Apps found for “news


NetNewsWire logo
RSS and Atom news reader.
News Explorer logo
RSS newsreader with cloud-based sync.
News Headlines logo
Latest news updates in your menu bar.
Headlines for Google News logo
Read Google News.
NewsBar logo
Display RSS news feeds on your desktop.
LuckNews logo
Full featured news reader.
Newsflow logo
News from all of your favorite websites on your desktop.
Alien News logo
Desktop Reddit app similar to iOS News.
Trending News logo
Access BuzzFeed news from the Desktop.
FOX News Widget logo
Dashboard widget for the cable news channel.
crossfeednews logo
Widget diplays religious news feed.
NewsTicker logo
RSS news ticker.
News Reader logo
Widget for all the news you read.
NewsFan logo
RSS Web news aggregator.
NewsBar Lite logo
Fast-updating RSS News Reader (lite version).
Hourly News logo
Play the most recent news updates from multiple sources with just one tap.
News Anchor logo
News reader for RSS and ATOM feeds.
OSXnews logo
Cocoa newsreader.
NewsLetter logo
Emailer made with newsletters in mind.
Glance news logo
Turns your news feeds into an interactive mosaic.
News Crawl logo
Star Wars scrolling effect RSS news reader.
Hurricane Rita/Katrina News & Donate logo
Latest hurricane Rita/Katrina news, donate to Red Cross.
Influence All News Widget logo
Dashboard news widget for Influence All fans.
Pineapple News logo
USENET newsreader (was Pineapple).
NewsHunter3 logo
Newsgroup USENET tool.
Christian News Widget logo
Discussion topic Christian news widget.
NewsYouCanUse logo
RSS newsreader.
NewsUpdate logo
Presents news headlines from a variety of sources.
MLB Baseball News logo
Widget delivers all the latest MLB news.
News Grid logo
RSS news stack for RapidWeaver.
TevacNews logo
Menu extra reads news from site.
NewsWatcher-X logo
Carbonized version of NewsWatcher program.
gNews logo
Google news menu item.
Apple Pro Audio News logo
Widget for audio engineers. (was OSXRecording News)
MaxNews logo
MIME-compliant newsreader, full Unicode support.
newslite logo
Newsreader downloads & decodes yENC files.
Football News logo
This widget is your source for latest world football news.
myTuner News Pro logo
Listen to the latest newscasts.
Akamai Net Usage Index for News logo
Widget to monitor global news consumption. NewsSkimmer logo
A screensaver that draws from over 100 RSS news feeds.
WorldNews logo
View updated news headlines.
NewsDecode-UB logo
A Universal binary NewsWatcher decoder.
Newsgroup Image Collector logo
Easily collect images from Usenet newsgroups.
NewsHawker logo
A Mac-native news reader.
Readit News logo
Read Reddit at your fingertips.
NewsLife logo
Streamline your RSS viewing.
Now Spreading Good News Widget logo Christian community widget.
News Center logo
Internet information reader.
Store News logo
Find out the best deals in the Mac and iOS App Stores.
NewsFire logo
iChat-like RSS aggregator.
BBC News client logo
Access the BBC RSS feeds.
Newspeak logo
IRC chat client.
NewsRack logo
Powerful RSS reader with Google Reader support.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Official Daily News logo
Read the top story from
Horus News Reader logo
RSS feed reader.
Newshosting Newsreader logo
Usenet browser.
Public Health News Widget logo
Receive public health information from an influential institution.
NewsBug logo
Lightweight RSS reader.
Newshosting VPN logo
VPN connection.
Al Jazeera News logo
Widget displays the Al Jazeera RSS feed.
Hogwasher logo
Internet news reader.
StockSpy logo
Track stock market news.
Leaf logo
News reader with preview, sharing, and search capabilities.
RSS Follower logo
A simple and elegant way to stay up to date with the latest news.
Aktuell logo
Modern, intuitive, elegant news reader.
Feed Reader logo
Read RSS news feeds in one place.
MacSoup logo
Offline news and mail reader.
RSS Bot logo
RSS news reader.
Product Hunt logo
Stay current on Product Hunt news in the menu bar.
The Anchoring logo
Free news reader using artificial intelligence.
Watson logo
Bring news, stock quotes, and more to your desktop; discontinued.
endo logo
News aggregator.
CocoaJT logo
Cocoa framework for TF1 & France2 news broadcasts.
SuperNZB logo
NZB client downloads news groups.
BottomFeeder logo
News aggregator, RSS and Atom.
NASA Widget logo
Display newest NASA news.
iPhone Widget logo
Access Apple Hot News and more on your Dashboard.
Ask Jeeves logo
Widget for news/search Ask Jeeves.
Pulp logo
Turn your favorite news sites into your own newspaper.
Mixtab logo
Smart, visual news reader.
iReader logo
Social media-oriented news reader.
Zipline logo
Plugin-based news and information ticker.
Hurricane Tracker logo
Atlantic ocean tropical storm news widget. (was Hurricane News)
Daily Planet Interactive Screensaver logo
DC Comics news delivered to your desktop. Widget logo
Search through CNN news reports.
iActu logo
Widget gathers news from 500 world newspapers.
Auntie logo
BBC news ticker.
In The Know logo
RSS news widget.
Pro Analyst logo
Stock quote monitor, news ticker & more.
Eyehome Customization RSS/XML feed logo
Change news feeds.
MulleNewz logo
RSS news dockling.
Buzztracker logo
Widget graphs world news.
TapSocial logo
Desktop news ticker for Twitter.
MacMusic logo
Music news widget.
Words App logo
Get all of your news and articles in one inbox.
Sempre Informati Widget logo
Widget displays news from Italian news agencies.
Spout logo
A stream of news, messages, tweets and comments.
Pheeder logo
Desktop news and XML reader.
Radiohead Widget logo
Widget for Radiohead band news.
FeedBank logo
Customizable news widget.