Apps found for “philosophy


Wunderlist logo
Task management tool inspired by the Getting Things Done philosophy.
OpenEmu logo
Open Source game-emulation app; supports multiple consoles (beta).
modo logo
3D Modeling, Paint and Render in one application.
Captain FTP logo
Task-savvy FTP/SSL-FTP/SFTP client.
Mac Backup Guru logo
Backup focused on simplicity and reliability.
GEDitCOM II logo
Genealogy application.
JAC Digital logo
One or more resizable digital clocks showing the time in different locations.
Camino logo
Lean and fast Web browser with Gecko rendering engine.
RPG logo
Random password generator.
Trampoline logo
Unique file launcher (was Bullseye).
Rawker logo
Single or batch process RAW converter.
DropKey logo
Simple file encryption tool.
Statbook logo
Track sports stats.
TNT Basic logo
Develop games with this easy-to-use kit.
Rise of Nations logo
Lead your nation to global prominence.
webEdition logo
Content management system.
Data Desk logo
Interactive tools for data analysis/display.
RPG Widget Edition logo
Random password generator.
proNotes logo
Dsigned to boost your producitivty and keep you organized.
dbSuite Admin Tool for MySQL logo
Graphically manage MySQL databases.
Point-and-click adventure game with unconventional storyline.