Apps found for “qt


QTBatchExporter logo
Background conversion/export of QT files.
QTMarker logo
Add chapter markers to your QT movie files.
QTPluginDicom logo
Allows you to work with DICOM files in QT.
Qt Bitcoin Trader logo
Buy and sell bitcoins on Mt.Gox, BTC-e, Bitstamp, and BTCChina.
QT Sync logo
Audio/video sync correction and more.
dcgui-qt logo
Direct Connect client.
Qt Cross-Platform Framework logo
Cross-platform application and UI framework for C++ developers.
QtiPlot logo
Graphing and analysis software for scientists and engineers.
SoulseekQt logo
Soulseek client.
QTCoffee logo
Manipulate QuickTime media via command line.
QT Codecs logo
Lists available QuickTime audio codecs.
QT HTML logo
Generate complex QuickTime HTML tags.
QTAmateur logo
Simple QuickTime video player.
QTViewer logo
QuickTime movie player replacement.
Faqt logo
Invoicing software for Polish users.
QT AGI Studio logo
Adventure game creator.
eZediaQTI logo
Interactive QuickTime authoring software.
QT Kiosk logo
Turn your Mac into a QuickTime kiosk.
QT Playlist Maker logo
Organize your audio/video clips.
Trailerpark QT X logo
Video media file organizer.
qtplay logo
Command line CD and music player.
Perian logo
QT plugin for many media types.
Metadata Hootenanny logo
Viewer/editor for metadata in QT movies.
Perian's Type Installer logo
Patches QT Player to handle Perian filetypes (was PerianAddFile).
mAC3dec logo
Decodes AC-3 audio from DVDs or QT audio.
PAGEot logo
Add QT movies to HTML pages.
Fullscreen Movie Player logo
Play movies full screen (QT Pro not required).
Lillipot logo
Flatten and add faststart to QT movies.
QiPo logo
Create previews of QT movie files.
NodeBox logo
Create 2D visuals using Python, export as PDF or QT movie.
STAMPot logo
Create QT stamp movies for webpages.
Quicktime Muxer/Flattener logo
Mux audio/video files to a flattened QT movie.
Calibrated{Q} DVCProHD Decode logo
View DVCProHD movies in QT and other apps.
Picture-in-Picture X logo
Floating QT movieplayer/webcam viewer.
Wally logo
Qt4 wallpaper changer.
Shortcut74 logo
iTunes visualizer; plays QT movie.
VeescopeHub logo
Convert QT movie files to MP4, DV, AVI.
Dash logo
Instant search and offline access to any API documentation.
MacX DVD Ripper Pro logo
Copy DVDs to digital, single-file format.
qBitTorrent logo
Lightweight Bittorrent client.
Butler logo
Hot key, menu, and keyword launcher.
CMake logo
Cross-platform, Open-Source build system.
Pro Media Tools logo
Workflow tools for processing and managing media.
Scribus logo
Page layout with professional publishing features.
Pro Maintenance Tools logo
Keep your video production apps running at optimal performance.
DaemonFS logo
Real-time file monitoring.
FreeCAD logo
Parametric 3D modeler.
Total Video Player logo
Media player supporting virtully any format.
MPlayer logo
Movie player supports most video formats.
VideoSpec logo
Displays video file information in detail.
SymLinker logo
GUI for creating symbolic links (beta).
Episode logo
Professional media encoding application.
Synkron logo
Syncs selected folders and more.
CoolBackground logo
Use screensaver as moving desktop picture.
I Can Animate logo
Create movies using a variety of animation techniques.
Cameraid logo
All in one digital photography program.
GLC_Player logo
View 3D models (OBJ 3DS STL OFF Format) and easily navigate them.
Video2SWF logo
Convert video files to Flash.
Movie Jukebox logo
Movie organizer.
MMT-EZ logo
iMovie DVD/VideoCD encoder and burner.
LARadios logo
Play WMA, Real and QuickTime audio streams.
QuickPlayCM logo
Contextual menu displays audio/video/graphics.
PresentMovie logo
View QuickTime movies in full screen.
Qucs logo
Circuit simulator.
UMPlayer logo
Cross platform multimedia player.
Retinizer logo
Improve the display of an app's non-Retina elements.
BWF2XML logo
Convert BWF files.
Qoobar logo
Edit tags for classical music files.
Hybrid logo
Front-end for a variety of video container tools.
Resize And Cut logo
Video editor.
Hydrogen logo
Open source pattern based drum-machine (beta).
MacWalker Pro logo
3D spinning G4 laptops screensaver.
rooVid Lite logo
Create settings profiles for exporting video.
Abaltat Express logo
Compose soundtracks for video.
ARES Commander Edition logo
Professional CAD with 3D-Modeling and more.