Apps found for “macupdate widget


Halo logo
Infamous FPS.
Sing That iTune! logo
Widget displays lyrics for iTunes current track along with artwork.
Widget Update logo
Check for updates to your third-party widgets.
iSpeak logo
Widget speaks text.
8Ball logo
Magic 8 Ball widget.
RSSBean logo
Dashboard widget RSS reader.
Episode logo
Professional media encoding application.
Phonetic Alphabet logo
A phonetic alphabet reference, in widget form.
Wallsaver logo
Run screensavers as desktop background.
A New Mac Tip Every Day logo
Mac tips on your Dashboard.
Daily Dilbert logo
Wdget that fetches the Dilbert comic strip daily.
TextTranslator logo
Widget translates text in over 30 languages.
iShare Widget logo
Search for torrents on 17 BitTorrent search engines.
Panic logo
Simulates a kernel panic.
PNGpong logo
Optimize your PNG files with this gamma-correction tool.
Riding with Robots Widget logo
Displays images from NASA space probes.
dlooch logo
Widget for generating fluid ambient sound.
Upplands Lokaltrafik logo
Widget for public transportation info in Uppland, Sweden.
Spore logo
Highly anticipated evolution-sim game. Update available in-game. logo
Widget displays\'s deal of the day.
Intic Lock logo
Lock your Mac from the Dashboard.
Top 300 App Store Apps logo
Widget that displays RSS feed of The Top 300 App Store Apps.
RED player logo
Listen to the RED Internet radio station.
MultiDash logo
Create different Dashboard workspaces, easily switch between them.
Flags logo
Widget displays world flags, click on them for info on that country.
iPhone Tip logo
Receive daily tips and tricks for your iPhone.
Package Tracking logo
Widget tracks UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL shipments.
Adobe Creative Studio Help logo
Access hints and tips for Adobe's Creative Suite.
MacInsider Feed Widget logo
Displays the latest news from MacInsider.
365tomorrows RSS reader logo
Widget presents daily new piece of short speculative fiction.
DashPhoon logo
Widget graphically displays moon phase.
FundsupermartWidget logo
Displays Singapore mutual funds market 3 months price history.
Desktop Cigarette Widget logo
Animated ashtray.
Mac|Life Widget logo
Keep up to date with latest headlines at Mac|Life.
Out There by-George logo
Enjoy Out There cartoons in your Dashboard.
Tomcat Collar logo
Start and stop Apache Tomcat with a single click.
Binary Clock logo
Widget displays the time using binary numbers.
Ticketmaster Widget logo
Shows at a glance what's on sale on the Ticketmaster website.
Deep Blue Stress Widget logo
Watch a deep sea creature struggle to survive.
MacSanta 2007 Tracker logo
Widget displays latest MacSanta deals.
BinaryClock logo
Displays a Binary Clock in your menubar.
Evolution logo
Panel-shifting, widget-nested puzzle game.
Oblurasky Widget logo
Add a bit of Tuscan humor to your Dashboard.
PS3 Fanboy widget logo blog widget.
Widget Mac & Guitare logo
Read news from Mac & Guitare.
GeekLogik Widget logo
Use principles of mathematics to take guesswork out of life.
DNActions logo
Obtain complement reverse, protein translation, and more on DNA sequences.
House Price Inflation Calculator logo
Widget to calculate the present or future value of your house.
flux4-RadioPlayer logo
European radio widget.
Widget n9ws logo
Read news from the French n9ws website.
AppleMatters Widget logo
An RSS feed for the site.
Compteur logo
Countdown/timer widget.
Fiazo News logo
Provides easy access to the latest music news from
InContact Widget logo
Widget to connect to InContact, the Russian social network.
pearLyrics logo
Widget gets lyrics for songs in iTunes.
New York Times Widget logo
Displays the RSS feed for The New York Times.
TC2Frames Converter Widget logo
Convert Time Code to corresponding total frame amount at chosen framer
Hallandstrafiken logo
Widget for public transportation info in Halland, Sweden.
Widget Code logo
Application for developing Dashboard widgets.
Veloce RSS logo
Widget RSS reader for automotive books.
Dave's Hollywood Minute logo
Daily two-minute Hollywood news short.
Image Upload logo
Widget to upload and share photos over the net.
Color Coded Clock logo
A unique, candy-colored clock contained in your Dashboard.
Pixel Fix logo
Widget to fix stuck pixels.
The Harvard Crimson Newsreader logo
Harvard Crimson student newspaper widget.
Tide Widget logo
Displays current tide or current for locations worldwide.
iTunes-BPM logo
Widget to set BPM of iTunes tracks.
Google Adsense Widget logo
Check your Google Adsense earnings.
HP-12W logo
Widget is a full featured HP-12C emulator.
StickiesPlus logo
Widget creates new sticky notes directly from existing stickies.
Weight Watchers Widget logo
Converts fat/calories/fiber values to Weight Watcher points.
Sk�netrafiken logo
Widget for public transportation info in Sk�ne, Sweden.
Retinizer logo
Improve the display of an app's non-Retina elements.
Phonetic logo
Spells out words using the NATO phonetic alphabet.
AppleInsider Widget logo
Displays the RSS feed for (unofficial).
xmmx nimbusblue logo
Widget for XM online radio.
Battleships Game logo
Battleship widget game.
Stupid Cheap Guitars Deal of the Day Widget logo
Displays Deal of The Day at
Quick Codes 2 Go logo
Widget for building HTML codes.
LyricSearch logo
Widget finds song lyrics.
iTunes Buddy logo
Widget for keeping up with the latest iTunes releases.
Bible Gateway Widget logo
Searches for passages and keywords.
Molar Mass logo
Widget to calculate the molar mass of a molecule.
Fiazo: The Design Search Engine Widget logo
Makes searching through the world of design easier.
Whatitunes logo
Widget displays what is playing in iTunes.
WidgetBuddies logo
Dashboard widget for social networking without a website.
Blekingetrafiken logo
Widget for public transportation info in Blekinge, Sweden.
Östgötatrafiken logo
Widget for public transportation info in Östergötland, Sweden.
J�nk�pings L�nstrafik logo
Widget for public transportation info in J�nk�ping, Sweden.
PDX Traffic logo
Widget displays real-time Portland traffic.
myApps logo
Drag-and-drop license keeper.
Christian News Widget logo
Discussion topic Christian news widget.
Google Fight logo
Google word battle widget.