Apps found for “server


macOS Server logo
Quickly and easily turn a Mac into a server (was OS X Server).
Extensis Portfolio Server logo
Digital asset management server for creative workflows.
Parallels Server logo
Run multiple Mac, Windows, and Linux virtual servers.
Apple Server Diagnostics logo
Tests your Snow Leopard Server hardware for issues.
Air Video Server HD logo
Stream videos in almost any format to your iOS device.
Apple Server Admin Tools logo
Remote administration tools.
DeployStudio Server logo
Install/restore utility for workstations, servers, and cluster nodes.
VPN-X Server logo
P2P/SSL/TLS VPN server.
Navicat for SQL Server logo
Graphically manage SQL Server databases.
Navicat Essentials for SQL Server logo
Simple graphical frontend for SQL Server databases.
Wild Media Server logo
Digital media server (UPnP, DLNA).
Merlin Server logo
Server for the Merlin Project project-management tool.
Universal Media Server logo
DLNA-compliant UPnP media server.
Valentina Server logo
SQL database server.
FontAgent Pro Server logo
Server for FontAgent Pro.
TftpServer logo
Configure Mac OS X TFTP server.
FileMaker Server logo
Database server; Advanced version also available.
FoxTrot Search Server logo
Enhances your file sharing or file server.
NuoRDS Terminal Server logo
Secure, scalable terminal server.
Server Ranger logo
Monitor server and Web site uptime and performance.
Simple Git Server logo
Setup your own Git Server.
iSedora Media Server logo
Advanced DLNA media server.
Virtual TimeClock Server logo
Network server for tracking employee time clocks.
Mobile Mouse Server logo
Control your Mac from your iOS device (was Air Mouse Server).
INDI Server logo
INDI server and available INDI drivers.
OpenLink Express ODBC Driver for Microsoft SQL Server logo
ODBC Driver for Microsoft SQL Server.
Lasso Server logo
Integrated language & server platform for data-driven Web applications.
Submit to Output Factory Server logo
InDesign plug-in for Output Factory Server (was Submit to BatchOutput Server).
PS3 Media Server logo
DLNA-compliant UPnP Media Server.
Vine Server & Viewer logo
VNC server/viewer for remote GUI access
Abyss Web Server logo
Free personal Web server.
GlassFish Server logo
Open source Java application server.
Address Book Server logo
Host your own Address Book Server on your network.
4-Sight Fax Server logo
Fax server software.
xListProServer logo
Provide xList to-do services (was xListServer).
Minecraft Server logo
Setup a multiplayer Minecraft server.
Eudora Internet Mail Server logo
Internet email server software.
Set Software Update Server logo
Point a workstation to Apple Software Update Server w/o command line.
FTP Server logo
Personal FTP server.
Wired Server logo
Encrypted BBS style server for chat, messaging & transfers.
BRU Server logo
Client/server backup solution.
Panorama Enterprise Server logo
RAM-based database server for publishing and sharing.
WoW Server Status Widget logo
World of Warcraft server status widget.
CrossFTP Server logo
User-friendly Java FTP server for multiple platforms.
Darwin Streaming Server logo
Apple open source streaming video server.
MFT Server logo
Platform independent managed file transfer server.
Actions Server logo
Server for the Actions iPad app.
VideoLAN Server logo
Video streaming server source installer.
Actual ODBC Driver for SQL Server logo
Connect to SQL servers from Excel X.
VPN Server Agent logo
Set up a VPN Server with a Dynamic Public IP.
Gmote Server logo
Server for Android phones\' multimedia app \'Gmote\'.
Server Siren logo
Monitors your servers, alerts you of problems.
MySQL Database Server logo
Open source, enterprise-level database server.
BatchOutput Server Monitor logo
Monitor all BatchOutput Server activity.
Server Status Monitor logo
Cross-platform server monitoring.
Quick Server logo
Easy America`s Army : Operations game server.
Eudora Internet Mail Server Admin X logo
Connect to Eudora Internet Mail server in OS X.
MyConnection Server logo
Provide broadband speed testing to end users (wasMySpeed Server).
Quickmail Pro Server logo
Email server.
Roxen WebServer logo
Secure, open source enterprise Web server.
Server-Config-Generator logo
Call of Duty server configurator.
Server Monitor logo
Widget monitors servers/websites, generates alerts and reports.
MPP for Email Servers logo
Virus, spam, content email server filter.
Serverskine logo
Access every Web server, domain name and hosting account you manage.
RAV AntiVirus for MailServers X logo
Make your email server intercept viruses.
REAL SQL Server logo
Cross-platform multi-user database server.
FontPad Server logo
Internet server for managing Web fonts.
Apple Mail Server logo
Improves OSX10.3.9 mail server performance.
Apple Server Diagnostics logo
Test your server for Hardware issues.
Eudora Internet Mail Server Light logo
Internet email server software.
Server Scout logo
Monitors network systems and devices (was Apache Server Watcher).
xStream MP3 Server logo
ShoutCAST MP3 server.
Server Control logo
Easily activate/deactivate servers on your Mac.
[MA] BF1942 Server Status logo
Widget shows BF1942 players on different servers.
ServerStatus logo
Sysop helper to monitor servers.
Server Manager logo
Complete Apache, Tomcat, and mod_webapp webserver installer.
Xerver Free Web Server logo
Java-based webserver.
Wired Server Status Daemon logo
Checks status of specified Wired server.
Web Server Management logo
Automator action for easily enabling an OS X Web server.
Plex Media Server logo
Seamlessly connect your Plex clients with your local media.
Output Factory Server logo
Automate InDesign's output workflow with hot folders.
FTP Server logo
Simple way to share and exchange files.
Big Business Server logo
Complete business management solution.
iStat Server logo
Communicate vital OS X statistics to iOS.
AirServer logo
Stream audio, video, and photos via AirPlay.
TouchControl Server logo
Monitor your desktop from your IOS device.
Rsync Server - Basic Edition logo
Enable rsync service.
DeskDock Server logo
Share mouse and keyboard with Android phone via USB.
Incident Management Server logo
Dedicated channel for important messages.
Simple Hg Server logo
Setup and run your own Hg / Mercurial service.
Modbus Server logo
Simulate a Modbus device with registers.
TimePreserver logo
Archive Time Machine backups for offsite storage.
Compressor Server logo
Automate workflow, shares, health monitor, and website for Apple's Compressor.
LiteSpeed Web Server logo
Highly scalable Web-delivery platform.
VPN Server Configurator logo
Access to your Mac or LAN from anywhere.
MapServer logo
Development environment for spatially enabled Web apps.
OpenLink Lite ODBC Driver for SQL Server TDS logo
High-Performance ODBC Drivers.
Aqua Data Server logo
Build and deploy production-ready apps.
Air Media Server logo
Stream your media collection wirelessly to your mobile device.
Logitech Media Server logo
Access your music collection over your home network.