Apps found for “services


Microsoft Entourage 2008 Web Services Edition logo
Uses Exchange Web Services.
Useful Mac Services logo
Manage and configure services on your system.
Murus Services logo
Run VPN, DHCP, Proxy and other services.
KavaServices logo
Adds commands to the Services menu.
DateServices logo
OS X Services plugin for inserting the current date or time.
SortServicesX logo
Add paragraph sort menus to the Services menu.
Nano Services Booking logo
Schedule customer appointments.
ACP Web Services logo
Search 200+ different search engines.
Security Services logo
File/folder encryption, shredding & compression.
Apple Mail Services Update logo
For Mac OS X 10.6 Server.
iCal Services Pack logo
Copy iTunes, weather, and more to your iCal events.
Adobe Services Update logo
For Creative Suite 4 users running Snow Leopard.
LaunchControl logo
Create, manage, and debug launchd(8) services.
stts logo
Monitor the status of cloud services.
Adium logo
Popular instant messaging client supports a plethora of services.
Nano Sales Manager logo
Arrange and sell products and services.
Paw logo
Interact with Representational State Transfer (REST) services.
Parcel logo
Delivery tracking app for many different services.
Silicio logo
Mini-player for popular music services.
MediaCenter logo
Switch between streaming services with ease.
HTTP Request Analysis logo
Interact with REST services (was Developer HTTP Request Tool).
BuildingPulse logo
Convenient access to BuildingPulse services.
Manageyum logo
One app to manage notifications and services.
VPN Banana logo
Global high-speed acceleration services.
Car Maintenance logo
Keep track of all of your car maintenance services.
XML RPC Client logo
Debugger for developers setting up/accessing XML-RPC services.
Feeds logo
Monitor Dribbble, Basecamp, and other Web services.
Cloudo logo
One file search for multiple cloud services.
Contacts Cleaner logo
Fixes Address Book and Apple Sync Services issues.
Go4Launch logo
Easily add startup tasks to OS X using launchd services.
xListProServer logo
Provide xList to-do services (was xListServer).
Rate-It logo
RapidWeaver stack; dynamic rating of products/services.
Service Scrubber logo
Manage your OS X Services Menu.
Bonjour Browser logo
Browse available Bonjour network services.
PictureSync logo
Annotate and upload your pictures to photo sharing services.
Print Selection Service logo
Add a "Print Selection" command to the Services menu.
SwissSMS logo
Front-end to Swiss SMS operators services.
Service Manager logo
Enable/disable application services.
Bellhop logo
Build OS X system services. (was Concierge, iConcierge)
AOL Service Assistant logo
Enables AOL services in Apple apps.
Everplay logo
Merges iTunes library with Last FM Web and online radio services.
MoodBlast logo
Simultaneously post your mood to several chat services and more.
Xnippets logo
Capture, organize, store information using OS X services.
ADmitMac logo
Allow Macs to use directory services in Windows environs.
Host Manager logo
Manage hosts using Directory Services.
SOAP Client logo
Access and debug SOAP-based Web Services.
Rawr-jour logo
Browse/open Rendezvous services from the Dock. (was JFBrowser)
HTTP Client logo
Developer tool for debugging HTTP services.
Make It Short Safari Extension logo
URL shortener with support for multiple services.
Cocoa JSON Editor logo
Edit JSON strings and connect to API services.
JSON Accelerator logo
Create native code from Web services.
iRoster logo
Find local Rendezvous network services.
spamtrainer logo
Assists mail services administrators.
WhoisConnected logo
Widget displays connections sorted by application & running services.
Yoono Desktop logo
Connect to all your social networks and IM services.
AWS/CLIX-Pak logo
Helps teach you command line services.
HotService logo
A Cocoa input manager that creates shortcuts for services.
Chirp logo
Read and post to multiple micro-blogging services from your Dashboard.
Social Pro logo
Manage all your favorite social networking services at one single application.
Woob logo
Consistent, simplified way to use Sina Weibo services.
Tabs logo
Stay in touch with your favorite online services.
Ultra Translator logo
Online translator drawing from three translation services.
CustomSearch Safari Extension logo
Quickly access multiple search engines and sharing services.
RendezvousVPN logo
Merges networks over secure VPN connection for Rendezvous services.
Bonjour Browser logo
Browse all registered domains, list all services, instances, and TXT records.
Bill Engine logo
Straightforward invoicing for products and services.
GoogleCL logo
GoogleCL brings Google services to the command line.
CHRendezvous logo
Search for local Rendezvous services.
RNSplicer logo
Remotely access Bonjour services.
omPlayer logo
Minimalist browser for online music services.
Parcel logo
Delivery tracking application compatible with over 200 services.
HaTTiP logo
HTTP web services client.
ACP Service Browser logo
Browse ACP services.
LSRefresh logo
Updates entries for applications in Launch Services database.
CocoaShare logo
Share files with friends using multiple services.
CraCkMacHiNE IP Service TraCeR logo
Detects services dedicated to an IP range.
QDLPluginEncryptionPS logo
Advanced cryptographic services for Xojo.
emesene logo
Chat client that supports a multitude of services.
Mac Airplane Mode logo
Turn on/off your wireless services in one step while on an aircraft.
notMac logo
Replicate .Mac services locally on your own machine or server.
Browsejour logo
Browses Bonjour services on your local network.
CharConvX logo
Adds the character conversion menus to the Services menu.
Woogle logo
Widget searches all of Google services.
AddressService logo
Adds services to search OS X Address Book database.
QuickAlbum logo
Export your pics to Web album services.
Jollat logo
Amazon Web Services client for S3, EC2.
BonjourRéseau logo
Utility to register Bonjour services on a network.
GPG Suite logo
OpenPGP on macOS.
Backblaze logo
Online backup service; $5/month for unlimited storage; 15-day trial.
Smilebox logo
Creative photo sharing service.
Amazon Chime logo
Amazon-based communications service.
LINE logo
Free voice, video, and messaging service.
CrashPlan logo
Online backup service; free for personal use.
PTGui logo
Panoramic photo stitching software; Pro version available.
Aquarium Live HD logo
Turn your screen into an aquarium.
App Cleaner & Uninstaller logo
Preview and remove applications and their service files (was App Cleaner).
Nano Service Management logo
Service-requests management.
DDLGenerator logo
Convert cloud-service links to direct URL's.
Dispatch logo
Booking management tool for the chauffeur service.
Missive logo
Streamlined email service.