Apps found for “localization


Localization Suite logo
Developer tool for localization management.
blue-tec Localization Suite logo
Development solution for creating localizations.
Safari Italian Localization logo
Browse Apple Safari in Italian.
Hellenic Safari Localization logo
Hellenic Safari language file.
Safari Serbian Localization logo
Surf in Serbian with Safari.
Translate Bot logo
Easy app localization.
Xliff Editor logo
Xcode localization made easy.
Clean Disk logo
Delete unused localization files and download history.
LocalizeWiz logo
Continuous App Localization.
Localizable Strings Merge logo
The Swiss Army knife for iOS and OS X localization.
Xliff Manager logo
Quickly develop localizations for your apps.
TraductoPro logo
Powerful content translation and localization.
iLocalize logo
Aids developers in creating localizations (beta).
PowerGlot X logo
A tool for software localization.
Safari en Castellano logo
Spanish localization for Safari.
Applimiser logo
Removes language localizations, optimizes help files.
LangSwitch logo
Development tool GUI for switching localization of an app.
Vocabulist logo
Easy generation of localization files for Xcode projects.
Universal Document logo
Localization tool for developers.
NewsFire Trad. Chinese Pack logo
Traditional Chinese localization pack.
NewsFire Russian Pack logo
Russian localization pack for the RSS reader, NewsFire.
CatsCradle logo
All-in-one website localization solution.
Applimizer logo
Removes excess localizations from applications.
Sierra Cache Cleaner logo
Clear caches, access hidden OS X settings, and more.
Monolingual logo
Remove unwanted OS X language resources.
Roccat Browser logo
Fast Web browser with a variety of features.
InstantShot! logo
Screen capture utility.
Sync Folders Pro logo
Automatically sync any number of folders.
QMidi Standard logo
MIDI and karaoke player.
QMidi Pro logo
MIDI and karaoke player.
iFindText logo
Search for words or phrases in all of your text files (was AskPoirot).
Espionage logo
Simple, state-of-the-art encryption and plausible deniability for your data.
Simple Arithmetics logo
Practice simple arithmetic.
FlowLayout logo
Layout management plugin control.
BitPerfect logo
Audiophile-grade music player with iTunes compatibility.
iXLIFF logo
View and edit Xcode-generated XLIFF files.
IsoMétadonnées logo
Visualize and change image metadata.
TipTyper logo
Notepad-inspired text editor.
Faux Pas logo
Inspect Xcode projects for bugs and other issues.
Jack logo
iTunes Connect app manager.
Simple Pyramids logo
Kid-friendly collection of instructional math problems.
GraphSketcher logo
Professional graphics designer editor.
Simple Grids logo
Improve your mental arithmetic.
Xslimmer logo
Save hard drive space by reducing the size of applications.
Edouard logo
Financial management system based on PostgreSQL.
SpriteBuilder logo
Quickly build high quality native iOS games.
Currency Converter logo
Widget calculates currency conversions.
0xED logo
Native hex editor based on the Cocoa framework.
Aurora logo
iTunes alarm clock; wakes your Mac and plays music.
BluePhoneElite logo
Bluetooth mobile phone connection utility.
Ollie's Tab logo
Place a window tab button in Safari.
Ultralingua Dictionaries logo
International language collegiate dictionaries.
iTaf logo
Wake up with iTunes.
Opal logo
Outline processor for note organization, successor to Acta.
MyVinyl logo
Catalog your vinyl collection.
Othello logo
Classic board game.
Unify Safari logo
Add/remove metal look to Safari.
EyeSight logo
Use your iSight as a webcam.
WinFSCleanser logo
Clean up resource fork files.
Thinking Home logo
X-10 home automation software.
KeyboardSee logo
Browse keyboard physical layout and localisation layouts.
Cyrillic Clipboard Converter logo
Dockling converts clipboard codings.
News Reader logo
Widget for all the news you read.
Filigree logo
Screensaver shows network of chaotic glowing wires.
X Overload logo
Manage various items in OS X/Classic systems.
DMG Designs logo
Create .dmg disk images.
Palm Encoding Setup logo
Sets Palm encoding for all the popular conduits.
ShowMacster logo
Play QuickTime movies/images during video iChats.
Swiss Phone Book logo
Phone book widget for Switzerland.
VisDoc logo
Create HTML docs from ActionScript class files.
iStocks Widget logo
Displays quotes/charts for stocks, futures, mutual funds, more.
Snippet Mind logo
Journal app with iPod integration, Spotlight search, weblog, .Mac support.
SWF Protector logo
Protect and encrypt your SWF files.
SoCal logo
GTD app extends iCal functionality.
Loca logo
Easily localize multilingual apps.
Amazon Search logo
Search Amazon, including its international sites.
PaperHelpX logo
Calculates paper thickness, weight and more.
Virtaal logo
Graphical translation tool (release candidate).
Decimal Counter logo
Ful featured counter for Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, Motion, Aft
OSXmoontool logo
Displays moon phase and distance from Earth.