Apps found for “pad


Launchpad Manager logo
Take control of Launchpad.
VoodooPad logo
Notepad with many advanced features.
PADEdit logo
View and modify PAD files.
NewNOTEPAD Pro logo
Multi-function note pad.
CocoPad logo
Simple drawing pad works with mouse or tablet/pen.
Pads X logo
Note pad & stickies app.
MoosePad X logo
Note pad replacement.
VoodooPad Lite logo
Free version of a popular notepad.
Launchpad Cleaner logo
Keep your Mac OS X Launchpad organised.
Classic NotePad logo
Brings the OS 9 notepad back to OS X.
LexPad logo
Manages PAD info for developers.
3D Spades Deluxe logo
Graphic intensive single/multiplayer Spades game.
MacLaunchpad logo
Incorporate Launchpad for Mac OS X 10.6 or earlier (beta).
PAD Editor logo
Create Portable Application Description (PAD) XML files.
MemoPad logo
Categorical note pad.
SCOtutor for iPad logo
Comprehensive video guide to using the iPad.
Soccer Sketchpad logo
Sketchpad for soccer coaches to teach the game.
ZuluPad logo
Combines notepad features with wiki capabilities.
ccNotepad Safari Extension logo
Quick access to
Launchpad Control logo
Easily add or remove applications from Launchpad.
Texpad logo
LaTeX editor.
VideoPad logo
Powerful video editor.
WavePad logo
Create and edit audio recordings.
RecordPad logo
Record audio to export as mp3 or wav files.
Joystick And Gamepad Tester logo
Test your digital and analog USB game devices.
MixPad logo
Music mixer.
ScratchPad logo
Take notes, keep them organized.
Paint Pad logo
Basic image creation and editing.
Padlock logo
Quickly lock your Mac.
Sketchpad logo
Simple graphics editor.
MagicalPad logo
Versatile note-taking app.
GrupaDupa logo
Quickly find duplicates in any folder or hard disk.
Apimac Notepad logo
Store text by categories.
MathPad logo
Graphing scientific calculator.
Finale Notepad logo
Music notation software.
Corel Painter Sketch Pad logo
Sketching software for artists and designers.
SlidePad logo
Sliding drawer note taking utility.
Padlock logo
Password protection your applications.
Jreepad logo
Info manager/database.
PadSync logo
Browse, manage, and synchronize shared iOS files.
padmacolors16 logo
Night Ina City screensaver.
XML Notepad logo
Easy. lightweight, and convenient XML editor.
Ancient Hearts & Spades logo
Card game for novices and masters alike.
iPhone Linkpad logo
Widget puts contact info on your iPhone with a click.
DEVONnote logo
Intelligent notepad.
Logitech Unifying Software logo
Add additional compatible mice, keyboards, and number pads to your Unifying receiver.
LittleSecrets logo
Password protected note pad.
Deep Notes logo
Hierarchical note pad.
Jotz logo
Simple, elegant note pad.
SharewarePublisher logo
Software submission tool and PAD editor.
Notes logo
Note pad with folder organizer.
PocketNotes logo
Flexible note pad application.
Essentials logo
Shortcuts pad that appears with a keystroke.
Connector logo
Transform your iOS device into a wireless numeric pad, trackpad, or keyboard.
Yibbah logo
Pad jumping game
Amigo logo
Facebook notification client and launch pad in menubar.
FinalTouch logo
Unrivaled precision with any mouse or track pad.
Free Focused Scroll logo
Trackpad driver for recent Apple laptops.
Tether logo
Control your Mac from an iPad.
xMemo X logo
Note pad with voice recording features.
Submit It logo
Create PAD files for software submissions.
Joystick Show logo
Joystick/gamepad visualization and tester app.
DM1 logo
Advanced drum machine.
Folder Sync logo
Keep multiple pairs of folders in sync.
OpenEmu logo
Open Source game-emulation app; supports multiple consoles (beta).
Mini Motor Racing logo
High-octane racing game.
Osmond PCB logo
Design printed-circuit boards.
HandsFree logo
Use any Bluetooth phone for calls, texting, recording, and more.
Soundplant logo
Use your keyboard as an instrument and sample trigger.
DotPass logo
Create passwords using patterns.
iBeams Pro logo
Sketch and view shear, moment, deflection, and reaction diagrams.
TopXNotes logo
Versatile note organizer.
Escape logo
Solve puzzles in a prison castle.
PW Master logo
Store and manage your passwords (was Password Master).
Audio sampling tool.
zxsp logo
Simulator for the ZX81 and ZX Spectrum home computer families (beta).
RUMPed logo
Contest logging tool for short wave radio.
Cisdem PDFSigner logo
Easily sign PDF documents.
MovingImages logo
Scripted, non-linear editing of video and image files.
Crossfade Loop Synth logo
Sample playback synth plug-in.
SoundObject logo
Get an sound sequencer for the Dashboard.
Pixer logo
Batch resize .png, .jpg, and .tiff images.
Stepmania logo
Rhythm pattern game.
RS-16X logo
Drum machine app.
Access Virus Loop Collection for GarageBand logo
46MB of free GarageBand loops.
Free MTS M2TS Converter logo
Convert videos to various formats.
Aperture BorderFX logo
Aperture plugin to add borders to images as you export them.
PasswordMaster X logo
Encrypted serial number & password storage.
Uberstrike HD logo
Multiplayer first-person shooter.
itDJ logo
DJ software designed to work with iTunes.
Mail Stationery Pack - EB 2009 logo
6 original themes you can use with Apple Mail.
Bullet Candy logo
A 360-degree shoot-'em-up experience.
Diamond logo
Document editor with multiple columns.
JournalX logo
Collect, organize & find documents.
Swipe Lock logo
Lock Your Mac with Style .
myHomework logo
Track homework, classes, projects and tests.
First Gen Games logo
Remake of the classic space landing game.
Meet the Beetles! logo
Simple puzzle game.
PDF Form Filler + logo
Sign PDF documents without printing and scanning.
Step Seq logo
Create fun musical compositions.