Apps found for “ports


MacPorts logo
Install open-source software on Darwin OSes (was DarwinPorts).
DigiLife Reports logo
Print Address Book and iTunes reports.
PortsMonitor logo
Monitor system TCP/IP network connections.
PortsMonitor logo
Monitor system connections by application.
Porting Kit logo
Ports Windows games to Mac.
Troi Serial Plug-in logo
Allows FileMaker to access multiple serial ports.
Apple Thunderbolt Firmware Update logo
For all Macs with Thunderbolt ports.
Davtri Fingerprinting Port Scanner logo
Scan for open ports.
PortTerm logo
Tool for writing to/reading from serial ports.
ExposeIP logo
Scan IP addresses for open ports.
CracKMacHiNE TraCeR logo
Scan local ports and tracer.
iNetInfo logo
Monitors open ports on your network.
Multi Threaded TCP Port Scanner logo
Scan any IP address for open ports.
SerialPort X logo
Allows access to internal modem/serial ports from AppleScript.
SerialParallels logo
Allows Parallels to connect to serial ports.
DPGUI logo
GUI for DarwinPorts.
Port Tester X logo
Test sockets/ports.
Network Radar logo
Manage and configure network devices.
Ardour logo
Record, edit, mix multi-track audio (beta).
SimpleDigitalLocomotive logo
Control model railways (beta).
Angry IP Scanner logo
Fast and friendly network scanner.
CoolTerm logo
Serial-port terminal app.
Apple Disk Transfer ProDOS logo
For exchanging disks/disk images between Apple II and modern comps.
MM3-WebAssistant logo
Use the Internet more efficiently, Pro version available.
zxsp logo
Simulator for the ZX81 and ZX Spectrum home computer families (beta).
rwBackup logo
Automated offsite backup.
SNMPSniffer logo
Sniff SNMP packets over your network.
ZTerm X logo
Terminal emulation program.
Wineskin Winery logo
Make Wine wrappers to run Windows software on Mac OS X.
Firewalk X logo
Firewall config and maintenance utility.
Wired Client logo
Encrypted BBS style client for chat, messaging, and transfers.
XNmap logo
Cocoa front end to nmap, a Unix port scanner.
WaterRoof logo
Firewall management front end.
iSSH logo
Easy way to start an SSH connection to a remote computer.
GlowWorm FW Lite logo
Rule-based network security and monitoring application.
MacSniffer logo
GUI for the packet sniffer in OS X.
Apple Server Diagnostics logo
Tests your Snow Leopard Server hardware for issues.
Agfa Fotolook X logo
Pro scanning tool.
Wired Server logo
Encrypted BBS style server for chat, messaging & transfers.
PSU Blast Image Config logo
Restore a Mac to a known state (backup).
MIDITrail logo
MIDI player with 3D visualizations.
Visual NetTools logo
Set of network scanning, security, and administrator tools.
VoiceNotes logo
Widget to record lectures, shopping lists, musical events, more.
Videohub logo
Utility software for Blackmagic hardware.
C-Kermit logo
Terminal emulation and more.
Impasse X logo
Firewall security application.
Sid Meier's Pirates! logo
Open-ended seafaring adventure.
iNetwork Tools logo
Collection of useful networking utilities.
SSHFun logo
AppleScript Studio app opens secure SSH connections.
Linksys Etherfast Wireless 4-Port Switch logo
Linksys switch driver.
BusySpheres logo
SysDeep logo
Examine system processes on your Mac.
Matrik logo
Custom route audio input and output.
Davtri HTTP Fingerprinting Scanner logo
Scan and identify HTTP servers.
Rolling Marbles logo
Logic puzzle and action marble games.
Meshy logo
Mac OS X CAD file inspector.
IP Port Scanner logo
Port scanner.