Apps found for “lux


f.lux logo
Adjusts the color of your display based on the time of day.
MacGourmet Deluxe logo
Easily create, build, and share your recipe collection.
LuxDraw logo
Draw with light-like tools.
Lux Delux logo
Multi/single player Risk board game.
World Clock Deluxe logo
World time clock and meeting planner.
StuffIt Deluxe logo
File compression tool.
Airline Tycoon Deluxe logo
Funny economy simulation game.
Spotflux logo
Encrypt and compress your internet traffic.
Mahjong Deluxe logo
Chinese game in the style of solitaire.
Vintage-style arcade game.
Bejeweled 2 Deluxe logo
Classic gem-matching puzzle game.
Luxor logo
Addictive puzzle game.
Zuma Deluxe logo
Action puzzle game.
Luxor 3 logo
Puzzle journey.
American History Lux logo
Replay all the wars that have shaped U.S. history.
NotePad Deluxe X logo
Multi-purpose notepad.
Luxor 2 logo
Sequel to the action puzzle game.
Backgammon Deluxe Free! logo
Two-player dice board game.
Luxor Mahjong logo
Recover stolen treasures of Ancient Egypt.
Ancient Empires Lux logo
A comprehensive trip through early history
iGreetingCard Deluxe 2015 logo
Create stunning greeting cards (was iGreetingCard).
Squeaky Toy Deluxe logo
Make your mouse squeak.
LuxRender logo
Physically based and unbiased rendering engine.
Assassin's Creed 2 Deluxe Edition logo
Action game set against the backdrop of Renaissance Italy.
CoverFlux logo
iTunes style scrolling image generator plugin for FCP, FCE, Motion.
Halo Flux logo
Halo game enhancement.
Luxor HD logo
Addictive marble-shooter game.
Gravilux logo
Draw with stars.
Luxor: 5th Passage logo
Marble popper with Egyptian theme.
Marbles Deluxe logo
Marble puzzle game.
Bejeweled 2 Deluxe logo
Sequel to the popular gem-swapping puzzle game.
Dots Deluxe logo
Intergalactic version of the classic kids game.
BurgerTime Deluxe logo
Let the culinary capers commence.
IconFly logo
Create icons from images.
Recordam logo
One-click audio recording.
Translate Bot logo
Easy app localization.
TIFF Composer logo
Multi-page TIFF-image merging and extraction (was TIFF Composer).
i39 logo
Create iPhone ringtones and alert tones.
uDesktop NEXT logo
Wallpaper database.
Icon Bot logo
Hassle-free icon converter.
IconFly Mobile logo
Create icons from images.
Smart Base64 logo
Convert files to base 64.
Tell Note logo
Make and save audio recordings on-the-go.
Portraits logo
Turn simple snapshots into beautiful portrait photos.
SpeedTask logo
Manage your everyday tasks from desktop to mobile.
uDesktop HD logo
Convenient wallpaper management.
QLFits logo
QuickLook generator for FITS files.
Filterator logo
Create, edit, and share your pictures.
Monochromist logo
Create great black and white photography.
Posterator logo
Quickly and easily create collages and posters.
Colorator logo
Removes specific colors from your images.
Social Avatar Helper logo
Create your avatars or profile pictures for social websites.
Minimalwords logo
Minimalistic audio-visual experience that lets you focus on your task.
FITSImporter logo
Spotlight plugin for Flexible Image Transport System (FITS) files.