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Register logo
Organize movies, addresses, and books.
Growly Checkbook logo
Checking and savings register.
HelpBook.osax logo
Register and display Help Books in any bundles in Help Viewer.
Vacancy Manager logo
Register available vacancies as well as applicants for them.
Modbus Server logo
Simulate a Modbus device with registers.
ServiceCenter logo
Register and update your Native Instruments software.
Registry logo
Checkbook register.
mod_rendezvous logo
Apache module registers itself with rendezvous.
Vino logo
Register and keep track of the wines you like.
BonjourRéseau logo
Utility to register Bonjour services on a network.
Garmin Express logo
Manage your Garmin devices.
Scheduler logo
An all-around scheduling utility.
Moneydance logo
Personal finance manager.
CheckBook logo
Manage personal checking accounts.
CheckBook Pro logo
Manage personal checking accounts.
ScamZapper logo
Stops bogus technical support pop-ups from locking up Safari.
Gnucash logo
Personal and small-business financial-accounting.
GL Golf logo
3D golf game.
Your Freedom logo
Hide your network address.
NewsBar logo
Display RSS news feeds on your desktop.
Valentina Server logo
SQL database server.
Daily logo
Time tracking for professionals.
Bit Slicer logo
Search and modify values to cheat in video games.
WD Drive Utilities logo
Configure, manage, and diagnose your WD drive.
StitchBuddy logo
Read and write with embroidery designs.
jEdit logo
Java based text editor.
QIF Master logo
Simplify Quicken transaction entry.
MyFourWalls logo
Furnishing planner.
IPAddressSentinel logo
Display your IP address in the menu bar.
Kairon logo
Astrological package.
Password Repository logo
Password management app.
IPSentinel logo
Manage changes to IP addresses.
Galilaea logo
Organizer for professional artists.
Smart Home logo
Home automation with speech recognition.
Boolean Search logo
Add HTML searches to your website.
Absolute Pitch Trainer logo
Develop the skill of absolute pitch.
zxsp logo
Simulator for the ZX81 and ZX Spectrum home computer families (beta).
VPN Server Configurator logo
Access to your Mac or LAN from anywhere.
Corona logo
Innovative accounting solution.
SafariSpeed logo
Removes page loading delay.
Mahjong Solitarus logo
Enhanced solitaire game.
My Checkbook logo
Manage your personal checkbook accounts.
Jacket logo
iTunes plugin which displays image files you make.
FR-PhotoStudio logo
View and manage image files fast.
MyMoney logo
Personal finance software.
eBay Watcher logo
Widget to monitor items on eBay.
RPN Scientific logo
Calculator with many mathematical functions.
X Ball logo
Breakout/Brickles arcade style game.
PAW2U logo
Genealogy software (formerly PAWriter II).
Arindal logo
European multiplayer online fantasy role playing game.
Dead Pixel Identifier logo
Find dead display pixels.
BloodSpotz Screensaver logo
Bloody up your Mac.
DriveGauge logo
Gives your HD icons a fullness indicator.
Duplicate Catcher logo
Identify & remove duplicate files.
Sh-Out ! My Brain logo
Idea management tool.
MOX Optimize logo
Accelerate Mac OS X.
Cyrillic Clipboard Converter logo
Dockling converts clipboard codings.
EV Nova Updater logo
Fixes many issues.
EchoMac logo
Communicate with other amateur (ham) radio users.
LXVII logo
Faithful simulation of the HP-67 calculator.
MacPOSX logo
Point-of-sale software.
Cemetery Screensaver logo
Spooky cemetery screensaver.
Toucan logo
Drag-and-drop slideshow maker.
Planet Thirteen Screensaver logo
Screen Saver with Interactive Mode.
DVD Database X logo
Organize your DVD collection.
PokerPages School logo
Multiplayer poker network for fake money.
TNT Basic logo
Develop games with this easy-to-use kit.
Desktop Consoles logo
Professionally designed wallpaper set.
SMSwiss Widget logo
Send free SMS using a account.
ezBusiness logo
Inventory & sales analysis.
Colors logo
Pick colors with point-and-click ease.
Butterflyz Screensaver logo
Butterflies on your desktop.
RollingCredits logo
Make unboring credits for iMovie.
TheLastRipper logo
Save streams to MP3 format.
iWorld logo
Social network built for Apple users.
MacHelp logo
Live tech support widget.
Bonez ScreenSaver logo
Halloween screensaver.
Intelligent Windows logo
Records the location and size of any application window.
PayGo logo
POS business tracking solution.
GolfMeister logo
Record and analyze golf scores.
Domain Name Grabber logo
Widget checks for domain name availability and more.
HP 15c Calculator logo
HP 15c Simulation Calculator.
LinCastor logo
Create and use your own URL scheme for scripting.
Moxier Wallet logo
Password manager and personal information vault.
Kript logo
Triple-level network encryption ensuring your privacy (release candidate).
HP 11c Calculator logo
HP 11c Simulation Calculator.
Dialer Lite logo
Convert words to phone numbers, autodialer.
PracticeMaker logo
Medical office management system.
In the Mood logo
Widget displays name of iTunes song as Skype mood text (Beta).
Corail logo
Diving logbook with shipwreck database and more.
mrimSMS logo
Send SMS in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine.
HoneyBeez Screensaver logo
Put bees to work on your desktop.
BMI-BSA-Dose-X logo
Body Mass Index and surface area calculator.
MoneyLine logo
Financial information organizer.
Aqueiss logo
Contextual menu checks spelling and more.
xArrows logo
Place highlight arrows in screenshots.
MediaWrapper logo
List and label disk contents.
Davtri Fingerprinting Port Scanner logo
Scan for open ports.
Book Database X logo
Organize your books.
Safer Workstation logo
Turn removable devices into computer keys.