Apps found for “music


Google Music Manager logo
Official Google Music upload tool; store 20,000 songs for free.
Music Spectrograph logo
Visualize and reverse engineer music.
Music Slow Downer Loopman logo
Slow down music for practice (was Loopman).
Musictube logo
Stream music from YouTube.
Musicality logo
Desktop client for Beats Music,, Pandora, and more.
Sidify Music Converter for Spotify logo
Remove DRM from Spotify music (was Sidify Music Converter).
Sidify Apple Music Converter logo
Removes DRM from Apple Music songs.
MusicMaster logo
Automate tag editing for music files.
TunesKit Apple Music Converter logo
DRM removal for Apple Music.
Google Play Music Desktop Player logo
Stand alone desktop player for Google Play Music.
Cactus Music logo
Stream your own music library to your iPhone.
Amazon Music logo
Shop, play, manage, and download music (was Amazon Cloud Player).
Music Tag Editor Pro logo
Easily edit music tags.
MusicBrainz Picard logo
Label and tag your music with correct ID3 tags.
TuneFab Apple Music Converter logo
Convert Apple Music and M4P tracks.
dBpoweramp Music Converter logo
Convert music and rip CDs (was dBpoweramp Reference).
MusicDeviceHost logo
Host for music device audio units.
Music Paradise Player HQ logo
Fully functional music player.
Music Man logo
Rip, convert, burn and play music.
Music Tag Editor logo
Organize your music collection.
Pure Music logo
High resolution music server software.
TidyMyMusic logo
Complete missing information in your music library.
Music Calculator Widget logo
Uses measure/tempo, determines length of music.
Music Prodigy logo
Practice tool for music students and teachers.
Practica Musica logo
Music theory and ear-training software.
Listening Music Teacher logo
Sound analysis for music students.
PDFtoMusic logo
Read and export PDF music scores.
Music Theory Tutor logo
Music theory and ear training software (was Ear Teacher).
MusicMuse logo
Creativity software for DJs, musicians and more.
Noatikl Generative Music Composer logo
Generative MIDI music engine.
What's Cool About Music logo
Learn music literacy.
Music Converter logo
Convert a music or sound file to any format.
Music Rescue logo
iPod music and contact manager.
Music Liberator logo
Copy music from your iPod to any computer.
dupeGuru Music Edition logo
Find duplicate songs in your music collection.
MyMusic Personal Music Librarian logo
Inventory & shop for music.
iTunes Music Store Player logo
Play iTunes Music Store tracks without breaks.
Dolce Music Flash Cards logo
Flash cards aid reading music notation.
RGB MusicLab logo
Convert the RGB color values of an image into music.
Storm Music Studio logo
Music creation software.
Discovr Music logo
Discover new music.
Music Player logo
Play and manage your music.
Music Player X logo
Alternative music player.
MusicMagic Mixer logo
Manage your digital music library.
MusicExporter logo
Copy music from iPod or iTunes to a directory on your Mac.
musicGuru logo
Music management utility.
UE Music Library logo
Listing to your music on Smart Radio.
MacMusic logo
Music news widget.
PDFtoMusic Pro logo
Read and export PDF music scores.
eMusic Download Manager logo
Download music from eMusic.
MusicImage logo
Display playing iTunes music lists live online.
MusicPublisher logo
Share iPod music over a network.
Music Shelf logo
Quick access to recently played music.
Zepi Music logo
Create improvisational music.
MUSIC Pub logo
Beer-themed music player for your Mac.
iCal-iT Just Music Alarm logo
Combine iCal and iTunes for a music alarm.
Finale PrintMusic logo
Compose and print publisher-quality sheet music.
MusicPort logo
Stream iTunes music over the Internet between Macs.
MusicRoom logo
Easy-to-use background music generator.
Easy Music Converter logo
Converts music between formats.
MusicPlayer logo
Party shuffle music player.
MusicConnect logo
Play music from your iPhone and iPad to your Mac speakers.
Any Music Cutter logo
Batch-edit music segments.
Music Follow Me Lite logo
Proximity-based music app for Macs.
Myst III - music player logo
Play music from Myst III: Exile.
Music Library Sync logo
Easily maintain separate iTunes Music Libraries on multiple Macs.
abtract-life Music Player logo
Widget radio for the original mash-up music.
SmartMusic logo
Interactive practice tool for musicians.
Frederic - Resurrection of Music logo
Battle opponents in musical duels.
MusicReader Solo Pro logo
Digital music stand for reading sheet music, basic version available.
MusicRacer logo
Music-based racing game.
Emu Music Player logo
Play QuickTime music files.
Legends of Music logo
27 icons of legendary jazz/blues musicians.
Music Collector logo
Catalog your CDs in a database automatically.
Readerware Music logo
Audio collection organizer.
Music Transformer logo
Convert DRM files to MP3 (was DRM Dumpster).
Music Tutor logo
Improve your sight-reading skills.
Music Tag logo
Automatic MP3 tagger and tag editor.
Fountain Music logo
iTunes visual plug-in.
iTunes Music Alarm Clock logo
Use iTunes as an alarm clock.
eXo music visualizer logo
A dazzling visualizer plugin for iTunes.
Blues Music logo
Play electric blues guitar w/drums & bass.
Music Tag logo
Batch-tag multiple MP3 files.
iRecordMusic logo
Record Internet audio as MP3, MP4-AAC or AIFF.
Myriad Music Plug-In logo
Play Melody/Harmony assistant files via browser.
Jaksta Music Converter logo
Convert audio files to various formats.
Jaksta Music Miner logo
Capture MP3s from the Web.
Music Assistant logo
Set a tempo, tune your instruments.
MusicPlayer X logo
Organize/play/copy your audio files and more.
Music Recommendations logo
iTunes widget queries for song recommendations.
Music Muncher iTunes Game logo
Flee the ghost and eat the notes to survive.
Music Status Blackspot logo
Patch for iChat in 10.4
Music Keys logo
Recognize keys on piano keyboard related to tone names.
The Music N*** logo
Kiosk-mode mp3 player suitable for parties.
Myst IV - Music Player logo
Listen to tracks from the Myst IV game.
Remove Duplicates from Music Library logo
Find and remove duplicate songs from your iTunes library.
MusicRenamer logo
MP3 file renaming tool.
Spin Music HD logo
Listen to multiple Internet radio streams.
Music Harbinger logo
Share what you're listening to on iTunes.
iTunes Music Store Charts logo
Check iTMS charts with this widget.