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View: resource locator logo
Locate text from any website in the library of babel.
Mouse Locator logo
High visibility locator instantly pinpoints your mouse position.
IP Locator logo
Widget to find location of IP addresses.
Artwork Locator logo
Copy album art into iTunes.
Movie Locator logo
Search from Dashboard.
Swap Relocator logo
Move OS X swap files between partitions.
Locator X logo
GUI for the locate command.
ISS Locator Widget logo
Displays current location of the International Space Station.
Simple Text Locator logo
Utility to scan for text in files.
myPoint Light S logo
Cursor locator.
Pro Media Tools logo
Workflow tools for processing and managing media.
Loopster logo
Adjust audio playback speed without affecting pitch.
Prot-On logo
Encrypt and control access to your documents, local or remote.
Mac OS Xbox Tools logo
Xbox tool extracts xISO, local or FTP files.