Apps found for “messenger


Messenger logo
Open-source Facebook Messenger app.
Yahoo! Messenger logo
Popular Internet chat client.
VIPole Secure Messenger logo
Secure instant messenger.
Snappy Messenger for Facebook logo
Client for Facebook Messenger (was MessengerApp for Facebook).
Facebook Messenger Ultimate logo
Talk using Messenger.
Scan Code Editor for Messenger Codes logo
Edit the look of a Facebook Messenger code (beta).
webMessenger For Facebook logo
Standalone Facebook messenger app.
Facebook Messenger logo
Facebook Messenger as a desktop application (beta).
Mercury Messenger logo
MSN Messenger client (was dMSN).
MSN Messenger Patch logo
Add new emoticons to MSN Messenger.
Brosix Instant Messenger logo
Secure and easy to use instant messenger.
Portuguese Language File for Mercury Messenger logo
Portuguese language file for Mercury Messenger.
Chatty for Facebook Messenger logo
Lightweight Facebook chat.
Company Messenger logo
Messaging solution that specializes in enterprise.
Tor Messenger logo
Secure, cross-platform chat over Tor (beta).
Flames Messenger for Tinder logo
Desktop client for Tinder.
Messenger for VK logo
Messaging app for VK.
AppDirect Messenger logo
Stay connected with your team.
FreeChat for Facebook Messenger logo
Desktop access for Facebook chat.
CometChat Desktop Messenger logo
Chat with users on your website from your desktop.
Messenger for Tinder logo
Message your Tinder matches.
Messenger for Facebook! logo
The Fastest Messaging App for Facebook.
Softros LAN messenger logo
LAN instant messaging.
Mac Messenger logo
MSN chat client.
JBuddy Messenger logo
Java-based chat client.
eFax Messenger logo
Receive faxes electronically via virtual fax number.
Excite Messenger X logo
Instant messaging and content client.
JBuddy Messenger Pro logo
Java AIM, iCQ, MSN, Yahoo! chat and more.
SAPO Messenger logo
Jabber/XMPP chat client.
IMCapture for Yahoo Messenger logo
Keep records of IM conversations, both voice and video.
123 Web Messenger Server Software logo
Create unique IM network only for your own website.
Telegram logo
Messenger based on the MTProto protocol (was Messenger for Telegram).
WhatsApp logo
Desktop client for WhatsApp Messenger.
KakaoTalk logo
Easy, no-cost messenger.
Autobot logo
Talk one on one with a chatbot (was Messenger).
One Chat logo
All-in-one messenger.
ChatMate for Facebook logo
Powerful client for Facebook Messenger.
Caprine logo
Elegant Facebook-Messenger client.
One Chat Lite logo
Free all-in-one messenger.
Jitsi logo
Internet phone and instant messenger (was SIP Communicator).
Goofy logo
Your (unofficial) Facebook Messenger client for OS X.
AIM logo
AOL Instant Messenger client.
Message Track logo
Instant messenger service for businesses.
Wickr Me logo
Private secure messenger (was Wickr).
Apple iChat logo
Video conferencing and instant messenger.
Communique X logo
SMS & MMS mobile phone messenger.
TVJab logo
ICQ, AIM, & MSN instant messenger client.
MySpaceIM logo
MySpace instant messenger client.
Instantbird logo
Multi-protocol instant messenger chat client.
Astro logo
Facebook messenger app.
Gush logo
Jabber instant messenger client, also a newsreader.
FSBot: Lichen logo
AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) chat bot.
Kaohi logo
Parental control for MSN messenger.
IM for Facebook logo
Chat with your Facebook friends on your Mac (was Facebook Messenger).
YStatus logo
Set Yahoo! Messenger status of current iTunes song.
AIMgadget X logo
View AOL Instant Messenger logs.
ieBuddy logo
Run eBuddy Messenger as a native application.
WormHoleX logo
.Mac email or Instant Messenger file sender helper.
Pling logo
Comprehensive push-to-talk messenger.
Collanos Phone logo
VoIP phone and multi-protocol instant messenger.
PowerPop logo
Powerful LAN messenger.
qutIM logo
Instant messenger.
YahooTunes logo
Sync Yahoo Messenger status with iTunes.
MSN/aMSN Status for Salling Clicker logo
Control MSN/aMSN Messenger w/Salling Clicker.
Proxifier logo
Access Internet apps via a firewalled/proxied network.
SafeBox Pro logo
Save and manage your passwords, accounts, and private files, and keep them secure.
Jungle Warfare logo
UT2004 total conversion.
FS Splocker logo
Block junk AIM instant messenges.
I'm Away logo
Change all your IM statuses with one click.
Advanced Effect Maker logo
Create Flash and JavaScript effects.