Apps found for “prefs


Prefs Editor logo
GUI replacement for the defaults command.
MagicPrefs logo
Adds functions and options to the Apple Magic Mouse.
OptimPrefs logo
iPhone-style shortcuts to system functions.
Safari Autofill Prefs logo
Change your Safari autofill preferences.
MenuPrefs logo
Menu extra for accessing preference panes.
PrefsMenu logo
Alllows for easy access to System Preferences.
App Fixer logo
Remove prefs and other settings for misbehaving apps.
TrashMe logo
Uninstall your applications by deleting all related files.
MenuMate logo
Display applications menu bar items anywhere on screen.
ImaPic logo
Crop, resize, rotate, convert, compress, and share images.
Pref Setter logo
Edit preference files, access hidden settings.
Do Something When logo
Pref pane allows actions when mounting/unmounting drives.
RCEnvironment logo
Pref pane for editing the environment.plist file.
Dasher logo
Pref pane for Dashboard.
Accessorizer logo
Generate ObjC accessor declaration and implementation methods.
Tomcat Controller logo
Pref pane controls Apache Tomcat.
PlistEdit logo
Quickly reveals and opens the pref pane files of specified applications.
Play MiniTunes logo
Small iTunes controller.
Pref-Ex logo
Find and delete useless pref files.
iPod tracks -> Desktop logo
Easy retrieval of iPod tracks from iTunes.
Take Five logo
Automatically fade your music back in after a break.
LDA logo
Launches your browser/email/text editor on login.
DesktopControl X logo
Set desktop picture by control-clicking on image.