Apps found for “security


OS X NTP Security Update logo
Addresses a critical security issue with the Network Time Protocol service.
Apple Security Update logo
For macOS 10.12 Sierra.
ESET Cyber Security logo
Basic integrated computer security.
Internet Security X9 logo
Security suite that includes VirusBarrier X9 and NetBarrier X9.
ESET Cyber Security Pro logo
Total integrated computer security.
Norton Internet Security logo
Complete Internet security protection in one package.
Startup Security logo
Security app for OS9 and OSX.
McAfee Internet Security logo
Comprehensive Mac security for your Web browser.
DoorStop X Security Suite logo
Combo package of DoorStop security solutions.
Leopard Security Update 2012-003 logo
Security update for Adobe Flash Player.
Apple Java Security Update logo
Delivers security enhancements, for OS X 10.3.9.
SecuritySpy Widget logo
Widget displays SecuritySpy live images.
SecuritySpy Screensaver logo
Displays live video from servers running SecuritySpy.
Apple QuickTime 7.1.6 Security Update logo
Improves security.
Adobe Security Patcher for Adobe Illustrator CS2 logo
Security update.
OWASP Mantra Security Toolkit logo
Collection of free and open source security tools.
Avast Mac Security logo
Antivirus app with on-demand scanning.
SecuritySpy logo
Multi-camera video surveillance app.
Security Growler logo
Menu bar notifier for SSH, FTP, VNC, AFP, or sudo events.
Apple Security Update logo
For OS X 10.6, 10.6 Server, 10.7, and 10.7 Server.
Apple EFI Security Update logo
Prevents unauthorized overwrite of system EFI on OS X 10.9.5.
Security Services logo
File/folder encryption, shredding & compression.
Security Camera logo
Photographically capture user identities on your Mac.
Mac Security Bundle logo
Keep your sensitive files and folders secure.
MacWireless Powerline Security Utility logo
HomePlug device monitor.
Proximity, Bluetooth, Screensaver security logo
Toggles your screensaver based on your proximity to your Mac.
Flashback Removal Security Update logo
Remove common Flashback malware variants.
Security Manager logo
Network FileMaker Pro database administration tool.
PureVPN logo
Internet anonymity, data security, and access to blocked content.
Burp Suite logo
Platform for performing security testing of web applications.
DetectX Swift logo
Security and troubleshooting tool (beta).
Hue-topia logo
Manual control over Philips Hue bulbs and other security features.
LIFXstyle logo
Controller for LIFX bulbs with an emphasis on security.
Reolink Client logo
Easy-to-use security system.
Xeoma logo
Powerful, professional, portable security.
1Password Families logo
Powerful security for sensitive information for up to 5 family members.
Underpass logo
Encrypted chat/file transfer for complete privacy and security.
MacScan logo
Security tool; detect trojan horses and spyware.
DNSCrypt logo
A protocol to improve DNS security.
VPN Shield logo
Internet WiFi Security and Unblock the Web.
Keys logo
A password manager with military-level security at an affordable price.
iSentry Pro logo
Turn your Mac into an Internet-connected, motion-sensing security system.
Blade VPN logo
VPN with high speed and ultra security.
Epic logo
Browse the web with security and speed.
iNet Guardian logo
Internet security.
Mac Premium Bundle X9 logo
Complete Mac protection and security.
CompTIA Exam Prep Super Bundle logo
Study for the CompTIA 220-901, 220-902, Network+ N10-006, and Security+ SYO-401 exams.
Lockdown logo
Audits and remediates security-configuration settings.
PeerGuardian logo
Security tool for P2P clients.
4Shadow logo
Real time network security analysis.
iEncode logo
Collection of useful security tools.
Apple OS X bash Update logo
Fix for security flaw in bash OS X 10.9.
Symantec Encryption Desktop logo
Quality security/encryption for email and data.
Norton Firewall logo
Personal firewall security; part of Norton Internet Security 5.
IPNetRouterX logo
Software firewall security solution.
HenWen logo
Network security package runs Snort.
Watchmac logo
Monitors your Mac for possible security infringements.
GlowWorm FW Lite logo
Rule-based network security and monitoring application.
JackSMS logo
Alarm notification security for Mac laptops.
Homeland Alert logo
Displays Homeland Security Advisory status in menubar.
WiFind logo
View signal strength and security info in your AirPort Menu.
Visual NetTools logo
Set of network scanning, security, and administrator tools.
Kremlin Encrypt logo
Cross-platform security suite.
Impasse X logo
Firewall security application.
Rohos Logon Key logo
Turns any USB flash drive into a security key.
PodSmith logo
Turn your iPod into a security key for your Mac.
PDFProtect logo
Change, add and remove security levels in PDF docs.
Hide-A-Folder logo
Low level data security application.
Sentinel Pro logo
Three-part system security suite.
MacAudit logo
Advanced full-featured security software.
Elektron logo
Wi-Fi wireless security enhancer.
WatchDog for MacBook logo
Security sound alarm for your Mac.
SpiralBound logo
Stickies-like notepad with organizing and security features.
Lockngo logo
Security for USB flash drive and external hard disks.
Apple Common Criteria Tools logo
Evaluate security capabilities of Information Technology products.
Random Password Generator logo
Get security through password protection.
Safe Terminal logo
Minimizes Terminal utility script executions (for recent security issue).
Sudo logo
Run programs with security privileges of another user.
MacNessus logo
Client for the security scanner Nessus.
Wireless Key Generator logo
Generate WEP security keys.
ComputerGuardian logo
Security system for laptops.
MacNikto logo
GUI wrapper for the Nikto Web server security scanner.
DatamatrixEncoder logo
High security barcode generator.
ProgressBars X logo
Mock security progress bar w/custom message.
Photoshop CS5/CS5.1 Standard Multiplugin logo
Addresses security vulnerability in Photoshop.
SSVNC logo
Adds encryption security to VNC connections.
HomeGuardian logo
Home camera security solution.
Hide-A-Folder X logo
Low level data security application.
Tickle logo
Invisible security utility regularly phones home.
abmst logo
Provides security for
Stock + Pro logo
The easiest way to watch and track your investments.
EncryptStick logo
Quickly, easily, and permanently secure your information.
ArpGuard logo
Monitor your internet network for intrusion.
Saferoom logo
Add a layer of encryption on top of Evernote.
Airline Tycoon Deluxe logo
Funny economy simulation game.
iNetInfo logo
Monitors open ports on your network.
Chili Antivirus logo
Protect against virus attacks.
Eagle Eye logo
Monitor Facebook log-in activity.
Hash Code Cracker logo
Recover lost passwords from hash codes.
LiteSpeed Web Server logo
Highly scalable Web-delivery platform.