Apps found for “overview


Overview logo
Transform your folders into galleries for an artist view.
Murus Logs Visualizer logo
Real-time, graphic overview of firewall logs.
Space Gremlin logo
Get an overview of your file system to save space.
Entourage Today 2004 logo
Entourage-to-calendar overview utility.
OmniGraffle Pro logo
Create diagrams, flow charts, and more.
OmniGraffle logo
Create diagrams, flow charts, and more.
NeoFinder logo
Catalog your external media and disks (was CDFinder).
Firetask logo
Innovative task management solution.
iNet Network Scanner logo
Displays info about local network connections.
MoneyWiz logo
Personal finance solution.
OpenEmu logo
Open Source game-emulation app; supports multiple consoles (beta).
AirPort Utility logo
Set up and manage your Wi-Fi network and AirPort base stations.
Calendar logo
Access your schedule from the menu bar.
SilverFast HDR logo
High dynamic range scanner software.
Fade In logo
Professional screenwriting software.
Macgo Blu-ray Player logo
Blu-ray player.
Essential Anatomy logo
3D anatomy modeling engine.
CalendarMenu logo
Convenient menu-bar calendar.
Pro Media Tools logo
Workflow tools for processing and managing media.
IP Scanner logo
Displays machines, users, and IP addresses of Macs on your network.
TotalSpaces logo
Brings back grid-style Spaces and more.
FontBook logo
Keeps track of the key codes for font characters.
AudioFinder logo
Manage your audio sample library.
iTaskX logo
Microsoft Project-compatible project-management solution.
Battery Monitor logo
Display of battery information from your menu bar (was Battery Diag).
MetaMovie logo
Add Metadata to your videos.
OutlineEdit logo
Keep your ideas structured and collected every day.
Blueprint logo
Organizational app with several functions.
Market Junkie logo
Stock-portfolio manager.
DiabetesPal logo
Diabetes management software.
StockMarketEye logo
Easy-to-use portfolio tracker and stock watcher.
MovieBriefs logo
Creates an image contact sheet from your movies.
Blueprint Pro logo
One app - many organizational functions.
RationalPlan Project Viewer logo
Project management software viewer.
MidiYodi logo
Examine, modify, and playback MIDI files.
Cube Pro logo
Track and report your time and expenses.
Deframe logo
Extract high-quality still images and clips from movies.
Episodes logo
Manage all of your TV shows.
iTrain logo
Control your model railroad on your Mac.
Disk Analyzer Pro logo
Easy way to free up disk space.
Watermark Sense logo
Flexible batch image watermarking utility.
MoneyControl logo
Income and expense tracker.
Charmas logo
Find the right font faces for layouts.
Cookie Stumbler logo
Scan for ad and tracking cookies.
Mixxx logo
Everything you need to perform live mixes.
CuteClips logo
Clipboard manager.
Faux Pas logo
Inspect Xcode projects for bugs and other issues.
Tyme logo
Track your time with ease.
iSmartPhoto logo
Image browser and organizer.
Disk Diag logo
Quickly discover and clean up unneeded files in your home folder.
MovingImages logo
Scripted, non-linear editing of video and image files.
Time Logger logo
Advanced time logging and project management.
Logbook logo
Logbook for yachtsmen.
yCal logo
Yearly calendar application.
Infovox iVox logo
Natural sounding voices in many languages to use in any app.
FM8 logo
FM synthesis tools.
Duplicate File Cleaner logo
Detect and remove duplicates from a folder.
Cookie Stumbler (5 Macs) logo
Scan for ad and tracking cookies.
HD Cleaner logo
Remove unneeded files.
EasyTime logo
Time and Billing solution for law offices.
Cookie Stumbler (Mac and Windows License) logo
Scan for ad and tracking cookies.
TSB logo
TSB Extends TotalSpaces HotCorners.
Booked logo
Synchronized collaborative work environment.
Movie Searcher logo
Find movie details, view trailers, or discover new movies.
TheOne logo
All-in-One solution for preparing DJ sets, performing live and creating mixes.
My Bills logo
Keep track of all your bills.
MacPAR deLuxe logo
Manage and decode .par/.par2 files from newsgroups.
ExifRenamer logo
Auto-rename photos & movies for better organization.
Cheap Impostor logo
Create books and booklets from PDF files.
MyMind logo
Outline ideas, tasks, and projects.
Invoice logo
Create and manage invoices.
JDiskReport logo
See file and directory sizes.
BudgetfM logo
Personal finance program.
Snapshot logo
Power of a photo lab on your Mac.
Lock-UnMatic logo
Shows processes blocking a file from being moved.
Revolver Office logo
Ideal office solution for individuals or companies.
Domainer logo
Track and manage all your domain names.
MesaSQLite logo
SQLite3 database browser, editor and manager.
NoteMind logo
Organize your info & create mind maps.
Revolver Mail logo
Email and Organizer in one.
HubFlow logo
Works with your WD Live Hub to display info.
MyThoughts logo
Create organized, intuitive mind maps.
Envision logo
Browse the Web in a new way, iPhone/iPod touch version available.
Web iPhoto Access logo
Share iPhoto libraries over the internet.
Processes logo
Monitor and manage running system processes.
RSS Notifier logo
Easily read RSS feeds in the Notification Center and menu bar.
DEPOTset logo
Widget to keep track of your stock portfolio.
layout logo
Quickly reset Finder and Application window positions to favorite layout.
Knapsack logo
Plan, organize, and relive your travel adventures.
MacAstronomica logo
Learn the celestial star patterns.
BaseElements logo
Import Database Design Reports from FileMaker Pro.
Lightspeed OnSite logo
Multi-user point-of-sale system.
USB Backup logo
Back up USB Flash drives.
Cash Forecaster logo
Graph & summarize your cash flow.
MemoryCell logo
Access RAM usage information from your menu bar.
HostManager logo
Store details of hosting accounts for clients.
AppyDays logo
Track discounted Mac and iOS apps.
flix|able logo
FileMaker Pro database to inventory your DVDs.
VisDoc logo
Create HTML docs from ActionScript class files.
webEdition logo
Content management system.