Apps found for “phone


Phone to Mac logo
Copy media from an iOS device to your Mac.
Phone Amego logo
Multi-featured phone integration for Macs (release candidate).
PhoneAgent logo
Sony Ericsson phone tool.
PhoneView logo
Use your iPhone for file storage, data syncing, and more.
PhoneDirector for Nokia logo
Phonebook, SMS, and calendar for Nokia series 40 phones (was PhoneDirector).
Phone Amego Pro logo
Multi-featured phone integration for Macs (release candidate).
PhoneLog Pro logo
Log details of phone calls.
Telephone logo
Make phone calls over the Internet.
iSoftPhone logo
Advanced softphone application (was iSoftPhone Pro).
Phone Cleaner logo
Free up Storage on your phone.
Whistle Phone logo
Free phone calls from the desktop.
iSoftPhone Classic logo
VoIP virtual Internet phone (was iSoftPhone).
CleanMyPhone logo
Keep your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch clean and well-organized.
PhoneBox logo
Full integration of smartphone and computer.
Phone Amego (Family Pack) logo
Multi-featured phone integration for Macs (release candidate).
Phone Amego Pro (Family Pack) logo
Multi-featured phone integration for Macs (release candidate).
SmartPhone Recovery Pro logo
Recover deleted data from your iPhone.
Windows Phone logo
Sync with your Windows Phone mobile device.
MoviesForMyPod/PSP/Phone logo
Convert QuickTime movies to iPod/PSP/Phone formats (was MovieToGo).
BluePhoneElite logo
Bluetooth mobile phone connection utility.
Mobiola WebCamera for iPhone logo
Use your phone as a Web cam.
Phone Book logo
UK phone book search.
Sony Ericsson P1i iSync Phone Plugin logo
Enables iSync support for your Sony Ericsson phone.
Swiss Phone Book logo
Phone book widget for Switzerland.
MakeiPhoneRingtone logo
Convert AAC audio files into iPhone ringtones.
FoneSync for Samsung phones logo
Sync your Samsung phone with your Mac.
Sony Ericsson P990i iSync Phone Plugin logo
Enables iSync support for your Sony Ericsson phone.
mac2phone logo
Voice-over-IP phone application.
Phoner logo
Use your modem as a phone
Phone App logo
Call from your Mac via your iPhone.
Phonetic Alphabet logo
A phonetic alphabet reference, in widget form.
Collanos Phone logo
VoIP phone and multi-protocol instant messenger.
DOT.iPhone logo
Access your entire iTunes library using your iPhone from anywhere.
Phone Journal logo
Syncs SMS/MMS messages from Palm-based Treo smartphones to Mac.
PhoneWord logo
Convert phone numbers to readable words.
Phone Wallpaper X logo
Create, edit and upload wallpapers to cell phones.
Missing Sync for iPhone logo
Transfer from Windows Mobile, BlackBerry or Palm OS to iPhone.
Voix Phone logo
IAX soft phone.
FoneSync for LG phones logo
Synchronize your LG phone with your Mac.
DockPhone logo
Make iPhone calls from the Desktop.
iSoftPhone Alcatel Lucent logo
VoIP virtual Internet phone with company branding options.
Phonetic logo
Spells out words using the NATO phonetic alphabet.
PhoneManager X logo
Phonebook, SMS and more for Nokia 6210/6310.
iLinkPhone logo
One click iPhone backup via USB.
Virtual VideoPhone logo
Telephone with real-time video.
PhoneRescue logo
iOS data recovery program.
PhoneClean logo
Reclaim free space on your iOS devices.
Phonetizer logo
Tool for ESL and EFL teachers that adds transcription to any text.
PhoneCopy logo
Backup and sync contacts, events, and more.
Type2Phone logo
Use your Mac as a keyboard for your iOS device.
PhoneExpander logo
Quickly free up iOS storage (beta).
PhoneDisk logo
Mount your iOS device as a Mac OS X disk; discontinued.
PhoneValet Message Center logo
Answer/place calls, record calls, keep a call history.
JuicePhone logo
Extracts your iTunes iOS backups.
iMagePhone logo
Wallpaper maker and image manager for iOS devices.
Empower Pro Phone logo
Internet telephony application.
Phone plugins logo
Quick-dial numbers and quick-send text messages.
BigPhone logo
Google Voice menu bar application for your Mac.
Skype logo
Voice-over-internet phone and chat software.
HandsFree logo
Use any Bluetooth phone for calls, texting, recording, and more.
HTC Sync Manager logo
Sync your Mac and HTC phone.
OnSIP logo
Take advantage of standard business phone features.
Mirror for Android TV logo
Mirror your Android phone to your TV.
Keypad logo
Numerical keypad for phone calls and Continuity (was Continuity Keypad).
Jitsi logo
Internet phone and instant messenger (was SIP Communicator).
DeskDock Server logo
Share mouse and keyboard with Android phone via USB.
doubleTwist logo
Manage/share files on your phone, mp3 player, gaming device & camera.
Wondershare MobileTrans logo
One-click phone to phone content transfer.
SkypeMate logo
Allows some USB phones to work with Skype.
SpyLab logo
Extract emails, phone numbers or web links from web pages, files on local computer or plain text.
Salling Clicker logo
Control a Mac using mobile phone or Palm.
SoonrAgent logo
Backup your files and access them via cell phone and more.
CallPad logo
Make phone calls from your Mac.
MacDialer logo
Dial phone numbers from your Mac.
ZoIPer logo
SIP and IAX/IAX2 software phone.
iTuneMyWalkman logo
Synchronize iTunes playlist to a mobile phone.
Floola logo
Manage your iPod or your Motorola phone.
Missing Sync for Android logo
Link your Mac to your Android phone.
GSM Remote logo
Transfer contacts to your GSM mobile phone.
MegaCellX logo
Manage contacts & SMSs for your mobile phone.
Communique X logo
SMS & MMS mobile phone messenger.
Ringtone Converter X logo
Add new ring tones to your mobile phone.
Dreamsicle logo
Music phone management for Sony Walkman phones.
ABDialer logo
Automate phone number dialing.
Nokia iSync Plugins logo
Get organized with iSync and your Nokia phone.
HakoreSMS logo
Polish mobile phone SMS widget.
ProximitySync logo
Sync PDA & phone with your Mac via Bluetooth.
Brushed Aqua Theme for T630/610 logo
Mobile phone theme.
DRDial logo
Use DTMF tones to dial the phone.
Nofelet logo
Reference resource for German phone numbers.
smsZap logo
Sens SMS without syncing phone to Mac.
Motorola Icons logo
Phone icons.
UllaBella logo
Phone dialer plugin for Apple Address Book.
Annuaire logo
French phone book widget. (nee les pages jaunes widget)
Bluetooth Texter logo
A widget for sending SMS messages via your Bluetooth phone.
iRingtunes X logo
Phone ringtone creator.
Address Book Reverse Look-up Plug-in logo
Look up addresses from phone numbers.
Ericsson Client X logo
Transfer info with your Ericsson mobile phone.
Thrupp logo
Copy albums from iTunes library to MP3 player or phone.
ManySMSender logo
Use your GSM phone for SMS messaging.