Apps found for “puzzle


Jigsaw Puzzles Epic logo
Beautiful jigsaw puzzles.
Puzzle Maker logo
Create customized crossword puzzles and word searches.
Animals Puzzle logo
Colorful puzzle game for children.
Picture Puzzle logo
Create and solve your own puzzles.
Ocean Puzzle logo
Children's puzzle featuring ocean imagery.
Christmas Puzzle logo
Christmas-themed jigsaw puzzles.
Farm Jigsaw Puzzle logo
18 hand-picked and individually prepared jigsaw puzzles.
Zen Puzzle Garden logo
Japanese rock garden puzzle game.
Arensus Crossword Puzzle Editor logo
Create custom crossword puzzles.
ChessPuzzle logo
An accessible assembly of thousands of chess puzzles.
PerPuzzle logo
Permutation puzzles.
Puzzle Penguins logo
Penguin-themed puzzle game.
Free Puzzle Collection logo
A collection of configurable jigsaw and tile puzzle games.
Ninja Puzzle logo
Puzzle/action game with 50 demon-infested stages.
Image-Puzzle logo
Screensaver of animated puzzle images.
DiGi Puzzle logo
Sliding piece jigsaw puzzle w/custom pictures.
Jigsaw Puzzle Player logo
Jigsaw puzzle game.
Adore Puzzle logo
Discover new countries, solving puzzles along the way.
TooHot Crossword Puzzles Compiler logo
Create custom crossword puzzles.
Twixt Puzzles logo
Challenging puzzle game widget.
Puzzle Dozer logo
Challenging strategy/skill puzzle game.
Rose Puzzle logo
Extravagant puzzle game.
Puzzles Forever logo
A collection of jigsaw puzzles brought to life in 3D.
Rubik Puzzle logo
Virtual rubik puzzle game.
Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates logo
Social online world of puzzle games.
3D Desktop Jigsaw Puzzle Screensaver logo
Turn any image into a 3D Jigsaw Puzzle Screensaver.
Mayan Puzzle logo
Challenging match-3 puzzle game.
Adore Puzzle 2 logo
Culinary-themed sequel to Adore Puzzle.
Amigos Number Puzzles logo
Create Sudoku, Kakuro, Futoshiki, and HexKakuro puzzles.
Slingshot Puzzle logo
Face the ultimate arcade puzzle challenge in this game.
Amigos Spanish Puzzles logo
Puzzles help you learn Spanish.
Anawiki Puzzle Game logo
Jigsaw puzzle game.
Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords logo
Classic RPG-type game with fun puzzle mechanics.
Wooden Puzzle Widget logo
Deceptively simple puzzle.
Christmas Puzzle logo
Christmas themed puzzle games.
Puzzle Escape logo
Intriguing and challenging puzzle game.
GlowPuzzle logo
Puzzle game with 370 levels.
GlowPuzzle Freemium logo
Connect-the-dots puzzle.
Christmas Puzzle logo
Match-3 puzzle game.
The Triangle Puzzle logo
Animated puzzle game.
Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery 2 logo
An assortment of hundreds of brain-bending puzzles.
MacPips Jigsaw Puzzle Widget logo
Three puzzles to play with.
Pixel Puzzle logo
Picross style game that uses numbers and logic.
SlidePuzzle logo
Game of scrambled images.
Crossword Puzzle Helper logo
Helps find words with a certain length.
Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab logo
Game similar to Tetris with Internet multiplayer mode.
Hoyle Puzzle & Board Games 2009 logo
Twenty-one classic and new challenging favorites.
AV Bros. Puzzle Pro logo
Photoshop plug-in for jig-saw effects.
Puzzle Word logo
Classic word search game.
Puzzle Island logo
Discover the mystery and escape from exile.
Puzzle Agent logo
Solve the mystery of Scoggins, Minnesota.
Puzzle Dimension logo
Pick all the sunflowers and exit through the portal.
Puzzler World logo
Take your brain on a trip.
Deadly Puzzles: Toymaker logo
Face off against the Toymaker in this hidden object game.
Get The Cake! logo
Retro styled 2D side scrolling puzzle platform game.
Color Sudoku logo
Unique Sudoku puzzle.
SquareBid logo
Number puzzle.
RUSH logo
3D puzzle game.
Age of Tribes logo
Lemmings-like puzzle game.
BrainsBreaker logo
Design and build realistic jigsaw puzzles.
Magic Cube Classic logo
Puzzle game inspired by the Rubik's Cube.
Fishdom logo
Fish puzzle game.
Peregrin logo
Story-puzzle game.
Black Ink logo
Play crossword puzzles via Across Lite network.
Tico logo
Tetris-style puzzle game.
JiXii logo
Jigsaw puzzle, use your own picture.
The Witness logo
Open world puzzle solver.
1313 logo
Puzzle game.
Stix logo
Challenging puzzle game.
Screen bricks logo
A puzzle game about stacking bricks.
Zap Line logo
Connect the Colors Puzzle Game.
Braid logo
Award-winning platform action/puzzle game.
Abuzzle logo
Abstract puzzle game.
Mymyry logo
Memory puzzle game.
Sunken Words logo
Underwater theme word puzzle game.
Sudoku Coach logo
Automatically solves Sudoku puzzles.
Cardinal Land logo
Geometric jigsaw puzzle game with an educational twist.
SudokuMM logo
A timeless fun puzzle game.
Color Lines logo
Classical puzzle game.
Alpha Omega logo
Unscramble puzzles using first and last letters.
Escape logo
Solve puzzles in a prison castle.
Blue Blocks logo
Ancient block solving puzzle game.
Sumaru logo
Exciting new puzzle game.
Elarel logo
Logic puzzle game.
The Tiny Bang Story logo
Solve puzzles and fix imaginative machines.
Liquid Defense logo
Puzzle game requires innovation to manage natural resources.
Zen Bound logo
Unique down-tempo puzzle game.
BOOM Level Editor logo
Create and install new levels for the popular puzzle game.
Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan logo
Puzzle and hidden object game.
Sea of Squares logo
Simple relaxing 3D puzzle game.
Leaf on the Wind logo
Physics-based puzzle/adventure game.
Doodle Devil logo
Unique world-building puzzler.
Rail Maze logo
Solve hundreds of challenging and unique puzzles.
Tengami logo
Adventure game with puzzles set inside a Japanese pop-up book.
Angry Birds logo
Popular physics-based puzzle game.
Charm Tale 2: Mermaid Lagoon logo
Solve various puzzles and talk to sea creatures.
Space 2048 logo
Spaced-themed puzzle game.
Lumino City logo
Puzzle Adventure game created with hand-made pieces.
Almost Impossible! logo
Side-scrolling atmospheric-puzzle game.
Gravity Badgers logo
Physics-based puzzle game with badgers.