Apps found for “mac


Macnifier logo
Shows a magnified section of your screen.
Macfilink logo
Keep your affiliate links from being hijacked.
iRip logo
Transfer songs, videos, contacts, and more from your iOS device to your Mac.
teleport logo
Use one mouse/keyboard to control several Macs.
unaceX logo
GUI for MacUnace.
ShareAlike logo
Share iPhoto & iTunes libraries w/other users on same Mac.
i3 logo
Interface for Macs installed in cars.
Web Minimalist logo
HTML editor w/Safari preview.
OSXplanet logo
Dynamic earth desktop picture.
VLC Controller logo
Salling Clicker plug-in for VLC media player.
Xcode logo
Integrated development environment (IDE) for OS X.
Transmit logo
Excellent FTP/SFTP client.
Ulysses logo
Your one-stop writing environment.
DEVONagent Pro logo
Maximize Web-search efficiency.
Universal Ticker logo
Scrolling ticker in the menubar (was Tigger).
iPhoto logo
Import, edit, and share your photos.
Wallet logo
Store passwords, serial numbers, contacts.
AKVIS Enhancer logo
Standalone app and Photoshop plug-in reveal image detail info.
CopyCatX logo
Complete volume duplication.
EasyBatchPhoto logo
Batch compress, resize and convert photos.
PDF Image Extractor logo
Extract raster images for PDF files.
Apple Logic Express logo
Music creation and audio production tool.
RAR Expander logo
Extracts files contained in RAR archives.
Shiira logo
Web browser based on Web Kit.
Troi Dialog Plug-in logo
Create dynamic dialogs in FileMaker Pro.
DiscBlaze logo
Burn media easily.
BluePhoneElite logo
Bluetooth mobile phone connection utility.
Spotless logo
Enable/disable Spotlight auto-indexing.
Command & Conquer Generals logo
Real-time-strategy war game.
GmailStatus logo
Menubar item displays number of unread Gmail.
ATI Displays Updater logo
Updates the ATI software.
Libra logo
Create & manage multiple iTunes libraries.
1001 logo
Manage photos on your Flickr account.
GPSNavX logo
GPS app for boaters.
Netflix Freak logo
Manage your Netflix account.
QuickTunes logo
Display currrent iTunes song on screen.
ViewIt Lite logo
Freeware version of ViewIt.
Ovolab AAChoo logo
Convert MP3 to AAC audio format.
Cavendish Screensaver logo
Visualizes gravitational forces shaping our universe.
NoLimits Rollercoaster Sim logo
Ride existing coasters, or build a rollercoaster.
Email Archiver logo
Keep your mailboxes to a reasonable size.
WordOMatic logo
Word search/puzzle game.
Virtual Grand Prix 2 logo
Grand Prix racing game.
iTunesController Plus logo
Advanced iTunes controller.
Civilization 3 MapEditor logo
Civ3 game editor.
Sendmail Enabler logo
Enable Sendmail with one click.
NFL Helmets logo
NFL football team helmet icons.
Taply logo
Simple sound file player.
Flying Icons logo
Screensaver of the original flying Aqua icons.
Bridge Baron logo
Learn and play Bridge.
Billy Frontier logo
Space cowboy arcade game.
Abscissa logo
Make 2D-plots from data.
Doktor Kleanor logo
Maintenance script.
PowerController logo
Your dependable iTunes alarm clock.
iVideo logo
Multitrack video editor.
AppleWorks File Repair Utility logo
Fixes damaged AppleWorks docs.
FastTunes logo
iTunes controller.
GekkoTunes logo
Floating window iTunes controller.
iDecide logo
Uses expected-utility theory to predict best decision.
Skooby Renamer logo
File renamer not dependent on the Finder.
WikityWidget logo
Personal notepad with automatic linking.
Chop logo
Change file ownership permissions.
Yu-Gi-Oh Tracker logo
Yu-Gi-Oh! life point tracker.
Shorten logo
Convert .shn files to .wav format.
Icon Arranger logo
Arrange position of Finder icons.
Xmud logo
Multi User Dungeon (MUD) game client.
Maestro logo
View pictures taken by the Mars Exploration Rover mission.
Applimiser logo
Removes language localizations, optimizes help files.
Scaletron! logo
Scaling calculator.
TableX logo
Application collects lists and makes them searchable.
Portrait logo
Virtual picture frame creator.
NetFungusX logo
Remake of NetFungus game.
Eudora Conduit logo
Transfer mail from Eudora to a Palm.
Arkeia logo
Complete file backup solution.
Shellsilver logo
Execute UNIX shell scripts from the Finder.
Player Manager 2003 logo
Soccer team management game.
Mobster logo
Create iTunes playlists based on music recommendations.
FreeHotKeys logo
Switch between front applications & launch commands.
Spirographer X logo
Virtual spirograph drawing tool.
Days Off Calculator logo
Helps schedule your employee days off.
Googlifications logo
NetNewsWire-style application for Google searches.
WebEdit logo
Download and save webpages source.
QuickDownload logo
Download files quickly and with no hassle.
Aargon Deluxe logo
Laser puzzle game.
Baspe Dlock logo
Blocks your desktop with a virtual shield.
Sync2It's BookmarkSync logo
Real-time automatic synchronization service.
iNotify logo
Add buttons or custom system notifications to desktop.
SHIFT X logo
Block game with a twist.
Revolver Office Pro logo
Ideal office solution for individuals or companies.
aType-X logo
Typing tutorial.
Wild West Wendy logo
Saloon franchise wild west game.
GPS Connect logo
Connectivity to Garmin GPS receivers.
Quantum Fog logo
Quantum physics model and measurement tool.
Compressor for DVD Studio Pro logo
Improves stability.
Random Celebrity logo
Widget displays random celebrity pics.
FlashRestore logo
Recover deleted digicam media files.
Veta FTP logo
FTP client for OS X and Nokia 3650 phone.
All-Day Fixer logo
Fixes iSync/iCal sync problems.
FXWitz Flash Photo Portfolio logo
Make, Publish online & Update your Multimedia Portfolio.