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Battery Report logo
Detailed reports about your computer's connected power sources.
On-Target Reports logo
SQL report generation.
FastReport FMX logo
Cross-platform report generator.
Suborbital Reports logo
Downloads your App-Store reports.
My Health Report logo
My Health Report is a health data manager and personal health diary software.
Internet Traffic Report Widget logo
Traffic report from
Report Assistant logo
Quickly generate student reports.
SpamReporter X logo
Report & delete spam in Microsoft Entourage X.
DigiLife Reports logo
Print Address Book and iTunes reports.
Report Card Pro logo
Allows teachers to create, edit and print report cards.
db Reports X logo
Exports XML reports from many types of databases.
ReportWriter and MarkBook logo
Write student reports with less stress.
ILCrashReporter logo
Crash reporting for developers.
JDiskReport logo
See file and directory sizes.
Traffic Report X logo
Web log analysis tool.
Landlord Report logo
Property management solution.
Microsoft Error Reporting logo
For users of Office for Mac.
Report Writer logo
Aid for teachers.
RB Code Reports logo
Provides software metrics for your REALbasic application.
CMCrashReporter logo
Framework for sending crashlogs to developers.
SalesX logo
Reach your iTC sales reports (beta).
Audio File Health Check logo
Scan audio files and get error reports.
Internet Speed Test logo
Test and report network upload and download speeds.
Producer’s Best Friend logo
Create Final Cut Pro X project reports.
Cube Pro logo
Track and report your time and expenses.
VMT logo
Collect, track, report, and forecast vehicle maintenance.
PropertyMaintenanceTracker logo
Collect, track, report, and forecast property maintenance.
TimeNet logo
Track your work, create beautiful invoices, and run powerful reports.
TimePassages logo
Astrology software creates charts and reports.
DailySales logo
Displays iTC sales reports in Notification Center.
ExpressAccounts logo
Track and report business income and expenditures.
Net Drive Status logo
Visually reports the presence of a specified network drive location.
Xsymbolicate logo
Quickly symbolicate crash reports.
friedEgg Touch logo
Data analysis tool, create reports for presentations.
Diabetes Logbook X logo
Track and report diabetes related events (beta).
SQL Power Wabit logo
Business intelligence report generation tool.
Purify logo
Filter email, trace and report spam.
Schoolhouse logo
Track homework, reports & school projects.
Spanning Tools logo
Analyzes, reports, and fixes issues with iCal, Address Book, and Sync.
Sumbolon logo
Crash-report symbolicator.
Gradekeeper logo
Computes grades, prints reports, does seating charts, more.
PowerPunch logo
Image and report generation for professional embroidery.
Mac Sequence Viewer Suite logo
Generate a detailed quality report for your DNA sequences and more.
123LogAnalyzer logo
Website visitor report generator.
Count POPular logo
Watch your email accounts and report on changes.
JasperAssistant logo
Visual report designer for JasperReports.
InspectFaster Home Inspection Software logo
Home inspection report software.
SpamX logo
Block/report spam easy as hitting delete.
WeatherOffice logo
Widget that displays reports from Weather Canada.
BaseElements logo
Import Database Design Reports from FileMaker Pro.
Sonar logo
Reports file change activity on your hard drive.
LinkByLink logo
Scans and reports dead Web page links.
VisualPST logo
Visual object report editor for PowerSchool. Widget logo
Search through CNN news reports.
MacSymbolicator logo
Symbolicate Mac app crash reports.
Chronograph logo
Track time spent on tasks and projects and generate reports.
IP Observer logo
Reports your IP address and more via email.
OneClick logo
AppleScript checks email and reports with 1-click.
Battery Status logo
Menu bar utility that reports battery health of connected wireless devices.
Server Monitor logo
Widget monitors servers/websites, generates alerts and reports.
Link Radar logo
Reports inbound links based on Google Analytics data.
Podpourri X logo
iPod music organizer creates XML/PDF reports.
Daylite Delivery logo
Daylite add-on for scheduled email of PDF reports to your inbox.
Zipfer logo
Create statistical reports from text files.
SpamCopSend logo
AppleScript auto-reports spam to SpamCop.
The Directory logo
Create directories of the members of your organization.
Wedge logo
Client for (beta).