Apps found for “processes


Processes logo
Monitor and manage running system processes.
TripMode logo
Stop updates and other background processes from consuming data.
inShort logo
Build and monitor diagrams of processes.
StatsBar logo
Monitor system processes from the menu bar.
Process Monitor logo
View info related to processes being launched.
Fast Logout logo
Log-out but leave processes running.
SPaT logo
Shows all the active processes and related files of the active user.
Process Wizard logo
Renice processes in OS X.
Lock-UnMatic logo
Shows processes blocking a file from being moved.
3D-XplorMath logo
Explore mathematical objects and processes.
jGRASP logo
Graphical representations for algorithms, structure & processes.
Cunning Fox logo
Tool to stop/continue OS X processes.
Quit Anything logo
AppleScript to quit processes.
xProcess1 logo
Menubar item displays running processes.
ProcessRenicer logo
Change the nice value of your computer processes.
BeNicer logo
AppleScript to renice processes priority.
QaLL logo
A quick way to force-quit apps and processes.
SysDeep logo
Examine system processes on your Mac.
Sensus BPM Modeler logo
Structure, manage, control, and share processes on your intranet.
MedINRIA logo
Processes wide range of magnetic resonance data.
ProcessFinder logo
Track down malicious running processes.
monitorLite logo
Graphs apps and processes running on your Mac.
Process Usage Analyzer logo
Understand usage of various processes in your PeopleSoft install.
Azor logo
Manage all your projects, processes, and customers in a single solution.
Carl's Renice Scripts logo
AppleScript hack on renicing processes.
SendSignal logo
Allows you to send signals to processes.
BigQuitter logo
Quit any and all running applications/processes.
ProM logo
Framework for knowledge extraction about business processes.
Kerika logo
Alternative to email for teams sharing documents, ideas and processes.
Dashlane logo
Password manager and secure digital wallet.
TinkerTool logo
Expanded preference settings for OS X.
Photo Sense logo
Quick and easy photo enhancement with batch capabilities.
iFindText logo
Search for words or phrases in all of your text files (was AskPoirot).
Get Backup Pro logo
Powerful backup, synchronization, and cloning utility.
iTaskX logo
Microsoft Project-compatible project-management solution.
Deliver Express Basic logo
Automated file delivery with hot folder processing.
PhotoBulk logo
Edit hundreds of photos with one click.
Insights logo
Automated forecasting and data mining tool.
Poker Copilot logo
Poker HUD and hand history analysis.
Output Factory logo
Automate printing and exporting from InDesign.
Duplicate Photo Cleaner logo
Get rid of duplicate and similar photos automatically.
AccuRaw EXR logo
Raw image editor with precise control (was AccuRaw).
Apple Compressor logo
Adds power and flexibility to Final Cut Pro X encoding and exporting.
Deliver Express Standard logo
Automated file delivery with hot folder processing.
Deliver Express Enterprise logo
Automated file delivery with hot folder processing.
PlistEdit Pro logo
Property list editor.
Package Central logo
Document packaging automation for Adobe InDesign.
Centurion logo
Easy-to-use file mover, with load-balance and file-rename capabilities.
Amazing Slow Downer logo
Slow down music without changing the pitch.
High-end audio sampler.
TeXMaker logo
A developer-focused LaTeX toolkit.
ConceptDraw Pro logo
Create flowcharts, timelines and more; part of ConceptDraw Office.
photo mosaic logo
Convert images into a mosaic.
MacSpice logo
Electronic circuit simulator.
ConceptDraw Office logo
Intelligent approach to organization of information flow in business.
Wx logo
Powerful weather app (USA-only).
JonDo logo
Protect your privacy on the Internet (was Java Anonymous Proxy).
To Text Converter logo
Convert numerous file types to plain text (.txt).
AutoCrypt logo
Save encryption settings in a document.
Dramatic Black & White logo
Adjust and improve black-and-white photos.
Sound Siphon logo
Capture your Mac's audio in any app.
Cookie Stumbler logo
Scan for ad and tracking cookies.
Nikon Capture NX-D logo
Digital image processing and editing software (was Capture NX).
OCRKit logo
Convert PDF or image graphics into searchable PDF.
String Replacer logo
Replace a list of strings inside files or folders.
Querious logo
MySQL database management application (beta).
GoodbyeHello logo
Make files and folders invisible or visible.
Monity logo
System-monitoring widget.
Shine logo
Beautify your photos with these turbo-charged lighting effects.
Riffstation logo
Practice and learn songs on the guitar.
Security Growler logo
Menu bar notifier for SSH, FTP, VNC, AFP, or sudo events.
SyncFF logo
Sets modified date of folders to match new files within.
Photo Sense Lite logo
Lightweight photo enhancement.
SystemPal logo
System utility with many features.
Cisdem PDFPasswordRemover logo
Recover and remove PDF open and owner passwords.
Cronette logo
Launch tasks automatically.
Silverstack logo
An all-in-one data management solution.
FlowJo logo
Flow cytometry data analysis.
Backaroo logo
A backup system for Mac networks.
ImageType logo
Adds or appends file extensions to image files with missing or inappropriate extensions.
Mail Notifr logo
Open-Source Gmail notifier.
Tune-Instructor logo
Take control of your iTunes library.
Pashua logo
Create GUI interfaces for Perl, PHP, and more.
Levelator logo
Adjusts audio levels within podcast or other audio file.
FinderPop logo
Adds enhanced contextual menu features to folders in OS X.
LiteSpeed Web Server logo
Highly scalable Web-delivery platform.
Lasso Server logo
Integrated language & server platform for data-driven Web applications.
Performance Probe logo
Monitor various aspects of the current effective loading of their systems easily and quickly.
JIRA logo
Project and bug-tracking management system.
Magic logo
Image enhancement app.
VideoUpLink logo
Drag-and-drop video upload to Facebook.
Video ASCII Art logo
Convert digital movies into text art videos.
MacPAR deLuxe logo
Manage and decode .par/.par2 files from newsgroups.
Get Backup logo
Create encrypted bootable backups, syncs files/folders, clone drives.
Peek-a-Boo ST logo
System process viewer.
PhotoAcute Studio logo
Enhance your digital photos.
HDRtist Pro logo
Create or edit HDR images.
WhatsOpen logo
Tells you which app has a volume open.
Noble Ape Simulation logo
Biological simulation.
Inspiration logo
Project creation and management tool for your business.