Apps found for “science


Science Centric Widget logo
Displays latest news from
Physics Science logo
Discover fascinating physics experiments.
Science Tab logo
Wolfram|Alpha menu bar interface.
ScienceSlides logo
Presentation tool for scientific lectures.
xmCHART logo
Filemaker plugin charts business, science data.
Numerology logo
Science that is closely associated with numbers.
Odyssey logo
Next Generation Science Game.
Civilization: Beyond Earth logo
Earth science adventure game.
kSpectra logo
Advanced spectral analysis of time series for many sciences.
Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty logo
Real-time science fiction strategy game.
Geneforge 2 logo
Fantasy RPG game with science fiction twist.
Folding@Home logo
Help advance science by processing analyses of proteins (beta).
Destruction Zone II logo
Science fiction tank war game.
Geneforge 3 logo
Fantasy RPG game with science fiction twist.
Warp Rogue logo
Gothic science fantasy rogue-like game.
tron logo
A science-fiction-themed Quartz Composer screensaver.
EdGCM logo
Explore the fundamentals of climate science.
Beneath a Steel Sky logo
Dark, absorbing science-fiction adventure game.
MagicPlot Student logo
Data processing tool for science and engineering students.
MagicPlot Pro logo
Data processing tool for science and engineering.
NSF Information logo
Widget for viewing RSS feed updates from the National Science Foundation.
Nite Flite Script Library logo
Script libraries implement basic computer science structures.
Green Moon logo
Combines science with magic and reality with mysticism.
Fotor logo
Powerful free photo editor.
Insights logo
Automated forecasting and data mining tool.
Papers logo
Your personal library of scientific resources.
fp Plugin logo
Adds BigInteger, BigFloat, and BigComplex to REALbasic.
ComplexMatrix Plugin logo
Replacement for the REALbasic Complex and Matrix plugins.
solveLinEqs logo
Solve for rational linear equations.
fp logo
Unlimited length integers and more for Xcode C++.
Arch logo
Open source extension of Apache Nutch.
R10Cipher logo
Simple but powerful encryption/decryption tool.
HDR Darkroom 3 logo
High-dynamic-range imaging software.
Beautune logo
Easy portrait enhancement.
MatrixGL logo
Matrix screensaver.
MathType logo
Create/print web-based docs that contain math.
ChemLab logo
Interactive lab simulation.
Elements logo
Periodic table of elements.
macVCR logo
Record your computer screen to a QuickTime movie.
HDR Darkroom Pro logo
HDR Software for photography enthusiasts of all skill levels.
R10Clean Professional logo
Clean and manipulate large amounts of data.
R10BatchMail logo
Bulk emailing app.
Batman Arkham Asylum logo
Award-winning action game, starring the Dark Knight.
MonitorMyMac logo
Takes timed screenshots and/or snapshots from your iSight/webcam.
Great Photo Pro logo
All-in-one photo editing.
ContaxCRM logo
CRM with contact, document, task, email and job management.
PDiff Express logo
Compare two PDF documents.
cuteCipher logo
Easiest way of encrypting and protecting your information.
Elements Widget logo
Table of elements.
Base Converter logo
Mathematical utility for integer conversion.
ooSooMpro logo
Task management with iCal and Dropbox support.
TwitQwik logo
Simplified way to update Twitter and more.
TwitQwik logo
Update your Twitter status without reading tweets.
myVault logo
Personal information and document management system.
Matrix Plug-in logo
REALbasic 5 plug-in; helps create matrices in apps.
PdfBoxEditor logo
Edit, view, and inspect PDF boxes.
ISS Locator Widget logo
Displays current location of the International Space Station.
ScreenNinja logo
Create time-lapse recordings of your work.
OnScreen DNA Lite logo
Teaches the detailed structure of DNA and how it works.
PolyFactors logo
Factors univariate polynomials over the integers.
A Taste of OnScreen DNA logo
Interactive virtual DNA model.
NetLogo logo
Modeling environment for simulating natural and social phenomena.
Carnoy logo
Scientific image analysis application.
Cleopatra: a Queen s Destiny logo
History adventure game.