Apps found for “projects


StakePoint Projects logo
Visualise maintain and analyse your projects.
SHARPEN projects professional logo
Professional-grade photo sharpening.
DENOISE projects professional logo
Professional photo denoising.
HDR projects professional logo
Ultra-realistic HDR processing.
HDR projects logo
Simple HDR processing.
SimplyProjects logo
Development management system.
ProjectSideKick logo
Project time tracking simplified.
OmniOutliner Essentials logo
Organize your ideas, projects, and more (was OmniOutliner).
Nozbe logo
Organize your time and projects.
Diagrammix logo
Create diagrams for presentations and projects.
GanttProject logo
Plan projects using Gantt charts.
Studiometry logo
Keep track of every aspect of your clients, projects, and invoices.
7toX for Final Cut Pro logo
Convert FCP 7 projects to FCP X (was SendToX).
GitFTP-Deploy logo
Simple FTP-deployments for your smaller projects.
Trello logo
Perspective over all of your projects.
Timings logo
Flexible time tracking for projects.
XtoCC logo
Translates Final Cut Pro X projects to other formats (was Xto7 for Final Cut Pro).
X2Pro Audio Convert logo
Integrates Final Cut Pro X projects with Avid Pro Tools.
Faux Pas logo
Inspect Xcode projects for bugs and other issues.
Rider EAP logo
.NET environment that enables you to work on projects and integrates debugging (beta).
Pagico logo
Manage all your tasks, notes, files, projects, and contacts.
TaskTime4 logo
Track time spent on client projects.
MacBreakZ logo
Reminds you to take periodic breaks from your projects.
AstroBoard logo
Manage your projects.
Change List X logo
Generate a change list between 2 Final Cut Pro X projects.
Moonlight logo
Keep track of freelance projects.
LeaderTask logo
Manage task lists, projects, reminders, assignments.
Mazaika-Animation logo
Create animations from Mazaika projects.
SG Project logo
Manage projects.
Project Planner logo
Easily keep track of multiple projects and tasks.
SG Project Sketcher logo
Sketch out projects.
xPlan logo
Track your projects.
Time Clock logo
Track time spent on projects.
Tea Box logo
Easily manage all of your projects.
GitBot logo
GitHub client for exploring projects.
Virtual Mix Studio Plus logo
Create demo projects or your own melody (was Turntables DJ).
Bill4Time logo
Track time, manage projects, and organize expenses.
Civil Engineering Formulas logo
Calculate data for civil-engineering projects.
Instant Backup logo
Backup and archive your most important and sensitive projects.
Surround SCM logo
Manage/centralize files for workgroup projects.
Logic Autosave logo
Autosaves your Logic Pro 9 projects.
JSON Modeler logo
Paste in valid JSON and generate real models to use in your projects.
TimeLog logo
iCal-integrated time tracker for projects.
Schoolhouse logo
Track homework, reports & school projects.
Time Tracker logo
Track time you spend on projects (beta).
MyMind logo
Outline ideas, tasks, and projects.
TimeCache logo
Keep track of time and billing on projects.
Project Calculator logo
Track the time you work on your projects.
SuperNotecard logo
Virtual 3x5 notecards for writing projects (was Miss Lonelynotes).
Rename Xcode Project logo
Utility for renaming Xcode projects.
Actiontastic logo
Plan projects and contextify your actions.
GanttPV logo
Schedule your projects.
SharedPlan OpenPlanning Lite logo
Plan and execute projects.
Physics logo
Projects help teach general physics.
OfficeTimer logo
Charge clients based on time of projects.
MyTime logo
Track time spent on projects.
Khronos logo
Track time spent on projects.
WorkTimer logo
Track time spent on different projects.
Project Management Template logo
Plan and manage projects with Excel for Mac.
Contactizer Express logo
Manage your projects, contacts and tasks.
more.groupware logo
Groupware for calendar/notes/todo/contacts/projects.
VectorWorks Viewer logo
View and print projects created in VectorWorks.
Slender logo
Analyze asset usage for Xcode and web-based projects.
myHomework logo
Track homework, classes, projects and tests.
Chronograph logo
Track time spent on tasks and projects and generate reports.
Telescope Basecamp Widget logo
View status of Basecamp projects.
Creo Six Degrees logo
Organize/coordinate projects efficiently.
Pattern Digger logo
Manage projects with internal notes and reminders.
MediaEdit Pro logo
Create professional media projects.
AJA Data Rate Calculator logo
Calculates data rates and storage requirements for video projects.
Video Shorts logo
Collection of exciting clips for your video projects.
ToDo Helper logo
Organize and manage multiple projects.
Project Playlist Search logo
Widget to search for tracks or playlists on Projects Playlist.
ColorPaj logo
Choose ideal color palettes for projects.
FRS Time Tracker Pro logo
Track time spent on projects.
Project Statistics for Xcode logo
Get statistics regarding Xcode projects.
X-Wiper logo
Clean up your FCPX projects before archiving.
TimeBox logo
Track time spent on various projects/tasks and more.
Operation logo
Organize and manage your projects and tasks.
Shockoe Widget logo
Keep track of billable time with multiple projects.
ProjectX logo
Track the time for projects.
EasyProject Manager logo
For teams that need to collaborate on projects.
Mac-ProLi X logo
For administration of software projects.
InerziaDevHelper logo
Backup and tracking solution for Xcode projects.
Essay Grader logo
Grade written work, performances, group projects, and speeches.
Schedule logo
Plan and track projects.
Bento 3 Project Manager logo
Organize your projects.
Digital Diary logo
Track projects and related issues.
Interior Design logo
Visualize and plan your decorating and design projects.
Vocabulist logo
Easy generation of localization files for Xcode projects.
CleanX logo
Scan your Xcode projects and quickly clean your app.
Azor logo
Manage all your projects, processes, and customers in a single solution.
Foundation logo
Starting point for 4th Dimension database projects.
SharedPlan Personal logo
Plan and execute successful projects.
Render Boost logo
Create photorealistic images for interior design projects.
Quark Interactive Designer logo
Create interactive SWF projects in QuarkXpress.
Java 2 SE 5.0 Xcode Template logo
Allows creation of Java 1.5 projects in Xcode.
Opportunity Manager logo
Keep track of important contacts, sales opportunities, projects.
BuildDesk logo
Create multiplatform installers for IntelliJ IDEA projects.
RailsAssistant logo
Speed development of your Rails projects.