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Apple Safari logo
Apple's Web browser.
Safari Technology Preview logo
The newest browser tech from Apple.
Safari Workspaces logo
Arrange Safari's windows as workspaces (beta).
SafariCacheExplorer logo
Finder-like cache extraction for Safari.
RSS Menu Extension for Safari logo
Discover RSS feeds in Safari 6.
SafariSort logo
Sort your Safari bookmarks automatically.
SafariQuickOpen logo
Open a list of URL's in Safari.
SafariTabList logo
Generate a list of Safari's open tabs.
Safari AdBlock logo
Blocks ads in Safari.
Xmarks for Safari logo
Sync your Safari bookmarks across computers and to your iPhone.
SafariStand logo
Adds functionality to Safari browser.
Safari Prairiefire logo
Helps retire expired Safari bookmarks.
Safari Keyword Search logo
Keyword searching from Safari's address bar.
Safari Cookies logo
Cookie manager integrates directly into Safari.
Safari Bookmark Exporter logo
Export bookmarks from Safari to any browser.
Unify Safari logo
Add/remove metal look to Safari.
Safari WebDevAdditions logo
Adds menu to Safari for developers.
Safari Icon Manager logo
Browse the Safari icon cache.
Safari Looking Glass logo
Skin for Safari.
Safari Toolkit logo
Unlock hidden Web browsing features in Safari.
SafariTabs logo
Extend Safari tab features.
Apple Safari AppleScripts logo
Set of pre-written Safari browser AppleScripts.
SafariSource logo
Add HTML syntax coloring to Safari source viewer.
Evernote Safari Clipper logo
Alternative to bookmarking in Safari.
CenterImages Safari Extension logo
Enhances the way Safari handles solo images.
PopSearch Safari Extension logo
Add search engines to Safari.
Safari PB logo
Launches Safari and enables Private Browsing.
Safari 4 Modifier logo
Change Safari 4 hidden preferences.
Cloudmarks Safari Extension logo
Safari extension to search and open your cloud-based bookmarks.
QR Code Safari Extension logo
Create QR codes from a Safari URL.
Safari Bookmark Sorter logo
Sorts Safari bookmarks.
Safari Autofill Prefs logo
Change your Safari autofill preferences.
delicious2safari logo
Imports bookmarks to Safari.
Safari-Display or Download PDF files logo
Choose whether Safari will display or download PDF
Safari 5 Mouse Gestures logo
Adds basic mouse gestures to Safari 5.
SafariDockStatus logo
Displays number of unread RSS feeds in Safari.
SafariSIA logo
Search favorite websites in Safari address bar.
DeliciousSafari logo
Use your bookmarks directly from Safari.
Macte! Safari toolbar logo
Toolbar to add functionality to Safari.
Safari Word logo
Safari browser skin.
Safari Task Bar logo
Navigate around open Safari browser windows.
SafariToHTML logo
Creates Yahoo-like directory out of Safari bookmarks.
Factotum Safari Extension logo
Search assistant for Safari.
SafariKeywords logo
Enter search queries in Safari`s address bar.
SafariNoBrush logo
Removes brushed metal appearance of Safari.
Hellenic Safari Localization logo
Hellenic Safari language file.
Safari Italian Localization logo
Browse Apple Safari in Italian.
Insert Safari URLs logo
URL capture tool for Safari browser.
Safari Wood Splinter logo
Turn Safari`s brushed metal into wood.
Safari en Castellano logo
Spanish localization for Safari.
ReMap Safari Extension logo
Open Apple Maps when clicking map links in Safari.
Placemarker Safari Extension logo
Safari extension to save your place on a Web page.
Safari Serbian Localization logo
Surf in Serbian with Safari.
Subscribe to Feed Safari Extension logo
Adds an RSS button to Safari 6's toolbar.
Spy Safari logo
AppleScript to activate Safari in Private Browsing mode.
FullPath Safari Extension logo
Full address path and favorite icon for Safari 8.
Safari Toolkit Platinum logo
Modify Safari Web browser.
Visual Hebrew Enabler for Safari logo
Enhances and addresses Hebrew issues with Safari.
Safari Feed to OPML logo
Convert a set of Safari.
Safari Magic logo
Text selection enhancer for Safari browser.
SafariMasks logo
Change the Safari browser buttons and interface.
Safari2Yahoo logo
Replace Safari's Google search bar w/Yahoo.
Cookie Stumbler Safari Extension logo
Protect Safari from common tracking cookies.
Safari-Stretch logo
Safari bookmarks bar item makes your window zoom wide.
mySafari4 logo
Set hidden settings in Safari 4 Beta.
Safarikai logo
Translate Japanese words in Safari.
Safari German Language File logo
Use Safari browser in German.
SafariDepot logo
Synchronize your Safari bookmarks via FTP.
SafariZoom logo
Changes behavior of the Safari zoom button to maximize the window.
Safari XPath logo
XPath extension for Safari.
SafariTheme logo
Change the entire appearance of Safari.
Safari2OPML logo
Export Safari RSS feeds as OPML.
SafariSkin logo
Change Safari buttons and location bar colors.
Safari Page Monitor logo
AppleScript monitors Web page changes through Safari.
Safari Alternative Japanese  Resource logo
Japanese language for Safari.
Safari Aquafier (Spanish) logo
Remove the brushed metal interface from Safari.
NoPageCache Safari Extension logo
Disable Safari's page cache feature.
Safarilicious logo
Export Safari bookmarks to your account.
SafariSingleWindow logo
Forces all links to open in new tabs in Safari instead of new windows.
Safari Polish Localization logo
Browse the Web with Safari in Polish.
SafariSafe logo
Moves your Safari settings to safe place and locks your keychain.
Tab Preview Safari Sidebar logo
Add a preview sidebar to Safari. logo
Convert OmniWeb bookmarks to Safari.
DebugSafari logo
Adds a debug menu to Safari.
Safari2Ecto logo
Quickly post links from Safari to ecto.
SafariRefManage logo
SIMBL plugin to manage referrer of Safari.
Translate Safari Extension logo
Translate Web pages.
Ghostery Safari Extension logo
Discover which companies are tracking you online.
Media Center Safari Extension logo
Allows you to download HTML5 media.
SafariRestore logo
Save, restore, archive, and share browsing sessions.
Safari AdBlocker logo
64-bit ad-blocker.
AllPagesZoom Safari Extension logo
Adjust zoom, saturation, and more for all websites.
Incognito Safari Extension logo
Prevents Google and Facebook from following you on the web.
Safari Debugger logo
Fixes online banking website errors and more.
Safari Xtra logo
View bookmarks from the system menubar.
BackTrack Safari Extension logo
Right click images to find out where else they appear on the web.
Safari Tidy plugin logo
Validate webpages you browse for (X)HTML compliance.
Safari Light logo
Web browser for your Dashboard.
Font Safari logo
Navigate through fonts on your system.
ShowPass Safari Extension logo
Reveal obscured passwords.