Apps found for “returns


WordWrapper logo
Auto-removes carriage returns in text.
Clone & Back Safari Extension logo
Duplicates current tab and returns to original.
Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones logo
A seasoned warrior returns from the Island of Time to Babylon.
MAMP logo
Create a local server environment.
TextSoap logo
Automate tedious text document cleaning.
Bean logo
Fast and uncluttered word processor.
TurboTax logo
Manage your 2016 U.S. taxes and maximize your return.
Property Flip or Hold logo
Calculate return on real estate.
MovieIcon logo
Adds cover art to video files.
Hue-topia logo
Manual control over Philips Hue bulbs and other security features.
FormReturn logo
Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) software.
Inbetween Land logo
Help aliens return to their home land in this extraterrestrial adventure game.
nView logo
Utility for viewing, searching, sorting tab-separated data.
LIFXstyle logo
Controller for LIFX bulbs with an emphasis on security.
TCleaner Pro logo
Quickly remove formatting from text (was Text Cleaner Pro).
Guardian Angel logo
Locks your Mac when you leave and unlocks upon return.
Financial Markets Finance Calculator logo
Rate of Inflation and Rate of Return calculator.
Return to Dark Castle logo
Sequel to popular adventure game.
Return Lyrics logo
Display lyrics for popular songs.
Vintage-style arcade game.
Spell Catcher X logo
Global spell checking utility for OS X 10.5-10.7.
Clean Text logo
Clean text docs with random spaces or line breaks.
GPSBabel logo
Converts waypoints/tracks/routes from one format to another.
Sunlit Earth logo
Widget displays the sunlit portion of Earth.
The Adventures of Blork 2 - The Return of Xork logo
YAM II - Return of the Killer Potato logo
Potato-themed action game.
Man Handler logo
GUI to man pages (help utility).
BootPicker logo
Startup OS chooser for your Intel Mac.
BetterHTMLExport logo
iPhoto HTML export plug-in.
iFind logo
Speedy Internet search utility.
Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars logo
Futuristic real-time strategy game.
Return to Mysterious Island 2 logo
Sequel to adventure game Return to Mysterious Island.
Alice logo
A twisted re-imagining of the Lewis Caroll fable.
IdentD logo
Standalone identd server.
Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst logo
Experience Ravenhearst spectral halls as never before.
myJournal logo
Diary with picture/movie integration & more.
Little Dutch Moose logo
Protect your Apache server from worms/virii.
Text Cleaner logo
Auto-cleans text documents.
Quit All Apps logo
Quit all running apps running in the Dock.
Shanghai Mahjong logo
Classic tile-matching game.
CleanHaven logo
Text editing and replacement application.
PresButan logo
Use return and/or enter keys to open files in the Finder.
Xippee logo
Safari Plug-in to search all your fave search engines.
PAC-MAN logo
World famous arcade classic.
iSgd Short URL Service logo
Service menu item to shorten URLs using the site.
huddy logo
Easy access to label colors, zoom view.
MegaSearch logo
Search several engines at once.
Endless Series logo
Four audio effect plugins based on Circular Pitch auditory illusion.
QT Codecs logo
Lists available QuickTime audio codecs.
Avernum: Escape From The Pit logo
Fantasy adventure game.
Cheats with Words logo
Strategy app for cheating at Word with Friends.
The Great Chocolate Chase logo
Assembly management game.
TaxCut Premium Federal 2008 logo
Manage your 2008 U.S. federal and state taxes, from H&R Block.
BookingPOINT logo
Manage bookings for business, schools, universities.
Image Info logo
Image info retrieval solution.
Shorten URL with Hurl logo
Service menu item to shorten URLs using the Hurl site.
Diner Dash 2: Restaurant Rescue logo
Help Flo defeat the greedy tycoon, Mr. Big.
Portfolio Optimization logo
Excel template calculates optimal capital weightings.
Medical Research Widget for NoteTaker logo
Access the National Library of Medicine (NLM).
pluzzle logo
Tile puzzle.
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City logo
Driving action game in the big hair 80s.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 logo
Save the world in its darkest hour.
Final Cut: Encore CE logo
Discover your father's past in this hidden object game.
Bullfrog logo
Eat all those pesky bugs to return peace and quiet to your home.
Entourage Read Receipt logo
Notifies you when a sent email has been read.
Profitville logo
Help Profitville return to prosperity in this game.