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macOS 10.13 Supplemental Update logo
Recommended update for macOS 10.13 users.
macOS Server logo
Quickly and easily turn a Mac into a server (was OS X Server).
OpenStrip for MacOS X logo
Control strip implementation for MacOS X.
AirPort Hack for MacOS X logo
Make MacOS X beta AirPort compatible.
FUSE for macOS logo
Extend native file handling in OS X (was OSXFUSE).
OmniPDF for MacOS X logo
OSX PDF file viewer.
Apple MacOS X 10.1 Installer Updater logo
Improves installing software updates on OSX10.1.
Modeler/MacOS logo
Sega arcade emulator.
CPU for MacOS X logo
Monitors application processor use. Chat Client logo
Customized version of MChat.
MacOSigX logo
Client/server displays image data like CPU load.
Connect your Mac to UMTS and GPRS mobile networks.
MacOSXLinPro logo
Linear programming optimization software.
GPG Suite logo
OpenPGP on macOS.
NTFS logo
Provides full read and write access to Windows NTFS drives in macOS.
Deeper logo
Enable hidden features in macOS.
Apple Java logo
For OS X 10.7 through macOS 10.13.
Apple Security Update logo
For macOS 10.13.1 High Sierra.
Kite Compositor logo
Animation and prototyping for macOS and iOS.
Colibri logo
Native Lossless macOS audio player.
Santa logo
Whitelisting/blacklisting system for macOS (beta).
Trash Talker logo
Sound board for the macOS speech synthesis engine.
MacSentry VPN IKEv2 logo
VPN service using macOS IKEv2.
VR Desktop logo
Experience the macOS via Virtual Reality.
Padbury Clock logo
A Screen Saver for macOS.
Scriptarian logo
Easily automate macOS using the Swift programming language.
AirRecord logo
Record AirPlay audio on macOS.
Meeting2Cal logo
Integrate Doodle meeting organizer with MacOS Calendar.
Titanium Folder Icons logo
Set of Titanium-style MacOS X icons.
PowerDomain 2906 SCSI Driver logo
MacOS X Adaptec 2906 SCSI card driver.
PowerDomain 2930U SCSI Driver logo
MacOS X Adaptec 2930U SCSI card driver.
The Matrix Icons logo
Set of 16 icons MacOS X icons from the movie, The Matrix.
Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2 OSX Patch logo
Adds support for MacOS X.
Adobe InDesign Installer Updater logo
Enables installation on MacOS X.
Home Image Effects logo
Edit your images using MacOS X Core Image filters.
iBook OSX Icons logo
Set of 5 colorful MacOS X iBook icons.
Keyboard Maestro logo
Hot-key tasking solution.
CADintosh X logo
2D-CAD program for technical / architectural drawings.
GNS3 logo
Graphical network simulator that allows simulation of complex networks.
Apple Brother Printer Drivers logo
For OS X 10.9, 10.10, and 10.11.
HideSwitch logo
Show and hide system files hidden by Mac OS X.
TftpServer logo
Configure Mac OS X TFTP server.
Smart Trash logo
Enhances Mac OS X Trash functions.
UtilsLib logo
REALbasic plug-in retrieves ethernet address and more.
Sciatrope logo
Prepare for and observe a solar eclipse.
PhotoStyler logo
Add a sense of realism to your digital photos.
jEdit logo
Java based text editor.
AirBeam logo
Monitor cameras on your iPhone or iPad.
jalada Textual logo
The text editor for Mac OS X packed with features.
Apple QuickTime logo
For Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard users only.
Loginox logo
Customize your Mac OS X login screen (beta).
Apple Java for Mac OS X 10.5 logo
Java update for Leopard.
Apple Java for Mac OS X 10.6 logo
Java updater for OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.
Apple Mac OS X logo
Delta update.
Regex logo
Regular expression testing tool.
Go4Launch logo
Easily add startup tasks to OS X using launchd services.
EPSON Scan logo
Epson scanning app (drivers are built-in to Mac OS X 10.6 and later).
Meeting2Cal logo
Integrate Doodle meeting organizer with Calendar (was Doodle2Cal).
Apple X11 Update logo
For systems running Mac OS X 10.7.5.
Apple App Store logo
Storefront for Mac apps (included with Mac OS X 10.6.8).
Apple Snow Leopard Font Update logo
Fixes OpenType font issues in Mac OS X 10.6.7.
UNO logo
Bring a sense of unified design to Mac OS X 10.4.
RCDefaultApp logo
Easily change the default application for opening file types.
Cabos logo
Gnutella filesharing app, Mac OS Classic version available.
Mac OS X 10.6.8 Supplemental Update logo
Also for Mac OS X 10.6.8 Server.
Secrets logo
Customize many hidden or incomplete Mac OS X settings.
32- or 64-bit Kernel Startup Mode Selector logo
Check your system & set the kernel startup mode.
SheepShaver logo
Emulator for Classic Mac OS environment.
Apple Software Installer Update logo
Fixes software installation issue in Mac OS X 10.6.8.
Mac DC++ logo
A port of DC++ to Mac OS X.
DMGConverter logo
Simple and easy to use Disk Image creation and converter.
PhoneDisk logo
Mount your iOS device as a Mac OS X disk; discontinued.
GitX logo
Git GUI specifically for Mac OS X.
Mail Scripts logo
AppleScripts for through Mac OS X 10.6.8.
BroadbandOptimizer logo
Increases broadband performance.
Sandbox logo
GUI for editing Mac OS X access control lists.
Mac OS Classic Sound Pack logo
System sounds from Mac OS Classic days.
Classic Menu logo
Brings the Apple Menu back to Mac OS X.
A to G logo
Export your OS X Address Book to Gmail.
Flarestorm logo
Playstation emulator.
ManOpen logo
Manual page viewer.
OnSync logo
Contacts synchronizer.
jIRCii logo
IRC chat client.
Apple DVD Playback logo
Update your DVD software for Mac OS X 10.4.
Quake II logo
Port of the popular first-person shooter game.
Socks logo
Maintain, optimize, and personalise Mac OS X.
Proview PDF Editor logo
PDF Editor for Mac OS X.
SoulseekX logo
Soulseek peer-to-peer file sharing client.
ThemePark logo
Mac OS X user interface theme editor for OS X 10.4-10.6.
ThemeChanger logo
Switch your Mac OS X theme.
DAVE logo
Mac OS X enterprise storage with commercial grade DFS and SMB/CIFS.
Hex Color Picker logo
Edit hex HTML color codes in Mac OS X color panel.
EasyTask Manager logo
To-Do list supports the GTD method.
Launchpad Cleaner logo
Keep your Mac OS X Launchpad organised.
Yadal logo
Dock-based application launcher.
GuitarTab logo
Enter, play back, and edit guitar tabulature.
Audio Overload logo
Emulates gaming system songs.
FolderTeint logo
Adjust the appearance of Mac OS X folder icons.
Web Help Desk Free logo
Help desk software for Mac OS X Server.
DockBlock logo
Restore your Application menu to the classic style of Mac OS 9..