Apps found for “manage


iPhoto Library Manager logo
Manage multiple iPhoto libraries and find duplicate photos.
ScanSnap Manager logo
For Fujitsu ScanSnap document scanners.
Google Music Manager logo
Official Google Music upload tool; store 20,000 songs for free.
DataVault Password Manager logo
Password manager.
Risk Manager logo
Manage risks of any nature.
Clipboard Manager logo
Simple and efficient clipboard history manager.
WebsiteManager logo
Manage a website through the FTP protocol.
Product Manager logo
Manage, market your company products.
Hard Disk Manager logo
Total system and disk management.
Free Download Manager logo
Multi-function download manager.
Preference Manager logo
Manage Final Cut Studio preference files.
ViMediaManager logo
Media manager for information, art, trailers, and television tunes (alpha).
Requirements Manager logo
Simple, versatile requirements-management tool.
fennel DVDManager logo
Manage your DVD collection.
URL Manager Pro logo
Bookmark manager.
SQLiteManager logo
Database manager for SQLite databases.
Mail Plugin Manager logo
Manage installed plug-ins for Apple Mail.
Dive Log Manager logo
Manage your digital scuba diving log book.
CarManager logo
Manage your car-related activities.
CustomerManage logo
Manage and track customers.
WarrantyManager logo
Manage the warrantees of your products.
Manageyum logo
One app to manage notifications and services.
iLok License Manager logo
License management app for iLok.
Adobe Application Manager logo
Patch Adobe CS5.5 or later with Application Manager.
MCD App Manager logo
Allows clients to easily manage the content of their mobile applications.
Paprika Recipe Manager logo
Simple recipe management for everyone.
Fonts Manager 3 logo
Manage all the fonts you want without Font Book.
Vault Password Manager logo
Smart password manager and key generator.
Phoenix Project Manager logo
Project scheduling suite for project managers.
Vault Password Manager | Plus logo
Menu-bar password manager with browser extensions.
fennel DVDManager Pro logo
Better manage your DVD collection.
AliasManager logo
Manage your terminal aliases with ease.
Absolute Manage logo
Manage network software distribution (was LANrev).
Massage Patient Manager logo
Manage massage therapy clients.
Championship Manager 03/04 logo
Game where you manage a pro soccer team.
Advanced Link Manager logo
Manage your Web site incoming links.
Poker Manager logo
Elegant way to manage your poker tournaments.
LoginWindow Manager logo
Manage hidden settings of Login window.
Grades Manager logo
Comprehensive grades tracker/manager.
Host Manager logo
Manage hosts using Directory Services.
Universal Soccer Manager 2 logo
Manage soccer teams.
ODBC Manager logo
Replacement for Apple ODBC Manager admin utility.
Project Management Template logo
Plan and manage projects with Excel for Mac.
Apple AirPort Management Tool logo
AirPort wireless network manager.
TucanManager logo
Manage downloads and uploads.
Universal Boxing Manager logo
Boxing stats manager.
VIPorbit Contact Manager logo
Manage contacts on the desktop and on iDevices.
autoID Password Manager logo
Password manager, uses strong encryption.
RSSManagerX logo
Manage your Safari RSS feeds.
TM Manager logo
Manager for Mac OS X 10.5 Time Machine.
Player Manager 2003 logo
Soccer team management game.
PT Plug-in Manager logo
Manage your Pro Tools plugins.
Moroshka File Manager logo
File management software (beta).
BugManager X logo
Mac development bug manager.
EZ Business Manager logo
Manage all aspects of your business.
Droplets Manager logo
Easily manage Digital Ocean droplets (beta).
Voix Manager logo
Asterisk PBX activity manager.
TimeCache Manager logo
Manage an office full of TimeCache users.
Lighting Source Manager logo
Cocoa application specialised to manage photometric files.
Easy Database Manager logo
Allows users to create and manage databases intuitively.
iGadget Manager logo
Manage your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch from your Mac.
Trade Manager Pro logo
Manage trade and portfolio risk for stocks and futures.
Card Manager logo
Business card manager.
SafariRefManage logo
SIMBL plugin to manage referrer of Safari.
CERTivity KeyStores Manager logo
Create and manage certificate keys.
JumpBox for Gallery Photo Management logo
Manage and integrate photos with your website.
MacMemoriesManager logo
Amateur radio memory manager.
Event Manager X logo
In-depth project and event management for Final Cut Pro X.
Greyhound Manager 2 logo
Realistic dog racing management game.
MacStockManager logo
Stock portfolio management, live quotes, and stock charting.
Hospital Manager logo
Time-management game.
Intergate Policy Manager logo
Web content filter & network access management tool.
CleanMyDrive 2: Manage and Clean External Drives logo
Clean and eject external drives.
ManageNameExt logo
Add, remove, or change file name extension.
NFS Manager logo
For easy access to the NFS features of OS X.
Switcher Media Manager logo
Switcher Studio companion app.
Money Manager Ex logo
Keep track of personal finances.
HTC Sync Manager logo
Sync your Mac and HTC phone.
Duplicate Manager Pro logo
Auto find and delete duplicate and large files.
OnTheAir Manager logo
Client-Server application for OnTheAir Node and OnTheAir Server.
Arduino Manager logo
Control an Arduino board.
Kaspersky Password Manager logo
Keep your passwords safe.
Nano Sales Manager logo
Arrange and sell products and services.
Manager logo
Free accounting software for small business.
Power Manager logo
Auto-start, shut down, or sleep your Mac.
Better Window Manager logo
Move and position your windows where you want.
Launchpad Manager logo
Take control of Launchpad.
Final Cut Library Manager logo
Housekeeping for your Final Cut Pro libraries.
Anastasiy's Extension Manager logo
Simplify installation of Adobe extensions and panels.
MailboxManager logo
Check POP3 mail on server before downloading.
Power Manager Professional logo
Create and schedule sophisticated energy-saving events.
Order Manager logo
Point-of-sale system for cafes and restaurants.
iODBC Driver Manager Administrator SDK logo
Platform-independent implementation of ODBC.
Vacancy Manager logo
Register available vacancies as well as applicants for them.
Disk Manager logo
Clean your hard drive with ease.
SSH Tunnel Manager logo
Connect through firewalls/VPN via SSH tunnel.
Time Manager logo
Time tracker.
Event Manager logo
Event organization.
Event Manager logo
Foundation for planning and organizing your events and functions.
UnionCam Manager logo
IP camera software with support for 64 cameras.