Apps found for “lu


Macgo Blu-ray Player logo
Blu-ray player.
SlingPlayer Plugin logo
Browser plug-in for viewing Slingbox units in Safari or Firefox.
Kid Pix Deluxe 3D logo
Updater for Kid Pix Deluxe 3D.
Apple 2007 Aluminum Keyboard Firmware Update logo
For Apple Bluetooth keyboards.
Absolute LoJack logo
Theft recovery solution.
f.lux logo
Adjusts the color of your display based on the time of day.
SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition logo
Legendary urban simulation game.
Apple 2009 Aluminum Keyboard Firmware Update logo
Improves battery performance.
SilverFast (Plustek) logo
Powerful drivers for Plustek scanners.
ComplexMatrix Plugin logo
Replacement for the REALbasic Complex and Matrix plugins.
ClickToPlugin logo
Prevent Safari from launching plug-ins automatically.
PowerMate Bluetooth logo
Driver for the PowerMate Bluetooth.
ForceEjectVolume logo
Unmount problematic volumes.
Absolute Pitch Trainer logo
Develop the skill of absolute pitch.
Decimal Plugin logo
REALbasic plugin handles large numbers as exact decimals.
Troi URL Plug-in logo
FileMaker Pro forms plug-in.
Volume Calculator logo
Quickly determine the volume of multiple geometric shapes.
Volume Reset logo
Reset your volume to a predetermined level.
LogMeIn Plug-In logo
Browser plug-in for the LogMeIn service.
Developing Reading Fluency logo
Reading fluency instruction for 4th-graders and older.
ShowVolumeFragmentation logo
Display details of fragmented files on any volume.
Toast High-Def/Blu-ray Disc Plug-in logo
Burn HD video to DVD and Blu-ray Disc; for Toast 11, 12, and 14.
Sony Ericsson iSync Plugins logo
iSync plug-ins for Sony Ericsson mobile phones.
QuickTime FLAC Plugin logo
Based on the OggVorbis plugin.
LucisArt logo
Photoshop plug-in reveals image detail.
iCurriculum logo
Create a curriculum vitae.
24U SimpleDialog Plug-In logo
FileMaker Pro dialog plug-in.
Epson Stylus C60 Driver X logo
Printer driver for Epson Stylus C60 printer.
Epson Stylus C80 Driver X logo
Printer driver for Epson Stylus C80 printer.
XML View Plugin logo
Safari plugin that displays XML data.
AceReader Pro Deluxe logo
Speed reading and fluency assessment tool.
LunarCell logo
Photoshop plug-in that generates virtual planets.
Epson Stylus C40UX Driver for OSX logo
Printer driver for Epson Stylus C40UX printer.
Epson Stylus Photo 785EPX Driver X logo
Printer driver for Epson Stylus Photo 785EPX printer.
Lumox 2 logo
Clone of the popular PSP game Lumines.
MyResolution logo
Widget to display/set screen resolution.
Browse Volumes Lite logo
Contextual menu browses connected file volumes.
Fractogroovalicious iTunes Plugin logo
iTunes plug-in renders julia fractals to music.
Volume Scroll logo
Control system volume by scrolling over the menu bar.
AI Brushes for Illustrator logo
Mix of different design brushes for Ilustrator.
AceReader Pro Deluxe Network logo
Speed reading and fluency assessment tool.
Epson Stylus Color 1270 Driver for OSX logo
OSX Epson Stylus Color 1270 printer driver.
SIDPlug logo
Web browser plug-in for C64 music.
Gun Disassembly 2. Volume 1 logo
Simulation of the anatomy of guns, including the Glock 19.
Mellel Spotlight plugin logo
Plugin makes Mellel documents searchable.
Sudoku Deluxe logo
Brain game with solution assistance.
Audio Plugin Player logo
Lightweight VST and AU instrument plugin host.
ResolutionTab logo
Quickly switch between display resolutions.
Columbus logo
Manage tracks produced by the Columbus V-900 GPS logger.
Illumination logo
Index/search any volume.
Volume Slider logo
Application adjusts system volume in floating window.
Volumes Menu logo
Menu item to access storage volumes.
AceReader Pro Deluxe Plus logo
Speed reading and fluency assessment tool.
PHP Evaluator logo
Evaluate snippets of PHP code.
CFAbsoluteTimeConverter logo
Convert CFAbsoluteTime values to human-readable strings.
XMMS CoreAudio Output Plug-in logo
XMMS output plug-in.
Volume for iTunes logo
Change iTunes volume with the keyboard.
LunarRover_Mac logo
Proof of concept Lunar Electric Rover simulator.
Xe847 iMovie Plugin logo
iMovie plug-in makes video more human-like.
24U SimpleCode Plug-In logo
FileMaker plug-in converts hexadecimal codes.
Epson Stylus Color 900 Driver for OSX logo
OSX drivers for Epson Stylus Color printer.
Epson Stylus Photo 875DC Driver for OSX logo
OSX Epson Stylus Photo 875DC printer driver.
CoverFlux logo
iTunes style scrolling image generator plugin for FCP, FCE, Motion.
iTunesVolumeAdjuster logo
Modify the volume of all your iTunes tracks.
Resolution Calculator logo
Optimize screen resolution for specific instances.
Solutions logo
Widget for chemical solutions.
Martini QuickShot Creator Plug-In for Final Cut Pro logo
Plug-in for post-production visualization.
Audirvana Plus logo
Core Audio-powered music player with high-quality sound.
World Clock Deluxe logo
World time clock and meeting planner.
LunarCal logo
Chinese, Japanese, and Korean menu-bar calendars.
Integrity Plus logo
Website broken-link checker and more.
LuxDraw logo
Draw with light-like tools.
Audulus logo
Minimalist modular audio processor.
MacGourmet Deluxe logo
Easily create, build, and share your recipe collection.
Adobe Prelude CC 2017 logo
Logging tool for various file formats.
Lux Delux logo
Multi/single player Risk board game.
Adblock Plus logo
Blocks all annoying ads, malware, and tracking.
Synchronize! X Plus logo
Personal file synchronization and backup tool.
Tex-Edit Plus logo
Styled text and development editor.
TurboFloorPlan 3D Home & Landscape Deluxe 2017 logo
Drag-and-drop home and landscape design.
Light Blue logo
Flexible photo studio management system.
Absolute Backgammon logo
Backgammon board game.
Illuminando logo
Perform lighting calculations.
Publisher Plus logo
Powerful page layout creation for desktop publishing.
Watermark Plus logo
Bulk photo converter and watermark processor.
Desktop Calendar Plus logo
Customizable desktop calendar.
Luminous logo
Manage IPMI/LOM servers.
Math Stars Plus logo
Practice addition/subtraction, multiplication/division.
Splunk logo
Indexes logs from any source.
Absolute Acey Deucey logo
Backgammon game.
iDeer Blu-ray Player logo
Universal media player.
iDocument Plus logo
Organize, tag, and search most types of data files.
Passwords Plus logo
Store and protect passwords and other sensitive information.
Lumino City logo
Puzzle Adventure game created with hand-made pieces.
Lume logo
Puzzle Adventure game created with hand-made pieces.
X3: Albion Prelude logo
Space trading and combat simulation game.
Lucky Last Number logo
Game of chance.
Chicken Invaders 5: Cluck of the Dark Side logo
Defeat the chickens' latest evil plan to save the day (quite literally) in this arcade game.
MacPAR deLuxe logo
Manage and decode .par/.par2 files from newsgroups.
TechTool Deluxe logo
For AppleCare customers only.