Apps found for “opengl


OpenGL Extensions Viewer logo
Provides info about your OpenGL accelerator.
smallOpenGL FPS Bench logo
OpenGL Benchmarking app.
Paint logo
OpenGL-based painting engine (was Brushes).
D2X-XL logo
OpenGL version of Descent 2 space shooter game.
SnowSaver logo
OpenGL snowflake falling screensaver.
rRootage logo
OpenGL shooter game.
Racer logo
Realistic OpenGL racing simulation game.
3D Matrix Code Screen Saver logo
OpenGL 3D screensaver.
Vega Strike logo
3D OpenGL RPG space simulation.
Ignis Fatui logo
OpenGL screensaver shows flowing, glowing lights.
Rastafied logo
OpenGL 3D screensaver.
EarthGlobe X logo
OpenGL-rendered desktop globe.
Quesa logo
Open Source implementation of QuickDraw 3D & OpenGL.
GLQuake logo
Enhance Quake I with OpenGL graphics.
TriVectus Clock logo
OpenGL 3D analog clock screensaver.
GLQuakeWorld logo
Multi-player, OpenGL enhanced Quake game.
Equalizer - Parallel Rendering logo
A framework for parallel, scalable OpenGL applications.
MM3D logo
OpenGL-based 3D model editor.
Awesome Hangman logo
Classic Hangman with OpenGL graphics.
Graph-O-Matic logo
OpenGL-based graphing calculator
Dash logo
Instant search and offline access to any API documentation.
Xee logo
Image viewer and browser.
Capo logo
Slow down and learn to play your favorite songs.
Stellarium logo
Desktop planetarium of the live sky above you (beta).
Shotcut logo
Free open-source video editor.
CoGe VJ logo
VJ application for real-time mixing.
Psykinematix GPU logo
Visual psychophysics teaching tool (was Psykinematix).
Image Tricks Lite logo
Edit images using Core Image filters.
EditReady logo
Simple and fast transcode for various media formats.
No Gravity logo
3D arcade space shooter.
TypeStyler logo
Classic type styling tool.
FastCut logo
Advanced video editor with integrated screen recorder.
FutureBASIC logo
Compile Intel Mac applications.
CSSDesigner logo
Full-featured and powerful CSS design app.
DiscoBrick Public License logo
Concert-quality visualization tool.
MPlayerX logo
Alternative, modern media player.
Poser logo
Easily create 3D character art and animation.
Illuminando logo
Perform lighting calculations.
Room Lighting Calc logo
Perform lighting calculations for prismatic rooms.
SignalScope logo
Audio signal analysis tool.
SignalScope Pro logo
Two-channel time and frequency-domain signal analysis.
Poser Pro logo
Easily create 3D character art and animation.
Video Fractal logo
Create videos of Mandelbrot and Julia fractals.
Oolite logo
Pirate and bounty hunting sim game (beta).
Solar Winds logo
Screensaver module for OS X.
Starry Night Pro logo
Virtual space galaxy software.
Flux logo
Screen saver featuring strange attractors.
SBArt logo
Generate images based on artificial selection and evolutionary computation.
iVinci logo
Quick and easy vector design.
CHV QC Integration FX logo
Build your own Final Cut and Motion plugins.
MPlayer logo
Movie player supports most video formats.
Apple Mac OS X logo
Delta update.
Cinebench logo
Benchmarking tool based on CINEMA 4D.
Kinemac logo
Create professional 2D and 3D animations.
GasLight logo
Colorful visualizer for iTunes.
smallluxGPU logo
GUI version of commandline OpenCL benchmarking tool.
FFView logo
Image viewer.
OpenCL Benchmark logo
Terminal app for benchmarking your system.
Displays available VRAM.
Flocks logo
Screensaver module.
Capture Me logo
Screen capture tool.
Quake II logo
Port of the popular first-person shooter game.
Cube logo
Multiplayer and singleplayer first person shooter game.
Matrix Reloaded GL logo
Screensaver inspired by the movie.
GL Tron X logo
3D lightcycle arcade game inspired by the movie, Tron.
Critical Mass logo
Space shoot`em up game.
OpenCL Displacement Benchmark - ATI + Nvidia logo
Measure OpenCL displacement in ATI and Nvidia GPUs.
Jahshaka logo
Opensource realtime video editing/effects.
Radeon Enabler logo
Unlock your OEM video card.
iScreensaver Designer logo
Screensaver designer/editor.
Cavendish Screensaver logo
Visualizes gravitational forces shaping our universe.
Jammin\' Racer logo
A 3D arcade racing game.
Pool Shark 3D logo
Simple pool game.
ExhibitionX logo
View your picture folders and iPhoto 2 albums.
Euphoria logo
Screensaver module.
eManga logo
Manga-viewer and a library organizer all-in-one.
PhotoTunnel logo
Create 3D animated movies from iPhoto collection.
Quartz Extreme Check logo
Checks if Quartz Extreme acceleration is active.
ifs logo
Fractal screensaver, simple but beautiful.
eXo music visualizer logo
A dazzling visualizer plugin for iTunes.
Boris FX logo
Professional-quality video effects plug-in.
Danger from the Deep logo
World War II German submarine simulator.
Structure logo
3D protein structure screensaver.
Ventilloo logo
Desk fan simulator.
Triaction logo
Falling/bouncing ball game.
ElectropaintOSX logo
OS X port of Electropaint screensaver.
iMops logo
Object-oriented dialect of Forth programming language.
iMol logo
Molecular viewer.
Secret Maryo Chronicles logo
Jump and run sidescroller game.
SketchFighter 4000 Alpha logo
Pen sketch graphics space game.
Sosume logo
Falling blocks game.
PixelShox Studio logo
Render real-time animations.
OIDS.X logo
Fast-paced arcade game.
FileBrowse logo
Easy-to-use file/media browser.
Pharaoh`s Gold logo
Retrieve stolen gold from a tomb.
Pedal logo
Geometric flower screensaver.
Quantum1 logo
New take on the classic Asteroids game.
eZediaMX logo
Multimedia creation tool.
EarthComet logo
Screensaver displays 3D Earth with real-time cloudmaps, Moon, and comet.
FinderScape logo
Scan & preview media files on your Mac.