Apps found for “preferences


Vox Preferences logo
Preference pane for the Vox music player.
Yosemite Preferences logo
Customize hidden OS X settings.
Clean the Finder Preferences logo
Restore the Finder in case of errors.
MacFly Pro logo
System maintenance which learns your preferences.
defaults logo
Resets an application's preferences.
SmoothMouse logo
Preferences pane to control acceleration for mice and trackpads.
SFBox logo
Backup user preferences to your Seafile Server.
iTMachine logo
Enables normally hidden Time Machine preferences.
NiniX logo
Editor for the Lotus Notes preferences file.
Safari 4 Modifier logo
Change Safari 4 hidden preferences.
PrefsMenu logo
Alllows for easy access to System Preferences.
KnockOutDock logo
AppleScript sets Dock preferences.
Safari Autofill Prefs logo
Change your Safari autofill preferences.
UserMatic logo
Utility for managing Final Cut Pro preferences.
Xspinner logo
Access hidden features and preferences in Leopard.
Defaults Manager logo
User preferences editor/deletion tool.
Terminalator logo
Open 4 Terminal windows with pre-set preferences.
Manage iTunes logo
Create multiple iTunes libraries & preferences.
EZ Cha-Ching Cleaner logo
Removes all data and preferences associated with Cha-Ching.
Seize The ARD logo
Share Apple Remote Desktop preferences with other users.
MonitorZ logo
Change sleep setting without accessing System Preferences.
myMac logo
Allows access to certain hidden or unsupported preferences in OS X.
GPG Suite logo
OpenPGP on macOS (beta).
TinkerTool logo
Expanded preference settings for OS X.
VOX logo
Music player that supports many filetypes.
Kodi logo
Powerful media center tool for Mac or Apple TV (was XBMC).
Beamer logo
Stream any movie file from your Mac to Apple TV or Chromecast.
BackupLoupe logo
Analyze, browse, and restore Time Machine backups.
Chac logo
Mayan calendar.
Soundflower logo
Allows applications to pass audio to other applications (beta).
PrefEdit logo
Inspect and edit all preference settings for OS X apps.
PlistEdit Pro logo
Property list editor.
AppDelete logo
Uninstall your unwanted apps and eliminate associated files.
Meteorologist logo
Popular weather app.
TinkerTool System logo
Change advanced OS X settings and more.
TotalFinder logo
Adds tabs, hotkeys, and other tweaks to the Finder.
Check Off logo
To-do list for your menu bar.
CAPS Warn logo
Warns you with alert sound when CapsLock is turned on.
Paste Master logo
Clipboard manager with compact grid display.
MacBreakZ logo
Reminds you to take periodic breaks from your projects.
Graph logo
You give it data and it gives you a graph.
VelaClock Deluxe logo
Dashboard world clock widget.
Sip logo
Simple color picker for developers.
DeployStudio Server logo
Install/restore utility for workstations, servers, and cluster nodes.
PDFScanner logo
Scan and archive documents.
Twitter logo
Official Twitter client for Mac (was Tweetie).
Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro logo
Search for and remove duplicate photos.
nessViewer logo
Media management and presentation.
Nice Timer logo
Simple timer and stopwatch utility.
Freeplane logo
Mind-mapping application.
Startupizer logo
Advanced login handler.
ColorSnapper2 logo
Quickly find the color of any pixel.
Preference Manager logo
Manage Final Cut Studio preference files.
Butler logo
Hot key, menu, and keyword launcher.
iDisplay logo
Use iOS devices as secondary displays.
Grids logo
A beautiful way to experience Instagram.
Short Menu logo
Fast and intelligent URL shortener.
TextMate logo
Code/markup editor with many features (release candidate).
Macgo Blu-ray Player logo
Blu-ray player.
CursorSense logo
Adjust cursor acceleration and sensitivity.
Horcrux Email Backup logo
Automatically backup your IMAP email.
Amethyst logo
Tiling window manager similar to xmonad.
SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro logo
RAW photo correction.
Viper FTP logo
Handy FTP client (was ViaFTP).
Markster logo
Centrally store bookmarks to facilitate syncing.
PhotosBlender logo
Blend photos with gradients.
ViMediaManager logo
Media manager for information, art, trailers, and television tunes (alpha).
iVocabulary logo
Learn vocabulary.
Ultimate Campground Project logo
Information compendium of publicly-owned campgrounds (was Ultimate Campgrounds).
Audiobook Creator logo
Create audiobooks from ebooks.
xScope logo
Onscreen graphic measurement tools.
Transmission logo
Popular BitTorrent client.
RestoreMeNot logo
Disable window restoration for individual applications.
Myary logo
Simple diary application.
Wrise logo
Highly accessible word processor.
Prizmo logo
Scan and OCR documents with your digital camera or scanner.
PhotoSweeper logo
Find, sort, and eliminate similar photos.
Deja Vu logo
Effortless backup and cloning utility.
Scroll Reverser logo
Reverse the direction of scrolling on your Mac.
MailRecent logo
Adds ability to copy to, move to, or go to recent Apple mailbox.
Pro Maintenance Tools logo
Keep your video production apps running at optimal performance.
UninstallPKG logo
Remove packages (.PKG) and all their contents.
Tune Sweeper logo
Remove iTunes duplicates and fix track data.
Adobe Bridge CC 2017 logo
Powerful media manager for Creative Suite.
SocialFan logo
All-in-one social media, email, and task management app.
iBackup logo
Backup and restore tool.
Calcline logo
Powerful math calculation in a small strip window.
URL Manager Pro logo
Bookmark manager.
dupeGuru logo
A tool to find duplicate files on your computer.
GhostNote logo
Create contextual notes around apps or files.
AudioSwitcher logo
Switch audio sources from the menu bar (beta).
TrashMe logo
Uninstall your applications by deleting all related files.
Spillo logo
Take full control over your bookmarks on Pinboard.
NoSleep logo
Keep your computer from going to sleep and waking at specified times.
svnX logo
GUI for Subversion, a replacement for CVS.
CADintosh X logo
2D-CAD program for technical / architectural drawings.
Periscope Pro logo
Powerful suite of surveillance apps.
Network Stat logo
Widget for some network stats.
Google Music Manager logo
Official Google Music upload tool; store 20,000 songs for free.
Candelair logo
Alternative driver to fix Apple Remote issues under Snow Leopard.