effects.
DNS Enabler logo
Set up a DNS with one click.
MacPack logo
Easily set up a World of Warcraft server on your Mac.
Calaboration logo
Set up iCal to synchronize with your Google Calendar calendars.
MACMonitor logo
Displays AirPort network info.
MailServe logo
Set up a totally buzzword-compliant mail server in seconds.
BarcodeLabel logo
Print barcode labels.
Synergy logo
Share your mouse and keyboard between multiple computers.
iDNS logo
Set up your own DNS server.
Salery logo
Quickly set up your own Web shop.
iList Data logo
Single-user database software.
Universal Sync logo
Set up mulitple synchronizations.
VPN Server Agent logo
Set up a VPN Server with a Dynamic Public IP.
DHCP Option Code Utility logo
Easily set up DHCP server configurations.
FCE Rescue logo
Backup Final Cut Express preference files.
Mapache logo
Quick and easy way to set up Apache Web Server.
PreciseTwitter logo
Display the number of new tweets on Twitter's dock icon.
Macdrops logo
Menu-bar client for InterfaceLIFT.
LetterRip Pro logo
Quickly set up mailing lists.
Bunny logo
For schools, allows multiple iWeb file sites for each student.
RailsMan logo
Manage Ruby on Rails applications from a single window.
Desktop Remind logo
Embeds your calendar on your desktop picture.